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Nobody’s Perfect: Charlo Greene VS Afghan Soldiers

Nobody’s Perfect

This week, we had several Nobodies in America who just couldn’t stand their job anymore, but the way they quit deserves at least a few lines on this Nobody’s not so famous page:

Numero Uno;

She pretty, she’s a cool dresser, she’s ever so articulate, but Charlo Greene, just did the report of her life on marijuana, and then…quit:

Charlo Greene was a reporter for KTVA-TV in Anchorage, Alaska. That is until Sunday night when she quit on live TV by uttering an obscenity and walking off camera.

Obviously, Charlo was more than a bit high herself when she just quit on live TV, and who doesn’t think that she was already making much more money than she could ever make as some measly token reporter? Selling pot is the biggest new market since White Lighting hit the streets of Chicago.

Can we expect more stoned reporters quitting their jobs?

YOU BET! You know Shark Tank? Let’s have a reality show of quitters! Better yet, a realty show of stoners! Afgan soldiers

Hey, I’d watch it. 🙂

Numero Dos:

What do you do when you don’t want to train to be a soldier in Afghan anymore? You go to the mall with your American military comrades and then say, “Hey, we’ve got to hit the hole.” (They are used to holes) and THEN instead—head for Canada.

Yes! Canada is right next door to Afghanistan! No?

Three Afghan soldiers, who went missing while in Massachusetts for military training, have been found trying to cross the border into Canada, a Defense Department official said Monday.

“I can confirm that the Canadians have them,” the official said.

The Afghan officers were reported missing late Saturday after a trip to a shopping mall in Hyannis, Mass., about 20 miles from Joint Base Cape Cod, where they were involved in a training exercise.

Earlier this month, two Afghan police officers disappeared from a Drug Enforcement Administration training program in Quantico, Va., and were found several days later in that area.

They did a Bergdorf! Aftgn soldiers two

Even in my little home town we train Iraq soldiers. Not sure if they are still here, because they didn’t tell us we were paying to have Muslims trained by our police force in the FIRST place.

So you tell me…who wins the “I quit” Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week? There is a proper way to quit a job, is there not?

Was it MS Charlo, who evidently just got a job as a reporter so that she could promote her new company?

Or was it those sweet Afghan soldiers, who just wanted to get into America and go find the local strip bars and move to Canada so they wouldn’t have to actually fight in their own country?Obama angry

Who wins?

The STUPID idiot in the Pentagon (Okay,White House) who think bringing Muslims into the United States to train on our dime, where they can escape and maybe even someday blow up a few cities here win.  Can this be any more idiotic? Or even treasonous?

Don’t get me started.

Who wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award?

That corrupted, plutocracy of morons who call themselves the United States Government. (And since we live in a dictatorship, that means Obama.)

The ONLY thing they have perfected is disaster.

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  1. Joyanna, just so you know, typically when foreign military come here to train their country reimburses us for the training. There is a reimbursable agreement in place and they pay all costs associated with that training.


    Comment by Debbie | September 25, 2014 | Reply

    • Really Debbie? Where did you read that? So…we give them billions, and they turn around and give us payment to train their soldiers over here? How do we know it’s not our money to begin with? Let’s see, did Iraq pay us in oil for taking care of Saddam? No, China now gets that oil.

      I guess I’m just cynical Debbie. My local police force is very “The mosques, the Muslims, Islam, it’s all good!:” So, they are getting big bucks…and maybe it is from some rich oil Sheiks, but in the end, there is NO reason at all that they have to come to America to train. They do NOT want to leave here, and they do not want to become Americans.

      It’s all a plan for eventual takeover. That’s how they have done it for over 2,000 years. They act friendly, build their mosques, next to the churches (check it out, they do it here too!) and then eventually, they take over. I once knew an Armenian woman who told me how they did it, and she had to leave, they killed her parents.

      I’m sorry, I sound so mad, it’s just that I LOVE my country, I see what is happening, and I am appalled at the stupidity of our leaders.

      If it’s true, and taxpayers are not paying their salaries, it’s STILL insane.


      Comment by Joyanna Adams | September 25, 2014 | Reply

  2. And so the lunacy continues apace.

    On the ‘Pot’ front we even have ‘demands’ here in Tasmoania for growing the stuff legally, in bulk. There are ‘plans’ before Parliament here to grow it commercially. Tasmoania already has a huge heroin crop grown quite legally here. Several thousand acres of poppy fiields adorn our countryside. We provide over half the entire world’s supply of legal heroin to the pharma companies.

    And we have Afghan refugees wandering the streets too.


    Comment by Amfortas | September 23, 2014 | Reply

    • Maybe they want us all to be stoned so we don’t notice our own demise.


      Comment by Joyanna Adams | September 23, 2014 | Reply

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