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Nobody’s Email: Panhandlers Party

Nobody Gets Email:

This is pretty fun. It happened on a subway in New York, and if you go to Youtube, there were a LOT of women wanting to met some of the guys.


(Thanks to J.R.)

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Nobody’s Email: Jumpy The Dog

Nobody Gets Email

I hate to say it, but I’m saving politics for Monday. I am so burnt out on this race BS. I am so burnt out on the fact that we have a President who is bent on downsizing America, and helping other nations¬†instead, by design, because he believes that America has been evil. I am so burnt out on hearing the blacks complain. I am so burnt out on Chris Mathews, who no doubt, has a shoe fetish.

So..What do I do when I get really burnt out? HA! Like many Americans, I turn to my dogs! And here’s a dog named Jumpy, that makes me wonder why he doesn’t have his own TV show.

Honey Boo-Boo, I hear is leaving. We could use an improvement.

Happy Saturday! I’m going swimming before I found out they closed my local pool due to budget cuts.

(Thanks to J.R.)

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Nobody’s Email: This will be Me in a Few Years….

Nobody Gets Email

This lady leaves me speechless. I can see myself someday, doing this. In fact, even though I retired from drumming after 35 years in bands, I do remember an all girl’s band that I use to go see in the 1970’s, that was filled with woman all over 65, and they were pretty good. But the reason most people went to see them, is because the saxophone player told dirty jokes, and was a riot.

Anyway…since Obama says white people need to reflect about themselves this weekend, I’m of course…am NOT going to. And guess what? If you are anywhere this weekend, and Obama’s black protestors are out, you would be a fool NOT to look your car doors if you see them coming. And that goes for every color of human species, water fowl, dog, or cat.

I’m enjoying the summer, in all my whiteness. Good Lord, can we please have a vowel?

Anyway, enjoy Grandma…I did!

(Thanks to Glenn Beck)

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