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Trayvon was high on…SKITTLES? (Cough, Cough)

Nobody Wonders–

How Zimmerman’s brother kept from exploding when Don the Lemon asked him on the Piers Morgan Show–what exactly was George Zimmerman going to do about the race problem in this country?

As if it’s up to George alone to stop thousands of unemployed drunk and drugged up thugs from setting fires in the city. As if it’s up to George to apologize to Jesse Jackson. As if it’s up to George to get Obama another son.

The way Don asked the questions was so insulting, as if it was all Zimmerman’s fault that the “kid” is dead. But his answer was superb: Why are the blacks attacking people? We should find out why so many of them are illiterate, stupid, drugged up, immature, and criminals. Okay, he didn’t say that, but I might have.

Why in the world do we have to keep denying that so many of the blacks are not living up to their potential? Dem

You can answer that a million ways…but George’s brother did a superb job. While Zimmerman was helping young black people as best he could before this incident, we find out today, and nobody is reporting it, those Skittles were part of a popular cocktail:

This from WND:

Among its reports, Trayvon Martin’s drug use, explaining how the Skittles and Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail drink he carried that night are ingredients that, when mixed with dextromethorphan (DXM) cough syrup, create “Lean”, a concocted high which can cause psychosis and aggression over the longer term. According to the autopsy report, Martin’s liver showed damage consistent with DXM abuse.

So, this cocktail can cause aggression and psychosis and WHY did that not come out in the trial? No doubt the idea to pound Zimmerman’s head into the concrete was caused by his cocktail. (Along with too many hood video’s) Maybe he had too many Skittles. Add some weed to that and you’ve got a very paranoid young man.Trayvon cocktail

Nobody Wonders when CNN, or Obama, or Eric Holder…. is going to report this, I bet……………never.

Nope, we will keep on going after the guns because Zimmerman shouldn’t have had one.  And In Orwell’s world, black is white. Right is wrong, and the good guy who wanted to be a cop is the villain, while the drugged up kid is the hero.

Pass the Skittles. I’m trying that trick with my ice tea. I want to be…old crabby lady in the hood. Who KNOWS what I will see in my kitchen.

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Stevie Wonder, Donovan’s Echo, School Busing

Nobody Flashes

So, Obama’s best buddy has come out against the “you can carry a gun and protect yourself” laws, and said that he will not perform in any state that has the law.  Well, he has enough money, so it’s no problem to him. But I must admit, the narcissistic air of thinking that he is depriving millions of people from his music is a bit overrated. After all…with the price of concerts today, who cares?

I think Florida will actually benefit from this, because that means that if you want to see a Stevie Wonder Concert, you have to go to the White House. Yes, Stevie has played at the White House more than any other performer. Now, let’s hope all the other friends of Obama say the same thing, because it will just increase the gun sales, and that’s good for Texas. More people in America will be armed, and that’s a good thing…which will make it even harder for Obama to confiscate them.

On another note: I watched a movie called Donovan’s Echo last night. It stars Danny Glover as a genius scientist who worked at Los Alamos, where he was working on Cold Fusion. He befriends a young white 11-years old girl after his own family dies (from a car accident because he was so engrossed in his work on cold fusion that he couldn’t go out on his own birthday to celebrate with them) and at the end of the movie, he gets shot, but touches the little girl’s hand and realized that SHE will fulfill his dreams and be rewarded for furthering his work and making cold fusion a reality. It’s propaganda 101. Blacks really did all the inventing, not the white man, and women will rule the world.

In my own town, seven black schools have been discredited because the black kids are flunking. So they are being bused out to rich white neighborhoods. They are flunking because, the black administrates took the big government money and spent it on Hawaii vacations and great perks like new cars, and also, because the black kids don’t WANT to learn a thing. And they find the few that do, who say in innocent voices to the news reporters: “I think we need the BEST education!” The white people in these middle class neighborhoods are furious because they moved into those neighborhoods so their kids could get a good education. The whole school will now be dumbed down so that the blacks can play catch up. And if they don’t, they pass them anyway. It’s money in the bank for the principles who make six-figure salaries for doing pretty much nothing.

Spending two hours a day on bus rides is no big deal.

The democrats made sure that the black mothers were paid to have kids…and now, that population is at their command. Keep them ignorant, keep them marching, keep them voting….it’s a plan.

And that’s my Nobody Rant for today.

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