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We Now Have— Russian Troops!

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Here’s an interesting bit that no one is talking about. Janet Napolitano is bringing in 15,000 Russian Troops to America, to help out in a ‘disaster.’  Savage has the take that they will have no problem shooting Americans, but our military would, therefore Obama is just bringing in some backup, no doubt to protect himself. He also has a new limo that is armed, and has his own blood on board.

Here in Hazelwood, MO, we have been flying over Iraq troops to train here by our police. Which makes me think: I have a good friend (MS Mona) who swears, that some day we will all wake up to a big bulletin on our TV, announcing that America is no longer is our name, and then will proceed to announce who and what will run the country and what we will all be told to do. It will be that simple.

I don’t think that is any crazier than Russian Troops being ordered in by our President. Ronald Reagan would die first.

Where’s the Chinese troops? How about some North Koreans? Maybe a few Cubans. Or some Muslim Brotherhood troops…and like Mike says, where ARE the Republicans on this?


And in other news: A TV Channel in England is doing Muslim calls to prayer on their morning broadcast. Who wants to bet that it happens here on Hillary’s favorite news channel Al Jazeera?

On a funny note: My Muslims neighbors house was, for the first time ever: dark tonight. I bet they were enjoying the fireworks down at the Arch.

Or, maybe they moved to England!

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Nobody Would Like to Thank Madonna…

Nobody Cares

FINALLY~ Madonna got smart. For years now we have watched Madonna’s endless plastic surgery, changing Madonna’s face into someone who looked more like a poor copy of Hedy Lamarr than the old Madonna. She’s had eyelifts, Botox, cheek implants, nose jobs…she was on the road to being the next Michael Jackson of plastic surgery. I certainly don’t recognize that face anymore, do you?

I take that back: She is starting to look like Joan Rivers. And Joan Rivers looks BETTER. Staying 21 is getting harder and harder, so Madonna is now doing the only smart thing she has left, and that’s to cover her face. KISS did it! Look how longed they stretched out THEIR careers! And she’s got the perfect costume get-up, just get a niqab, like the Muslim women.Modonna Muslim

Madonna can only make money by being controversial since she hasn’t had a decent hit since the 1980s. So, she has pretend sex onstage, sex with a cross, sex with gays, sex with an elephant, sex…
Wait…you missed the elephant? I did too, darn! But I heard about it. She was even singing “Like a Virgin” and the elephant was really excited about that. It was his favorite song.

I hear she just adopted Justin Bieber’s Monkey, because he had a nice butt.
(Okay. Maybe not.)

Madonna was going around saying how ‘cool’ it was that we had a Black Muslim as a President, so I’m thinking she wants to be invited to the White House. She is saying this: “The Revolution of Love is on…Inshallah (God Willing.)

What revolution is she talking about? I certainly wonder if we will see Madonna in Cairo. Since they hate Obama in Cairo, and she’s his good friend, I wouldn’t advise it. Evidently nobody has told Madonna that the Black Muslim President is not exactly popular in that “revolution.” But, maybe the military will protect her in front of the stage, all she has to do is donate a few billion dollars for more tanks.

In the meantime, “God Willing” Madonna, you keep your face veil on. Nobody suggests you get the whole outfit. After all, I remember that nun outfit you wore onstage.

Killer. Go for it.

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