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Nobody Remembers the Potato Famine

Nobody Remembers

Every country has it’s ‘divisions’ and one of the most famous known round the world is the division between the Irish and the British. They have hated each other for centuries.Irish potato famine

There’s a long line of reasons for it, most of which happened long before the potato famine, which to the rest of the world made no sense. Why didn’t they just go catch some fish?

To show the hatred between the Irish and the British, I’ve included a short passage from the book “All Facts Considered.” by Kee Malesky

The Irish Famine (in Gaelic, An Gorta Mor, “The Great Hunger”) had a terrible impact on the country: a million people died of starvation or disease, and at least another million emigrated. In the Mid-1800s, Ireland was “wretched, rebellious and utterly dependent on the potato.” When blight hit the potato crop beginning in 1845, the people were devastated. Little was done by the British government to alleviate their suffering: indeed, merchants and landlords actually exported food from Ireland during the worst years of the famine. Some Protestant groups offered to feed the hungry- if they would convert from Catholicism: Those who did were called ‘soupers’, because they traded their souls for a bowl of soup. British economist and Oxford professor Nassau William Senior wrote at the time that the famine “would not kill more than one million people, and that would scarcely be enough to do any good.”

Because of that famine, America got boatloads of Irish who ended up mostly in the democratic party.Irish logo

And I’m sure, my British friend amfortas would say: “Serves you right— Better you take them than us!.”

Nevertheless, I’ve never met an American Irish man I didn’t like. In fact, my best friend is Irish.

Therefore, I’m certainly not fit to meet the Queen.

(Take it away amfortas, if you’re out there.)


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Nobody’s Perfect: Obama’s Irish Ancestors Weren’t There…

Nobody’s Perfect

Obama ran his last Presidential campaign on how much he was watching out for women. He had the utmost concern for woman all around the world, who according to him, were getting the shaft.

But here is ONE woman in the world, who resides in the Irish Parliament, that is more than fed up with him, and has no trouble at all saying so.

She may not be perfect to many (amfortas hates the Irish) but this Nobody would LOVE some of the women in our Congress to have as much spunk. Our ladies of spunk, Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann, have been kicked so many times, they are ignored by the media.

But, thanks to Youtube, we can at least get some satisfaction.

Obama wins the Nobody’s Perfect in Ireland award for the week! He just can’t help himself.

Nobody also notes: Watch the gentlemen listening in the peanut gallery. Priceless!

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Would YOU River Dance to the Caucuses?

Nobody’s Happy St. Patty’s Day Message.

After you have read Angela’s Ashes, and wondered why when the Irish ran out of potatoes, they didn’t just go catch some fish— when you see this dance you know why they starved. Obviously, the Irish don’t like to move very far when they walk. In fact, they prefer to take steps in one spot, so as to be near the closest keg of beer.

How did the Irish come up with this dance? Where the bars so small that no one dared to dance out of their little space, least they find themselves outside in the mud?

Whatever the reason, it’s fun to watch…and it also gave me a good idea. If we demanded that every welfare recipient under the age of 45 had to perform a RIVER DANCE every time they applied for their check, we’d have a lot of very slim welfare recipients in Mississippi, the fattest state in the union. Michelle is going about this weight loss thing the wrong way. Make all the kids in grade school learn to River Dance.

An hour of this, and we’d have a bunch of skinny kids. They could then go home and eat whatever they wanted–whole bags of potato chips.

Look. There is not one fat person in that line.

Having said that…St. Patty’s Day in St. Louis IS the biggest celebration here in town. No one here can afford to get drunk on New Year’s Eve anymore. The expensive hotel packages cost too much. But on St. Patty’s day, everyone goes downtown, watches the parade, and gets as drunk on less than thirty dollars.

AND SO…I ask you–Was this a good day for the Republicans to have their caucuses in Missouri? The parade starts at 10am. So do the caususes. So when the working man gets up in the morning does he go..”Hey…I’ve worked all week…let’s to sit in to the caucuses for 3 hours and get our country back!” (Somebody in the Romney camp thought of this one, since Santorum won the vote.)

OR…does he get up and say, “It’s St. Patty’s DAY…ALL my friends are going downtown! Green BEER! Let’s go! “

No, republicans are not as smart as democrats…because the democrats are staging Wall Street Protests all over the US today, the one day everyone goes downtown to drink. It’s the only day they feel SAFE going downtown. The protesters will have a big audience, and most of those people will be…stumbling. There will be many fist fights not reported, because it’s our right to fight on St. Patty’s day! Right?

The Irish people came to America in droves…and they got on the police forces, and built New York, and gave us the Kennedy’s…..and,  I’m not so sure what to say about that, but–it’s a day to be happy. I’m happy. People need to drink green beer if it makes them happy I say.

Personally, I like this videos because of the drumming in the beginning. You might like the redhead…which may I add, is an endangered spices. So, have a Happy St. Patty’s day! And go ahead…try to River Dance.

Nobody is going to laugh if you do

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