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Nobody Remembers the Potato Famine

Nobody Remembers

Every country has it’s ‘divisions’ and one of the most famous known round the world is the division between the Irish and the British. They have hated each other for centuries.Irish potato famine

There’s a long line of reasons for it, most of which happened long before the potato famine, which to the rest of the world made no sense. Why didn’t they just go catch some fish?

To show the hatred between the Irish and the British, I’ve included a short passage from the book “All Facts Considered.” by Kee Malesky

The Irish Famine (in Gaelic, An Gorta Mor, “The Great Hunger”) had a terrible impact on the country: a million people died of starvation or disease, and at least another million emigrated. In the Mid-1800s, Ireland was “wretched, rebellious and utterly dependent on the potato.” When blight hit the potato crop beginning in 1845, the people were devastated. Little was done by the British government to alleviate their suffering: indeed, merchants and landlords actually exported food from Ireland during the worst years of the famine. Some Protestant groups offered to feed the hungry- if they would convert from Catholicism: Those who did were called ‘soupers’, because they traded their souls for a bowl of soup. British economist and Oxford professor Nassau William Senior wrote at the time that the famine “would not kill more than one million people, and that would scarcely be enough to do any good.”

Because of that famine, America got boatloads of Irish who ended up mostly in the democratic party.Irish logo

And I’m sure, my British friend amfortas would say: “Serves you right— Better you take them than us!.”

Nevertheless, I’ve never met an American Irish man I didn’t like. In fact, my best friend is Irish.

Therefore, I’m certainly not fit to meet the Queen.

(Take it away amfortas, if you’re out there.)


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Nobody’s Fool: Joan Rivers

Nobody’s Fool

This week, I couldn’t WAIT to post Joan Rivers up as the “I will tell you what I think, damn you all” hero of the week.

Watch this video until the end, when she asks the girl if she has leather shoes on.

Joan Rivers is one of those true ‘feminists’…you know, the kind that real ‘feminists’ feel threatened by? They pay for their OWN birth control. They love men. They build their own companies. The ones that work from morning until night—- get up, cook breakfast for the family, go to work, come home, cook, help the kids, do the laundry, and then never complain?

They even bake cookies, god forbid.

Joan Rivers was the woman worked hard in dingy night clubs all her life…(Having done that, I know how hard it is) and she is still working. She makes fun of her plastic surgery, and fun of the really stupid things we all want to laugh about, like some of the stupid things movie stars do.

She’s a smart woman.

She is the female Don Rickles, and what is NOT funny about someone saying we have the first gay President and our first ‘Tranny”? I think that every day.

So, Congratulations Joan! You win the Nobody’s Fool Award for the week!

And if you ever need to get rid of those furs…you can send them to me.

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