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Obama’s Helping Kenya…Sorry it’s Not You.

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Personally, I thought Obama’s┬átrip to Africa was just another very expensive vacation, where Obama’s main objective was to be photographed with the dying Mandela, in order to catch his face on world newspapers as the new black Messiah.

But hey! We found out that Obama is not only spending our money, he’s giving out our money too! Obama in Kenya

One of the first items highlighted by the White House is a $53 million program in Kenya that helps young people “obtain National identification cards, a prerequisite to voter registration.”

Whoa. Wait a minute. Haven’t the Democrats been screaming that for a voter to have to show an identification in America,–its┬átantamount to racial discrimination? Why…everyone should be able to just show up and vote! Nobody in America should have to prove anything. To the Democrats—insisting on seeing a driver’s license is an INSULT.

But, it’s good enough for Obama’s real homeland, Kenya, where he wants to make sure everyone is going to vote…..Probably for his brother.

There is not one Democrat or liberal in America that would find Obama’s hypocrisy too much to bear. Not one.Voter ID

Nobody really cares.

And that’s why, we should bring it up in the next election.

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