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Nobody Wins When You’re Down

Nobody Wins

—When you’re feeling under the weather. I had one of those days today. It was the first beautiful day we’ve had since last winter, got up to 82 degrees, so I mowed the lawn…but I lost two of the rose bushes my dad planted years ago. (They fall over my fence) It was just their time. I could only muster cutting down half of them, then I quit. I want to be tender about it…does that make sense?

No, it doesn’t.

But that wasn’t what put me in such a sad mood. Silly things can throw you off. Tonight, it was a song I was writing. A lullaby. It was for a beautiful little baby girl that has been born to another writer friend of mine who lives with his wife in South Korea. They email me pictures, and she is just the most adorable baby. I have been working on it for weeks in my spare time, and I want it to be perfect, so of course, I keep fooling around with it. baby rhino

Anyway, I realized in the song, that I was really writing a song for the baby girl I never had, and it overwhelmed me with loss. Funny I know, but certain notes on the piano, certain keys, can touch the human soul. I quit working on it because I just couldn’t stand the tears. I was actually writing a lullaby for the baby girl I would never hold….But hopefully, my friend will sing my little lullaby to her little cherub.

I can only hope I can make it singable enough. Because, I’m a nobody. Nobody will ever hear this song but this woman and her husband. Who knows if they will even like it? As Joni Mitchell once said in a song…

“Nobody stopped to hear him, though he played so sweet and high

They knew he had never been on their TV, so they passed his music by

I meant to go over and ask for a song, maybe put on a harmony

But the one-man band, by the quick-lunch stand, he was playing real good for free…”

Joni Mitchell: Not many of you remember her I bet.

So, I quit two things today. I’m not starting a half-ass remark about anything blog related tonight because I probably wouldn’t finish it.

What I can do, I did. I offered you this great video made by George Carlin, which should be mandatory viewing for all high school seniors.

I know…Fat chance.


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Shades of Gray Makes Anal Sex Popular: Oh…Great.

Nobody Wonders

As I watched my local TV morning news…there was a female doctor talking to the local reporter about a most interesting habit happening in St. Louis wih teenagers: anal sex is real popular.

It seems there was a book that was VERY popular last year, a trilogy called “Fifty Shades of Gray” which has lots of sex, and there must be some anal sex in it.Fifty Shades of Gray

I haven’t read it. BUT…this doctor was stating that because of this book, teenage high school girls were having a lot of anal sex (instead of the normal heterosexual sex) so as to ‘save’ themselves and that she wanted to tell these girls that they could catch all the dreaded venereal disease this way, even with a condom. She said that not only that, but there was a problem with tearing of the anus, and then you have infection problems…and it’s painful…etc. You know, real facts.

And not exactly what I wanted to hear with my morning breakfast.

So while I was listening to this, you have to admit that physically speaking the anus was not built to handle the male penis. It closes up. It’s physical purpose is for elimination. And yet, this sex book is selling the idea to young kids all over the country and who the heck knows why, unless it’s to give all woman the idea that anal sex is just as normal as the usual God intended way, and therefore they will all think homosexual sex is normal because, HEY…they do it too!

And now…Nobody Wonders, how much more stupid can we all get?

Answer Is: Just watch. I’m waiting for the next thriller about fornication with dogs.

I can’t help but remember…the Divinci Code,  And —when is Tom Hanks going to make the movie

Shades of Gray?

Nobody Wonders.


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Nobody Knows: Syria, Underage Sex, Gays, More Sex, Hurricane Sandy

Nobody Knows

Obama’s Red Line

Nobody Knows exactly why Obama came out today to talk about why he is hesitating on rushing into Syria— although he drew a line in the sand when Syria used chemical weapons, the tough guy now claims they don’t know who the chemical weapons belonged to, so he’s not going to jump to conclusions like he did when that white cop tried to arrest his black professor friend.

No…he didn’t say that. He just talked forever and like a good politician, said nothing. kris 35

 President Obama said during a press conference Tuesday that the use of chemical weapons in Syria could be a “game changer” in the U.S. response to the conflict, but he made clear his administration first needs more evidence. the rebels have specifically requested ­antitank weapons and surface-to-air missiles. weapons are falling into the hands of al-Qaeda-linked Islamist militants fighting alongside Syrian opposition forces.

Nobody Knows if he is going to give the Syrian rebels, who are Al-Quada, all the weapons they want, because according to many sources he is already doing it. That’s what Benghazi was about according to many reports.  Obama was using Benghazi to transfer weapons to the rebels in Syria Via Turkey.

This way, when we see American weapons in the hands of Al Qaeda he can just say they got those weapons after Benghazi…giving himself protection.

Obama isn’t going up against Putin: He’s not that smart.

The Morning After Pill

Your Obama government wants to let 15- year-olds have sex: It’s okay. “We got your back!”

Today, Plan B One-Step is sold behind pharmacy counters, and buyers must prove they’re 17 or older to buy it without a prescription. Tuesday’s decision by the Food and Drug Administration lowers the age limit and will allow the pill to sit on drugstore shelves next to spermicides or other women’s health products and condoms — but anyone who wants to buy it must prove their age at the cash register.

So…you see, if you’re 15, you can buy the pill and hand it over to your 12 year old sister.  NY Federal Judge Overrules FDA Over-The-Counter Ban On Emergency Contraception Pill

Makes sense to me.

And speaking of “this doesn’t make sense”

Feminists Gets Attention:

Nobody Knows just how bored young women are these days:black cross

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Students at Carnegie Mellon say it’s freedom of expression, but the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh calls it inappropriate and disrespectful. At an annual art school parade, a female student dressed up as the pope, and was naked from the waist down while she passed out condoms.

Even more, witnesses say the woman had shaved her pubic hair in the shape of a cross.

I would like to know how many witnesses saw this cross, wouldn’t you? I bet Nobody Knows but Nobody Wonders how many of them had a religious experience upon the mere sight?

Gays in Sports

Obama got so excited about a black gay basketball player saying he was gay..that he called him on the phone and immediately the press took the hint and proclaimed that all gays should come out of the closet because jocks are, let’s face it: Not fond of gays.Robert Griffin

And one jock got a lot of flak for speaking his mind;.

Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III on Tuesday complained about the “tyranny of political correctness” currently holding Americans “hostage.” His comments, posted on his official Twitter account, come as some people are demanding the Redskins change their team name because of its “racist” meaning.

“In a land of freedom we are held hostage by the tyranny of political correctness,” Griffin tweeted.

So far, there are no reports that Obama has called Griffin and praised him on his courage.

I would. Hand me the phone.

Remember Hurricane Sandy?

The Hurricane that pushed a lame-duck President back into office because the Republican New Jersey Governor, (Chris Christie)  got Obama to help him push a $60 billion dollars check over to his state, has not been forgotten by the poor people that suffered from it.Chris Christie & Obama two

Youttube wouldn’t let me transfer the video..but here is Chris moaning about how hard it is to get all that money to the people that need it.Chris Christie

It’s just SO hard to manage that kind of money. (Really. Give it to me, I’ll hand it out.)

Nevertheless, it’s been six months and the poor people up in New York and Jersey are still living without electric, and houses, and almost 200 families are about to be homeless again.

“I think the next six months will be a whole lot better than the previous six, and that’s because we learned from the mistakes of Katrina in how to put this thing together,” Schumer said.

Really? If they learned from Katrina, why didn’t they use what they learned in the first six months?

I would laugh and say, “You gotta love a politician!” but…I can’t. Sorry.

Nobody Knows where all that money will end up, but you can bet, it will not go to the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

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