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Nobody’s Perfect: Rob Ford VS Martin Bashir

Nobody’s Perfect

First, we see this apology from last week, made by the very entertaining Mayor of Toronto, Bob Ford.  Before this very typical politician apology–you know, where they say “we need to move forward, for the good of the taxpayers” when caught being scumbags, the Mayor had been caught smoking crack, when drunk, and ranting madly in a video talking about killing somebody. But HEY! He does this on his own time, he says, therefore, he’s not really guilty!

So, the city council voted to strip him of his powers (after finding out more stuff…like talking nasty, hanging out with prostitutes and pushing down old ladies…etc…) NOW…he’s mad, so he is getting his own reality TV show, called….Welcome to New Jersey! No…sorry…that’s not the name of it.  I get him mixed up with another fat loudmouth politician. It happens.

Second: We have the “Sarah Palin should just be forced to eat shit, like the old slaves were made to do.” man of the primetime MSNBC news hour: Martin Bashir. His apology seems so much more sincere, which makes you wonder if he even wrote it.

So, who wins the Nobody’s Perfect award for the week?

The man who got on SNL, of course.

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  1. […] And last week, we had Rob Ford, who had so much coke flowing through his blood, he was knocking over old ladies. […]


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