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Staging Obama! Staging Obama! Staging Obama!

Nobody Knows

If you think that THIS was not staged by Obama, because that’s not how he works his propaganda machine…let me tell you a little story, and why I’m sure that ‘heckler’ was a plant:

Years ago, I was playing piano in the lounge/bar of a Doubletree Hotel, in Chesterfield, Missouri. I was pretty far away from the main lobby. Back at that time, George H.W. Bush was Vice President. Everyone knew he was going to spend the night at the hotel. But, what I saw that night completely shocked me. I was there early that day, but so were his bodyguards. They came into the bottom floor of the hotel and checked every single lamp, every bottle, the piano, me, the potted plants, my music book, the bottle in the bar, the carpet, just about everything. And this was in a room that wasn’t even near the lobby. The only thing they didn’t look under was my dress. And then they did the same thing…three more times.

I managed to sneak a peek outside the lobby door that night on my break, and was amazed to see a long line of expensive limousines pulling up to the front of the hotel. I counted 13 of those, and another ten just regular cars following him. All he did, was get out of the car, go to the elevator, and up to the room.

All that, for the Vice President.

Now…fast forward twenty years. Obama shuts down whole cities. Hell, he shuts down whole countries when he travels. Millions of people hate the President right now. Do you really think that the people they put behind him for his photo-ops are not carefully, hand-picked? Do you really think they just pick people out of the audience that day?

Kris 45

Staging Obama!

Then you’re a special kind of stupid.

Another clue that this guy was a plant, was in his response. Notice how Obama did not get upset, and was totally in control and sure to mention that if he had the sole power to grant amnesty he would…but for the law. The “uh guys, its’ okay” was all part of the act.  He doesn’t WANT you to think that it was staged so that was a nice little touch. What he is putting in everyone’s mind is that he should be given complete power. It’s mind manipulation. That mean old Tea Party Congress and those American laws are getting in the way of illegals getting amnesty and the American dream.

Today Glenn Beck was asking everyone to pray for Obama, because of this ‘heckler” behind him in this video. That man, Glenn thought, could have really hurt Obama. I don’t know if Glenn Beck has no clue how this man will go to the ends of the earth to protect his own self, or if he really thinks people can get that close to any President.

Obama has cut off photographers from the White House. He has his own food taster. He has shut down the White House. He is about as paranoid as one person can get.

Nobody Knows if Obama will continue to ‘stage’ people ‘fainting’ and begging for him to ‘help’ them, so that he can continue to get all he wants, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be the only one who will keep saying he is staging these events himself for propaganda purposes.

After Benghazi, he ‘staged’ three weeks of blaming the whole thing on a video. This kind of stuff, is thought up in political game rooms, and done with great relish. They lie, they cheat, they steal, and powerful men have been known to murder to get what they want.

So, take it from me—I was in the entertainment business most of my life, and I know a staged act when I see one:

Staging Obama! Staging Obama! Sta…..ging…….. Obama!

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The Baby Boomer Holocaust

Nobody Reports

This was called the “Best Obamacare Deconstruction Video You Will Ever Find.”

That is…correct. They end it with the great Ronald Reagan, who tried to warn us all about socialized medicine.

This Nobody Thinks it will be more than just ‘rationed’ care….it will be a smiley-face holocaust of the ‘boomer’ generation.  You won’t see the numbers of people dying before their time, no American government agency will report it, but it’s coming. They will just not get the care they would have before Obama decided to play God.

May every Democrat that pushed this Obamanation on the country be damned. If we should be made to live under it, then so should they.

As far as I’m concerned they are all officially–tyrants.

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