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Obama Gives Metals to His Progressive Friends—- and Then There’s Loretta.

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Poor Loretta Lynn. She must have felt like a Duck Dynasty second sister out of water today—- in the middle of that love-fest of ‘progressives’ at the Metal of Freedom ceremony this morning.  Obama used the occasion to remind the country one more time, why America should “trust” him.  He sure knows how to pick winners, doesn’t he? All of them but one, were on Obama’s progressive road to Obamaland of the free, gay, black, female…and…obedient.  Gloira Steaing

Using the  JFK’s anniversary, Obama decided to give as many Metals of Freedom today as he could muster. He has a lot of PR to do, and if you wanted to know what the democratic party feels about anyone who is NOT a liberal, all you had to do was watch the ceremony: of course, KING Obama drew the ceremony out as long as he could. It was as much about getting his face on the television handing out metals to his beloved admirers as anything else.

So, let’s take a look at Obama’s hero’s:

Ernie Banks: Gee, a black baseball player from Chicago. He was there when baseball was filled with racist white ball players. (Never mind that those white guys gave him numerous awards.) Does Obama even WATCH baseball? Doesn’t matter. He’s black, he’s from Chicago, that’s Obama’s home town.  Color that metal black.

Ben Bradlee: Editor of the liberal Washington Post. He was the hero that helped bring down that horrible Republican monster, Nixon. Obama needs more editors to bring down those corrupt politicians. Color that metal, control.

Ben Bradlee

Ben Bradlee

Bill Clinton: Good chance to show his superiority. Obama acted like Bill was just a nice guy, and really played down his accomplishments as president. He could have been talking about some saxophone player instead. Bill recently came out and said Obama should let people keep their insurance, so Obama had to show the world that he doesn’t really take Bill Clinton seriously. And since the ‘party’ will insist on Hillary as their next Presidential candidate, Ethel Kennedy had to walk them both (Obama and Bill ) to the JFK gravesite to “anoint” the royal successors.  Color that metal, platinum.Ethal Kennedy

Daniel Inouye: A democratic Senator from Hawaii. Whatever else he has done, the most important thing he did for Obama was make damn sure NOBODY got a look Barack’s birth certificate. Also, Obama ‘s presidential library is in Hawaii, no doubt on land donated by Hawaii, thanks to Daniel. He definitely gets a metal. Color that metal: Loyal.

Daniel Kahneman: He’s some kind of liberal psychologist which no doubt, being from Princeton, gave the elite democrats a blueprint for manipulating people. I have no clue why he’s here except you can be sure the democrats wanted a Jew because Steven Spielberg was in the room. He wouldn’t be here if he didn’t do something for their successes. Probably worked on Common Core. Color that metal, blue.

Richard Lugar: A Republican that Obama can love. Lugar worked tirelessly at Obama’s side helping dismantle our nuclear, biological and chemical weapons (Mostly ours) and he was all for gun control. (NRA gave him an F.) He went to Russia with Obama to look at their nuclear sites, helped Obama get Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor on the Supreme Court: Helped Joe Biden give $1.5 billion dollars to Pakistan, worked on biofuels: In other words, he’s not even a Rino. He makes most of the democrats look like Barry Goldwater. He was there for Obama to give praise to his “bi-partisanship.” Translation: He gives Obama whatever he wants.  He gets a bronze.



Mario Molina The scientist who started the whole global—THE OZONE HOLE IS BEING DESTORYED BY MAN! and we need millions to save ourselves!! guy. He gets the green.

Sally Ride: Gee…she was a lesbian. And going into space was NOT her best accomplishment, it was working for gay rights. Sally’s wife was there to pick up the metal. Color that metal: gay.

Bayard Rustin: It’s bad enough that this man had the misfortune to be black, he was also ‘gay’ and he helped Martin Luther King, and got no credit because he was gay. But…his white man partner was there to accept it. This was a two-for-one dream. Black AND Gay, and loved by an old white guy! You can’t GET more diverse than that! If only the world could take this message. Color that metal: gold.

Artor Sandovo:  Trumpet player from Cuba. Color that metal, communist.

Dean Smith: Obama loves basketball, and this coach who fought for civil rights. No brainer. Another black metal.Oprah

Gloria Steinem: Gloria was on CNN afterwards and just wouldn’t shut up about how women are not paid the same salary as men, and those mean white men still thinks it’s a white man’s world, and how she was being honored by a God, and we are ready for a woman president, but we weren’t in 2008.  You know, it’s not easy to stay the same mentally as you were when you were sixteen, but somehow, Gloria has managed it. Color this metal: still stupid.

Cordy Tindall I have NO idea. Civil rights activists…of course! Color this one black.

Patricia Wald: Patricia Wald, first woman appointed to U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia and became the court’s chief judge. The liberals only admit women now into the jobs. They are much easier to control than men, so color this metal: control. AND…putting America under international law.

Oprah Winfrey: Well, she pretty much got him elected the first time, and recently has tried to become the new Mandela, and seems to have become his mouthpiece against racist white America who dare to question him. Oprah…will be there to protect and defend. Color this one, black with gold strips.

By the way—Obama had a Freudian slip before he gave her the medal: He said that people wanted Oprah to call herself “Sally.”  before she became famous, and he said that they told him the same thing.

(Ok…is he trying to tell us those really ARE his boots?)

Loretta Lynn And last but not least, poor Loretta Lynn. Nobody Wonders WHY poor Loretta was invited because Bill Clinton snubbed her royally in front of the whole world when she reached out her hand to him. He just kept talking to Lugar, and walked away. Snob. loretta lynnn

Loretta was the token…to show the poor white people of America that Obama still cares about them.

NEXT year: Chairman Mao, Michelle Obama, Burt and Ernie, Ellen DeGeneres, Beyoncé…have I missed anyone?

Oh yeah…Trayvon Martin. I can’t wait.

And for the final CNN orgasm: The four liberal Royals saluting…a dead democratic President.

Touching. JFK gravesite

And by the way, why didn’t Obama go to honor Abraham Lincoln?

Because…Thanks to Spielberg, EVERYONE now knows that Lincoln, was a Republican.

(And is it me? Doesn’t Hillary look REALLY short and pissed off?)


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Mars Has Bubbles; Who Knew?

Nobody Wonders

Who was the old lady taking pictures the day JFK was shot? And Mars has bubbles? Somebody sent this to me, and so I thought I’d share it. Yes, and they think they know EVERYTHING, don’t they?

Enjoy! And tell me what you think those bubbles are.

(Thanks to Anthony)

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