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Yi Lin Zhuo VS Man With a Fish

Nobody’s Perfect

This week we have two people who were just not perfect enough to foresee their future: Yi Lin Zhuo VS a Man with a Fish.

Both these men did not see the jealousy they were arousing on those around them, and therefore, they suffered.

Let’s take Yi Lin Zhuo first:

Yi Lim Zhuo’s crime was being too rich. Yes, it seems he let a illegal Chinese cousin come over from China, and stay with him and his family. Not too smart. The young and lazy  (according to all who knew him) Mingdong Chen, (see picture here) was so jealous of Yi Lim’s Zhuo life, that one day, while Yi Lim was at work, he butchered Yi Lim’s wife and four children. because it just wasn’t fair….



Mingdong Chen, 25, showed no remorse when he confessed to slaughtering the family that allowed him to live in their Brooklyn apartment and admitted that he committed the atrocity because he envied their way of life, a police source told The Post. .NYPD Chief of Department Philip Banks III said Chen had cited his inability to make it in America as his motive for the slayings..

“Everyone here is doing better than me,” Banks quoted the suspect as saying during a confession in Mandarin Chinese, the only language Chen speaks. Two of the kids, including the baby, had been decapitated, and there was a trail of blood throughout the house, sources said.

And then there’s this fellow:

Fisherman Bob. (He looks like a Bob.) Not realizing that he has no right to catch fish without sharing his fair share with the seals, Pancho the seal just took it, right out of his hands. Yes, Pancho was jealous.

Poor fisherman Bob—outsmarted by a seal. Nobody’s Perfect.

So who wins the Nobody’s Perfect award for the week?


Not only did they not report that Mingdong Chen should not have even been in this country, they seemed sympathetic to the fact that he just couldn’t seem to get it through his head that maybe his cousin had worked long and hard for his riches. After all, it’s not Obama’s fault that the economy is so bad and amnesty hasn’t been passed, and he didn’t get his free welfare check. Obviously, Zhuro was in that secret terrorist society called……conservatives.

And instead of doing their job and going after the lying President for always claiming to know absolutely positively nothing about any scandal that occurs on his watch— (IRS, Fast and Furious, FBI prostitutions, millions losing their insurance, NSA spying, Michelle’s midnight McDonalds’ runs…) , they are posting video’s of people losing their fish. ( I got this video from The Huffington Post. )

So, congratulations liberal and clueless reporters…you win the Nobody’s Perfect award for the week. Nobody reports the “rich Vs the poor’ communist manifesto revolution garbage in order to promote class warfare, more than YOU!

When you finally print those pictures of Obama in the bathhouses of Chicago, that you’ve been hiding, maybe we’ll all start trusting you again.

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Nobody Explains How the Liberals Fake Everything…

Nobody Wins

Media bias. According to this video, the reason the conservatives are losing the battle is due to the fact that there are more democrats reporting the news than conservatives.  If the conservatives could get more of their message across, there would be a shift.

The liberal media is good at one thing that the conservatives are not: They know how to use the internet to create a fake firestorm

From the book by Ryan Holiday: Trust Me, I’m Lying. He explains how it’s done…

“I designed the advertisements, which I bought and placed around the country, (on billboards) and then promptly called and left anonymous complaints about them (and leaked copies of my complaints to blogs for support.) I alerted college LGBT and women’s rights groups to screenings in their area and baited them to protest our offensive movie at the theater., knowing that the nightly news would cover it. I started a boycott group on FACEbook. I orchestrated fake tweets and posted fake comments to  articles online. I even won a contest for being the first one to send in a picture of a defaced ad in Chicago.  (thanks for the free T-shirt, Chicago Redeye. Oh, also, that photo was from New York.) I manufactured preposterous stories about Tuckers’ (fake name) behavior on and off the movie set and reported them to gossip websites, which gleefully repeated them.  I paid for anti-woman ads on feminist websites and anti-religion ads on Christian websites, knowing each would write about it. Sometimes I just Photoshopped ads onto screenshots of websites and got coverage for controversial ads that never actually ran. The loop became final when, for the first time in history, I put out a press released to answer my own manufactured criticism: TUCKER MAX RESPONDS TO CTA DECISION:” BLOW ME.” the headline read.

I pulled this off with no connections, no money, and no footsteps to follow. But because of the way that blogging is structured—from the way bloggers are paid by the page view to the way blog posts must be written to catch eh readers’ attention—this was all very easy to do. So as the manufactured storm I created played itself out in the press, real people started believing it, and it became true.

However the play starts, the end is the same: The economics of the Internet are exploited to change public perception, and sell product. “

So…how much of the news that bloggers are repeating actually fake stories? It’s pretty easy to plant the story and watch it go up the latter…from the bloggers, to the radio hosts, to the magazines, then to the national news.

I talked to my brother today, and he said, “They just ought to let Obamacare fail.” And right after he said it, I thought to myself, “He is just repeating the very same thing the Rino’s are saying. He must have heard it on TV.” And because everyone’s life is so busy, we have all trusted what we heard in the past.

Those days…..are gone.

We all know that Obama has thousands of fake followers on his tweets. Who knows how many people they have on staff to manipulate the news? According to Ryan, they know exactly how to manipulate the media, and they pay people big money to do it.

Nobody Wins when the media will plant staged events to get power, but at least some people are starting to know, like Ryan Holiday, that as clever as he was in doing this stuff, he is destroying lives.

And now, for more of a good laugh, see how many times Obama used this staged fainting stunt, and WHO he learned it from. Don’t miss the end, Hillary is pretty funny. Talk about “fake.” I’m starting to think we should rename Washington, “Silicone Valley.”

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Can We Ban Stallone For Doing Too Many Steroids?

Nobody Wins

“Well, I guess we won’t be seeing anymore Expendables at the movies.” said my husband.Sly Stone

It’s been a common decision in our house: If you are a movie star, and you decide to put down the common folks who spend the big money to go see your movies, then we don’t have to give you our money.

Stallone, has been getting on my nerves lately. Yo Rocky…What happened to you? Too many punches in the head?  

Stallone has made most of his money simply because he has appealed to the conservative Americans. Rocky was all about individual hard work and the theme that, in America, you CAN be the champ if you work hard enough. And he went on to milk the American’s are really good guys themes…in fact he has always had those themes running throughout his movies. It’s the REASON they were successful.Sly Stone America

And yet, when he talks on his own time, he sounds like a wimpy liberal kiss-ass Obama puppet. During the Trayvon Martin trail, he said no Americans needed to own a gun.

Gee..can the word hypocrisy get any bigger?

And now, Stallone  is replacing Bruce Willis (who by all accounts IS a conservative) with Harrison Ford in his next Expendable movie: Stallone

 Stallone gleefully announced yesterday that Willis had been booted from “The Expendables” summer franchise, calling him a greedy, lazy jerk. The “Rocky” actor tweeted: “WILLIS OUT… HARRISON FORD IN !!!! GREAT NEWS !!!!! Been waiting years for this!!!!” Not satisfied with simply showing Willis the door, Stallone added this parting Twitter shot: “GREEDY AND LAZY …… A SURE FORMULA FOR CAREER FAILURE.”

Are these guys that stupid? Does Stallone think that the people who go to see his movies, are going to want to fork out money to see the liberal lover Harrison Ford?

Sly might be in for a surprise. In fact, the whole movie industry is in shock..NOBODY IS GOING TO THE Movies! Spielberg has even predicted the industry won’t be able to survive.

And it’s has much more to do with rebellion than content. It’s not just the movies that are suffering…the cities newspapers are falling like dead flies off an electrical grid. The Boston Globe and the Washington Post were recently sold at a loss, and I’m waiting for the Post Dispatch to go, because they almost have to give it away here in St. Louis.

So, what’s up?

Rush Limbaugh had it right today….the real reason the newspapers (and the movies) are going out of business is because people, like me, were sick of opening up their morning paper and seeing whole pages devoted to some poor African village starving, and how horrible America was in not sending the world all its money.

The leftist Marxist took over all the newspapers in America, the people stopped buying them, and they wonder why.

It’s the same reason the movies are bombing…

Hey, I’ll stay home and watch reruns of Tom Selleck as Jesse Stone, who I know is a patriot, rather than spend money on Sylvester Stallone blowing up another village in some third world country,  all the while saying in real life, he doesn’t believe in that sort of thing.

I thought the first Expendables was great—But I will never pay to see another movie of Sly Stone’s no matter how much I want to.

The man, is a coward, a fraud, and an American sellout. Let him move to China.

Nobody Wins when Hollywood is just another mouthpiece for government propaganda. Sorry Sly—I doubt that Bruce Willis’s career will suffer.

Baseball is not the only thing that steroids has damaged, Nobody Wins when your hero’s are on steroids….and everybody knows…steroids cause brain damage. What better proof do you need? Arnold

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Nobody’s Perfect: Michael Eric Dyson VS Nancy Grace

Nobody’s Perfect

The Democrats are going nuts over the verdict of the Zimmerman trial. They haven’t been this shocked and upset since Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves! They are in shock— shock, that for once, somebody fought BACK when hit. After all those video’s Napolitano made about how to defend yourself with scissors—you’d think the population would get it. The airways have been filled with one idiotic rant after another.

This week, Nobody Presents (due to visiting Twitchy because it’s so much fun) proof that the press has gone beyond the usual race-baiting, to full-fledged infinity and BEYOND! Some of the liberal commentators just got kind of wacko. I’ve picked out two to compare:

First, Michael Eric Dyson (see video above) thinks we’d all get together if white people would get killed more. To put this in perspective, consider: Since the day that Zimmerman was arrested for the death of Trayvon Martin, over 11,000 blacks were murdered in this county….and they were killed by OTHER blacks.

So, if white people killed 11,000 whites, do you think that would make the blacks feel  more comfortable? More whites are killed by blacks than blacks by whites, so I’m not sure what point this guy is making, and neither does he, but he is trying to sound like he’s got an education.

And then there’s the lovable Nancy Grace. Before the trial, she thought George Zimmerman said “Coon” when he actually said, “Cold.” while talking on the phone.  It was all just too exciting for her “crackcrazy peopleer’ self.

So, who wins the Nobody’s Perfect award for the week?

The whole Democratic Party. They are  just besides themselves with a mission to get black voters BACK on the democratic ticket.

In the meantime, Obama was acting all cozy with George H.W. Bush in the White House, planning to give the United States to Mexico, while we all argue.

Can we all get out of dodge now?

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It’s All About the Weather: Or Fry Your Bacon Now

Nobody’s Opinion:

Last Friday night, I was cooking dinner and watching Sheppard Smith on FOX NEWS talking to a storm chaser in Oklahoma. The TV screen looked…green. The whole Oklahoma skyline looked… green. I was wondering if some technician somewhere added some “green” just to make it look even scarier. Oklahoma

I would have added the wicked Witch of the West zooming through the clouds on her broom for the kids, but that’s why I don’t work for a TV station.

No detail is too small when it comes to the entertainment of the masses. And THIS tornado had become the most exciting thing that had happened since the LAST tornado that ‘President’ Obama has already forgot. He no doubt thought this happened in Madison.

They had great camera shots of it. This was Hollywood stuff. This was Oscar worthy. This was news titillation in its finest hour.

The storm chaser talking to Sheppard Smith was screaming and talking so fast, Sheppard had to tell him to slow down…

“A FARM just went over my head!” the storm chaser yelled.

“What…are you okay..did you say you see some farm equipment?”

‘NO! The whole FARM went over my car!”shepard Smith

Money. What some people will do for it.

I was flipping over the bacon, when I turned on the local news: St. Louis was also on a tornado watch.

“Great” I thought. “not again.”

Sure enough…my husband and I went downstairs as the tornado sirens were going off and then the lights went out, almost at exactly the same time that the tornado that hit my street on April 10 this year had: 8.30pm.

Cell phones weren’t working, so I was stuck with my old trusted radio, and very anxious to hear where the tornados touched down. Were they near us? Were they coming this way?

Do I have time to flip the bacon?

Oklahoma is used to tornadoes, but here in St. Louis people were calling up to the radio station, asking about damages, etc…..and the reporters would always say, “We’ll see what happened tomorrow.” As I laid in the dark and listened to the frightened voices on my radio, I thought the commentator was purposely being very nebulous and leaving everyone literally…in the dark. He knew what happened. He was just not going to say.  His reputation was on the line.

He wasn’t about to lose his job.tornado damage

In the meantime, people were calling up saying they had been in a Casino where the roof was ripped off, tractor trailers flipped, there were houses hit, schools torn apart, etc, and the radio host acted as if it was just a little storm.

First report came in: (You KNOW how I am about first reports.)  Many casualties when a hotel was hit. Drivers reported 20 ambulances arriving at the scene, but the cops said, nobody was hurt.

It’s okay folks, only 100 houses have been flattened and over 200 damaged but that’s really nothing.

The next day, I was stuck without a car, and so I had the Cardinal  baseball game on. They were playing the Giants. KMOX is our main radio station here. It’s the only one that reports the news. Around 10 a.m. The man in charge of our local electric company came on to say that the whole city had wires down everywhere, they had 800 men out, 300 men coming in from other states, and it was reported that about 100,000 people were without electric. The numbers went all over the map in every different report.

The electric man said that Governor Nixon had declared a disaster, and he would tell everyone at 2.30 pm that day, what was going on. He had to take the whole day reviewing everything.

So…he SAID he’d be back at 2.30 pm, and tell us what he found out.

I couldn’t wait to hear what he had to say.

Nobody knew just how long their electric would be out, so I’m sure I wasn’t the only fool who listened to the radio for hours in anticipation. I decided. I would listen to the game.

They had to cancel the game the night before due to weather, so they held a double- header downtown. They even added fireworks.  No doubt, they were hoping all the people without electric would drive downtown for the game. What an opportunity! Get out of your miserable house and come on down!floods

Yes, whole neighborhoods left in the dark…good idea.

Not once, throughout that whole game was there any mention of what had happened in St. Louis. Jack Buck (RIP) would have said something. I would have devoted a whole ten minutes of gratitude to Tom Edison, and how really $%& up the world would be if he had not been born, but that’s why I’m not a sports broadcaster.

Sure, the 200,000 people who had electric saw the news on TV. but the other 100,000 were left out in the cold, and clueless.

At 2.30. nobody came on to tell the good people anything.

I HATE when that happens. I felt like I had been stood up. If you say you are going to do something, well then DO IT.

The game was a shutout: 8-0. Cardinals won with some rookie pitcher. I could have cared less. Couldn’t they have at least had a small news break about the electric situation…like around the seventh inning?

Sure they could have…I wondered: I know life goes on, but after all…come on.

It’s a little bit after 10pm on a Sunday night as I am writing this,  and it’s being reported that three Storm Chasers lost their lives, killed by the tornado’s in Oklahoma trying to get a good shot for the big News channels.Tornado in OK

How stupid is that? Are they that hard up for ratings? What do they tell these guys?

“If you can get IN the tornado and get a good shot, it’s an extra bonus for ya!”

And what about this business that they don’t really want to admit to a tornado until they have ‘professional’ come out and declare it such. Is that for insurance purposes?

Insurance agent: Uh…I know you lost the whole roof to your house sir, and your car is over two blocks in a tree,  but nobody has really confirmed that there even WAS a tornado and so, I will have to list this as wind damage, and of course, we can’t be liable for any water damage caused by the storm, or your fence that is blown down.  That’s was added to your policy last year.

I’m not sure what I got out of this: But it seems to me that there’s a real disconnect in the media, not only about the seriousness of our politician’s crimes, but the worsening natural disasters that are hitting the United States. Fires, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes…are good for business. Cars are destroyed, houses have to be rebuilt, food gets spoiled, this is all good for the bottom line.

In the meantime, we don’t have to be attacked by any country…the weather is doing a good job of destroying us.

And in two days…it happens all over again.

You know where I’ll be. I’m flipping my bacon at 5.


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Kathy Griffins & Anderson Cooper: Will the Blow Job Continue?

Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin may make their popular New Year’s Eve specials a regular thing. I hear the duo filmed a pilot today at the CNN studios in the Time Warner Center in New York. Details about the hourlong project are sketchy, but I’ve learned that it had a lot of humor in it and filmed in front of a live audience — which I hear included new CNN topper— Jeff Zucker.

Isn’t that special?

Nobody Wonders

When your down in the ratings, you get in the gutter. It works every time. Most of us can’t resist watching the disasters can we? I’ve seen the movie 2012 at LEAST 4 times.

So, we see here that Kathy has daddy issues growing up, and Anderson Cooper really is embarrassed because his boyfriend was probably watching this New Year’s Eve celebration of CNN, along with millions of underage kids around the world, but did that matter to Kathy?

Nope. .

Kathy will do just about anything to get attention…so you have to wonder that IF Anderson Cooper agrees to do a show with Kathy, will his reputation as a respected journalist will go down the drain?

Not that I watch either one of them, but I did feel sorry for him here. What will they do to top this? Kathy will be going: “Come on out there! Who wants to see Anderson TAKE OFF HIS CLOTHES!”

As a former entertainer, I know how easy it is to get an audience to cheer just about anything…especially when they’re drunk.

Did Kathy NOT know that Anderson was gay when she was doing this? It’s possible, because she is too much of a liberal to make fun of gays, but Nobody Wonders why anyone would dial in to see the two of them together again. I suspect this idea is being floated around the internet as a test for possible programs.

Why not just give Kathy her own reality show? She could get a roomful of gay guys and go at it.

People, would watch…If Rome is falling, then let the games keep the “less informed” entertained…right?



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Democrats Should Not Be Allowed a Weapon….Problems Solved.

Nobody Cares

Now WHY have you not heard that all the crazy crackpots killing people in mass murders are registered Democrats?

You tell me.

One man, does what a whole slew of paid propagandists cannot: Report.


(Thanks to amfortas)

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The Conspiracy of the First Report

Nobody’s Opinion

It’s pretty disgusting how much Ed Randall relished carnage of Sandy Hook— isn’t it? Keep that in mind for a few minutes:

The other night on Coast to Coast, a man suggested something that I had told myself to dismiss, about the Sandy Hook Killings. Right when the shooting had first came on the news…it was reported that the police had captured a man in the woods nearby…he had a gun., and he was camolflouged…and then they didn’t say much more…execept, they let him go. I remember hearing it and thinking that it might have been the shooter because it was just about five minutes after it was reported. The radio host suggested that man might have been the shooter, set up by the government, to of course, start the horrible slaughter that would give Obama what he needed to pass gun control laws.

Nobody has mentioned this guy since, or even explained who he was, why he wasn’t suspected, and why he was let go instantly. Seems to me, you or I would have been held for hours if we had even been in the area.

Now…NO one could imagine a President even doing such a thing—- Arranging an event to facilitate an agenda.  It would be unthinkable, right? Obama, as much as many of us abhor him, would never do such a thing.

Or would he? Two things…the area was in a predominantly white democratic settings…the horror was overkill. Before you dismiss any kind of conspiracy theory, remember, a man much like Obama..once beloved and trusted by his country, threw millions of people into ovens. How did he do that? He told them they were being ‘relocated,’ even assuring them before they were gassed that everyone would be just fine.gas chambers

Hitler burned down a building (the Reichstag) and blamed his enemies to “facilitate” his own rise to power. Men HAVE done this kind of stuff before. It’s not always a conspiracy to suspect it. Which leads me to the first report.Reichstag

The question is: How much do we trust our government? Was the recent election fraud just enough to keep Obama in power? Doesn’t Obama lie to us daily? Remember he swore when he was trying to sell Obamacare that it was the Affordable Care Act and everyone would be saving money? Didn’t he swear we could keep our own doctors? Didn’t he run on the fact that he would never, ever tax the middle class? Hasn’t the middle class just been hit with a big tax increase? Tell me, DO you trust this man?

And this brings me to the first report. Do you always believe the “first report” of anything?

I have written before about this “first report” that I have been noticing for quite some time now.

First Report on 9/11: I remember a Fire Chief  standing in front of one of the towers right after it had been hit, and telling the camera that there had been bombs detonated below the fifth floor. This was after the first plane had hit the first building — before either tower collapsed. Never heard that report again.Princess Care Crash

First Report: The night JFK Jr. plane was lost, there were at least three witnessed that heard a very loud canons go off,…these people were convinced, that the plane was shot down.Never heard that report again.

First Report: The night Princess Diana died, about two witnesses saw a car drive off…from the tunnel. And the fact that it took over 4 HOURS for a doctor to get to the scene has never been condemned by any news outlet anywhere.

First Report: Flight 800 was shot down by a missile from the ground. Over twenty people witnessed it, including two pilots—but Bill Clinton dismissed it. And in every serious event that shapes our lives…the first reports are always lost to the first few minutes of the event….and you never hear why.

Okay…you get the idea. I am home most of the day, and always have the TV on, or radio, and I have always found these first reports upsetting, because these witnesses just…disappear. We all know that two people can witness a crime, and both see something different, and you could say that the first reports are ALWAYS wrong. But…are they?

After giving it much thought,  Nobody Thinks the first reports are usually the most trustworthy ones before the government comes in and spins the story. Just today, Robert Kennedy’s son said that his dad was convinced that Oswald was not the lone shooter. He thought the Warren  Commission did a hack job. And THIS after Stephen King wrote a book about it, swearing that Oswald acted alone.

And Molovtov Mitchell, in his last “For the Record” points out to everyone, that at Sandy Hook, the assault rifle was…not used. He pretty much proves it, but nobody is talking about it. Nope. It’s those nasty assaults weapons that are killing everyone. So…every single TV station is either lying to you…or using the state propaganda.

Joe Biden, and all the democrats, if you notice, are using very graphic words to put in your mind the horror of little children getting murdered as IF we need to be reminded….and just the fact that they are pumping up this event, makes one think, that I wouldn’t put it pass them to commit the murders of young children in the first place. No Joyanna, you go too far: They are just using the moment for their own gain.


And that’s what happens when your government lies to you on a daily basis. The first report…there WAS a man in the woods, with a gun, and they let him go.

Untill I hear someone talk about that guy in the woods, I’m thinking the real people who could tell us what happened …are dead.

For the fact that the killer of Sandy Woods did NOT use an assault weapon…go to this—(For the Record)

Obama just armed all government departments with enough hollow-points to kill every American ten times over. He has just given himself and George Bush (for the people who BLAME George) secret service for life. We have YET to hear the first report of…why.

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Wesley Clark: Loyal to Obama

Nobody Flashes

I just saw ‘General’ Wesley Clark talking to Shepard Smith on FOX, and he was exclaiming that Obama has done wonderful work on our foreign policy. Benghazi was just a small thing in lew of the “big picture”.

Makes you wonder why nobody ever explains what that “big picture” might be.

Basically the General was repeating that Benghazi was just a bump in the road. Obama got bin Ladin, he said with great pride.  Generals are now being used as propaganda agents for the left, and THIS general has always been a useful tool for the democrats.

But remember, here Clark—-in 2007, was criticizing George W. Bush for going into Iraq after 9/11  in this video. He is shocked by the  ‘plans’ to go into all those countries and get rid of their leaders.

Clark by his own assumptions, should be also critizing Obama today, because Obama has carried out Bush’s plans…at least in Libya, and Afghanistan. Obama went into Libya and got rid of Gaddafi. He helped Egypt to get rid of Mubarak. The difference is Obama is helping the Muslim Brotherhood leaders replace the dictators, something George W. Bush would by all accounts, not do.

Wesley Clark makes no mention that Obama is doing the same work of–Dick Cheney. He forgets to mention Obama has continued the “big picture” of Cheney amd Bush, and once again…what “big picture” is Wesley talking about?

What is surprising to me, is that a very well know writer for WND sent me this video, claiming he if fed up with America, and it’s people.

He now lives overseas, and doesn’t want to come back.

And to me, that’s a good thing. Let him stay there.

It seems, even our finest journalists can’t tell facts from fiction, and that there are still Americans living in America, and we have no intentions of going down without a fight.

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Flight 297–Real or Not?

Nobody Knows

I usually wait till the weekend to put up my email, but this one just couldn’t wait. While many will say, “HEY…we didn’t hear about this!” I do remember Fox News (Megyn Kelly) saying someone was kicked off a plane because of a cell phone, or something to that matter. THIS  email tells you the real truth. And frankly, it’s disturbing. Not just because of what happened, but also because they did NOT report it.

The reason I believe it: Come on! Obama can’t even admit a terrorist attack on 9/11 when it happens! What makes you think he would want THIS to get out?

(Thanks to Tom Beebe)


In my opinion, the Muslims are all getting very brave now. Read Tedd Petruna’s story below. Can you imagine, our own news media now are so politically correct that they are afraid to report that these were all Muslims? Unbelievable. Thank God for people like Tedd Petruna.

Tedd Petruna is a diver at the NBL (Neutral Buoyancy Lab) facility at NASA Houston. Tedd happened to be on the AirTran Flight 297, from Atlanta to Houston. Here’s his report:


“One week ago, I went to Ohio on business and to see my father. On Tuesday, the 17th, I returned home. If you read the papers the 18th you many have seen a blurb about where an Air Tran flight was canceled from Atlanta to Houston due to a man who refused to get off his cell phone before take- off. The story was only on Fox News. That was NOT what really happened.

I was seated in 1st class coming home. Eleven Muslim men got on the plane in full Muslim attire. (picture, example) Two of them sat in first class, and the rest seated themselves throughout the plane, in coach class, all the way to the back. As the plane taxied out to the runway, the stewardesses gave the safety spiel that we are all so familiar with.

At that time, one of the men, in 1st class, got on his cell and called one of his companions back in coach. He proceeded to talk on the phone in Arabic very loudly and very, very aggressively. This activity took the 1st stewardess out of action for she repeatedly told the man that cell phones were not permitted at that time. He ignored her as if she were not there. The man, who answered the phone back in the coach section, did the same and this took out the 2nd stewardess. Further back in the plane at the same time, two younger Muslims, one in the back on the aisle, and one sitting in front of him by the window began to show footage of a porno video they had taped the night before. They were very loud about it.

The 3rd stewardess informed the two men that they were not to have any electronic devices on at this time. One of them said, “Shut up, you infidel dog!”

The stewardess attempted to take the camcorder and the Muslim began to scream in her face in Arabic. At that exact moment, all eleven of the men got up and started to walk throughout the cabin. I guess that because of the noise, the flight crew must have decided there was something amiss and changed the plane’s direction to head back to the terminal.

The commotion and noise was reaching a feverish pitch, and at this point I had had enough! I got up and started towards the back of 1st class, when I heard a voice behind me, from another Texan twice my size  say, “I got your back.”  Then I grabbed the man, who had been on the cell phone, by the arm and said, “You WILL sit down in your seat or you WILL be thrown from this plane!” As I “led” him around me to take his seat, the fellow Texan grabbed him by the back of his neck and his waist and headed him back to his seat. I then grabbed the 2nd man and said, “You WILL do the same!”

He protested loudly, but my adrenaline was flowing now and he was going to go also. Just as I escorted him forward, the plane stopped, the doors opened and three TSA agents and four police officers entered the cabin. Myself and my new Texas friend were told to cease and desist for they had the situation under control.

I was quite happy to oblige actually. There was still some sort of commotion in the back, but within moments all eleven Muslims were escorted off the plane. The TSA agents then had their luggage unloaded.  We talked about the occurrence and were in disbelief that it had happened.

Then suddenly, the door opened again and in walked all eleven Muslim men! Stone faced, eyes front and robotic, (the only way I can describe it) they were reseated. The stewardess from the back had been in tears and when she saw the men, she was having NONE of it! Since I was up front, I heard and saw the whole ordeal. She told the TSA agents that there was NO WAY she was staying on the plane with the Muslim men. The agent told her that they had searched the men and were going through their luggage with a fine tooth comb. However nothing had been found and that the men were allowed to proceed onto Houston.

The captain and the co-captain came out of the cockpit and told the agent, “We and our crew will not fly this plane!” After a word or two the entire crew, luggage in tow, left the plane. Five minutes later, the cabin door opened again and a whole new crew walked on. Again, this was where I had had enough! I got up and asked the TSA agent, “What the hell is going on?”

I was told to take my seat. The airlines and the TSA were sorry for the delay and we would be home shortly. I said, “I’m getting off this plane.” The stewardess sternly told me that she could not allow me to get off.  Now I’m really mad! I said, “I am a grown man who bought this ticket, who’s time is mine with a family at home and I am going through that door, or I’m going through that door with you under my arm, but I AM going through that door!”

And then I heard a voice behind me say, “So am I!” Then everyone behind us started to get up and say the same thing. Within two minutes, I was walking off that plane where I was met by more TSA agents who asked me to write a statement about the incident. I had five hours to kill at this point waiting for the next flight to Houston, so why the hell not give them my statement. Due to the amount of people who got off that flight, it was concealed. I was supposed to be in Houston at 6 p.m. but I finally got there at 12.30 a.m.  If you don’t believe this, look up the date and then Flight 297 from Atlanta to Houston.

If this wasn’t a terrorism dry run, I don’t know what one is. The terrorists wanted to see how TSA would handle it. How the crew would handle it, and how the passengers would handle it. I’m telling this to you because I want you to know. The treat IS real. I saw it with my own eyes.  Tedd Petruna

I suggest you keep this going until this incident reaches the email of all politicians and the news media.

Nobody Notes:

I did fact check this, and it seems the Muslims were there, and a two hour delay on ground means that Tedd’s story is not  too far off. (If that’s even his real name)  I’m sure he talked to all the other airline passengers that got off, and the Airlines  would NEVER admit a change of crew members. They just wouldn’t. As for the porn…easy to believe.

Notice the fact checker is putting the blame on the man who is made out to be just a dingbat…therefore you should not think h is credible because they don’t.

That’s the first clue that it probably happened. Always consider the source: “factcheck”.org is run by the Annenburg Foundation which used to be run by Bill Ayers the domestic terrorist and good friend of Obama, who was also part of the Annenburg foundation for a while.

Fact Checkhttp://

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Obama Reinvents—The “Rule of Law” To “Rule By Me”

Nobody’s Notes

Well, it’s Friday, and the week went pretty much as we all expected. Super Tuesday announced Mitt Romney as the winner, only to have Newt send out an email, saying, “Wait a minute folks, those delegates don’t actually register until the convention!”  

So far, Mitt is winning.  And now we are wondering, who is going to be his VP? Rubio? Jeb? In order to fight for Mitt old mamma grizzly Barbara Bush was sent out to tell all the candidates to quit being nasty. Behave children! And who is she to make any comment? It’s the one thing that we hate–our entrenched politicans think they are royalty. We’re tired of it.

I don’t know about you, but it annoys the heck out of me that the politicians use their “women” to say things they want to say. 

The one thing we do know about Mitt is that Obama has congratulated him on winning…but then Obama has also just congratulated Vladimir Putin for winning his election in Russia. Obama would call Hitler if he was still alive to congratulate him on winning—which brings me to what’s been on my mind all week:

The death of Andrew Brietbart. Many people who knew him personally, think the government could have “assassinated” him, which, If Obama considered him a ‘threat” to the country, would have been perfectly legal for him to do. (He made sure he got that law made.) Looking at it from Obama’s point of view, Andrew could have killed his reelection run, and since he thinks he is the only one who can save America, in his mind, Andrew would be a “threat” to the country.

Nobody has ever deemed the sudden deaths of very famous people beyond speculation that they could have been assassinated because they were threats to whomever would have benefitted from their fact, I think it’s actually logical to think so, with all the power and trillions involved.

First JFK: Who benefited? LBJ

Princess Diana:  Who benefited? Prince Charles, who then was free to marry his true love.

JFK Jr: Who benefitted? The Clintons.

Andrew Brietbart:  Who benefitted? Obama

The sad part is…whatever journalist who even dares to look into the real true facts of the matter are shut down. Google sends them to the basement. Once all books are online…most of that will be hard to find.

Nobody Thinks:  If something happens to Alex Jones, then we can all stop speculating.

Nobody is also bothered by the fact that Obama wants a homegrown police force right here in our country. (see video) This civilian army is completely un-American. That’s Russia…China, that’s not us.

While Hillary and Obama were quick to embraced the Arab spring and the rights of people to protest, Nobody doubts that if they succeed in building their civilian army they would not hesitate to use it on their own citizens. Obama is taking a lesson from China.

China nips all protects in the bud, straight up. China spends more money on their state security apparatus, than on their own military.

This from the Atlantic:

“My wife and I were in China, mainly Beijing through February and March. In February (2011) a large number of the country’s human rights and public interest lawyers were arrested or detained or were disappeared in the style of Pinochet’s Chile. Once they were gone, people they might have represented and defended writers, professors, bloggers, activist of many sorts were arrested or made to disappear too.”

We haven’t come to that yet, but our political correct media is attacking good citizens with lies and vicious slandering every day. So far, enough of us have stood strong. But when they get their civilian army, it won’t be so easy.

Our “President” has also blatantly told us he will ignore Congress. Now we know why he put Panetta, in charge of our defense in the Middle East. He wanted a lawyer to protect his takeover of the Constitution. Panetta, who was just grilled by the Congress pretty much said the President can do what he wants, and takes his orders from the international community, not Congress.

Will Congress impeach him?

Nope. They should, but they don’t have the votes.

If a President makes himself King, what next? Now—he can kill anyone he wants without trial, he can start wars anywhere he wants, without congressional approval, he sides with communist dictators…could this president be what our founders feared?

A Manchurian candidate? And if so—who is controlling him?

Nobody Knows, but with half the people on the government dole, it’s going not going to be easy to defeat him. Can MItt?

At this point in time, I say we pray that Obama is defeated.  He is on track to become one of the biggest depots in History.

He becomes more dangerous every day.


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Dung Beetles VS Donkey Semen

Nobody’s Notes

This was a strange week, wasn’t it? It was like we were all forced to drink a full glass of donkey semen chased down with a shot of urine. I would have NEVER thought of that vision, if the TV. program, The Fear Factor, didn’t make it one of its challenges for its contestants. Nobody is going to use it for good measure. So, in honor of the fine minds at The Fear Factor, mental visions will be used to sum up the more absurd events from the past week.

Donkey Semen: Everyone this week was out to pour donkey semen down the throat of Newt Gingrich. He has been so stuffed with the stuff, its foaming out of his mouth. A big spurt came from Bob Dole the OTHER great Republican Presidential loser, who basically just complained about Newt carrying ice buckets around the capital instead of the usual Washington shit, and nobody knew why.  His big ethics crime? He took the college course he taught, off on his taxes, something every poor taxpayer in the United States would find reasonable.

glass of donkey semen

Compare that to Nancy Pelosi’s (the last house speaker) vast stock market gains and her personal manipulations of her office, to give herself billions of stock dividends with her power as Speaker, and Newt looks like a little boy stealing a piece of bubble gum, next a woman who just stole the state of Montana. We have MOUNTAINS of donkey semen floating down that woman. (Okay, do NOT picture that.)

And speaking of mountains…

Today,  a rich man of Davos, admitted: They are calling Mitt Romney:  “The Bartender.” Mitt will pretty much serve up anything you want, they said, and none of them are planning on losing any of their stock dividends: Mitt is the rich man with the Fannie and Freddie stock they hope gets elected: and speaking of rich men with stocks…

Glass of Urine: Everyone who has a car, wondered why in the WORLD would our President veto a harmless gas line from Canada? We were told, it was to please the environmentalists, who worry about what it will do to their moose, not to mention their green stocks, only to find out, that all those visits to the White House by Warren Buffet weren’t because two rich guys wanted to talk about how much they enjoy cheeseburgers.

It seems Obama and Warren struck a deal. Warren will use his trains to ship the gas from Canada, which of course will raise the price of gas by at least 30 cents a gallon as opposed to 5 cents from the pipeline, which will make him richer than Bill Gates, if only Obama would stop it.

So…he did. (Okay, you tell me what happened.)

To seal this deal, Buffet got his $200,000 dollar a year secretary to come to the State of the Union address and look very sad that she has to pay more taxes than Warren. She not only is helping Obama’s promotion of “tax the rich” (Remember, you can’t touch Warren’s fortunes, he has hidden his riches at Bill Gates House.) but help Obama to get the women voters back on his side…which brings me to..

Donkey Semen: Every feminist on the planet is going to grab this news and run to the bank with it: according to FOX NEWS today: a new spices of DUNG BEETLE has been found, and unlike most spices, this female dung beetle actually has the bigger HORN then the man, and does ferocious battle. Yes, Rachael Maddow can be rest assured, she has evolved from a proud dung beetle. We won’t hear the last of this great Darwinian discovery….

Glass of Urine while lying in a bed of snakes:  This hasn’t got into the mainstream news…because the dirty little secret is the men at Davos helped get Obamacare installed, and want it desperately to stay there because of “globalization and overpopulation.”

There was a heartbreaking story of two parents who were trying to get a kidney transplant for their “retarded” child. The great panel of doctors came into the boardroom, and denied the parents the operation, even though someone from the family was going to donate the kidney, BECAUSE…the girl was retarded and not worth saving. It’s reality folks. Read about it here…or not. Frankly, I’d rather read about the next spurt of urine being aimed at Gingrich ….

Donkey Semen: Yes, believe it or not, Mitt Romney ridiculed Newt Gingrich for wanting to go to the moon. He doesn’t know how in the world we can pay for it. “The moon can wait.” said Romney. 

 Obama has already spent enough money for us to go to the Orion Nebula and back, with nothing to show for it, but Mitt is more concerned with Newt wanting to send people to the moon. Nobody can own the moon he says. And you know who agrees with Mitt?

Glass of Urine: Vladimir Putin.

Vladimir Putin has branded America a nation which ‘wants to control everything’ during a scathing verbal attack on the U.S. (When you’re people don’t like you…blame the U.S. for your poverty..old Russian trick.)

Yes, Vladimir: WE WANT to Control the Moon, and you have to take us there!

I was looking at the moon last night and thinking..that with just enough nitrous oxide we could make it. I’m calling Demi Moore. And if my pilot falls asleep at the wheel, I’m taking a picture of that guy and sending it to my local school board, who will suspend me from the trip for having dared showed our tax dollars being wasted.

Let them each eat a dung beetle in a pile of scorpions, because this Nobody will not be coming back if I got on Newt’s flight to the moon.


Right now Iran is killing bloggers who “spread corruption.”  It’s only a matter of time before that glass of urine spreads…and this Nobody has spread enough dung to last a lifetime on this blog.

Our President Obama just signed a UN treaty to control the internet…and who controls the UN?

You’re right! Arabian Dung Beetles, and Snakes! In fact, rumor has it, the United Nations is the real inspiration for The Fear Factor.  As for Obama, he leads the nation in stuffing donkey semen down just about every open orifice on the planet.

And I just realized…I’d better end this before I try to elaborate on the finer points of semen. Somebody in Dallas, is still looking for Debbie.

Nobody is glad this is 2012, my fear factor ratio is running on empty.

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Who Won the Debate? Ask THIS Nobody.

Nobody Flashes

Searching around Alex Jones website today, I found this nobody, (meaning he is the common man who sees right through all this stuff) who was so angry he videotape an CNBC poll monitoring on the internet to show who the American people thought won the debate last night.

Ron Paul was beating everyone else so badly that the ‘good’ people at CNBC took the poll down. And the reason they gave was this:

We had a poll up from our Republican Presidential Debate asking readers who they thought won. One candidate was leading by such a margin that it became obvious the polling wasn’t so much a reading of our audience, but of the Internet prowess of this particular candidate’s political organization. We have therefore taken the poll down. Yes, we’ve gone through this exercise before.

In other words, Ron Paul vast network of little campaign worker bees called in and fraudulently affected the poll. If that HAD been the case, and like this guy, I don’t think it was, than Obama tactic of using the internet to win the election…would have been considered fraudulent too.  This guy is great! I wish I had a “nobody’s” award for the day, because he would win it.

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The World Agenda for Democracy…Will..Necessarily…Hurt.

Nobody Knows—

 How in the world the liberal progressive wackos can keep this peace-like image of themselves?  You know…that they are against war, and don’t like it? In Jonah Goldberg’s meticulously researched book, Liberal Fascism, he reminds us of the fact that the liberals love war for the reason given:

The chief appeal of war to social planners isn’t conquest or death but mobilization. Free societies are disorganized. People do their own thing, more or less, and that can be downright inconvenient if you’re trying to plan the entire economy from a boardroom somewhere. War brings conformity and unity of purpose. The ordinary rules of behavior are mothballed. You can get things done: build roads, hospitals, houses. Domestic population and institutions were required to “do their part.”

What have we been hearing lately from Obama? He wants to build roads, hospitals, schools, and then get a civilian army right here at home?

Obama is probably thinking at this moment…&$*%…Where’s my war? I need to get this thing started.

As we think back, WWI, was Wilson’s (D): FDR had WWII (D) Kennedy and LBJ(D) had Vietnam, Truman (D) had Korea. George W. Bush (R) and his daddy had Iraq. Bill Clinton (D)  had Kosovo. All these men were progressives, regardless of party.


Obama has escalated the war in Iraq and raised it in aces. He follows the exact same Bush agenda..freeing the Middle East to democracy.  The next war will be..Iran.


If  you believe Jonah’s research, then the research points to the opinion that Obama will want us to go to war with Iran. We all know the economy for the masses is not going to improve before the elections no matter how much spin or blame he tries to put on Bush or mother nature. A war, would give him the power to stay.

Unlimited power. It was written into law by George W. himself. If you believe the conspiracy people, that our Presidents are handpicked and have been for some time, then Obama is doing a bang-up job for ‘them.’ They might want to keep him.

Right now, I’m watching Condoleezza Rice being interviewed by Sean Hannity. She is claiming that the Arab spring was all due to George W. Bush polices in the Middle East.  (She is plugging her book.)

It was Bush’s “freedom agenda” that will someday turn Sharia law into a democracy.  She really believes it..or so she says.

 (Oh my god…the first question for Condi is a Muslim women who wants to know how to get into government—Somebody slap me. The lady who preaches democracy made sure she bought her own questionnaires.)  

 Condi claimed that the Sharia law now instituted in Libya is better because there is an “absent of authoritarianism.” And she said it with a lov..e…ley smile on her face.  

Nobody Says…WHAT? Sharia law? Sharia law is not authoritarian? Did I just hear her say that?

I did..I did hear her say that.

Give these people a chance, and also those immigrants from Mexico..she says. It’s the same old song and dance. Mexico…COME ON IN! Yes, come on in because our leaders are going to need healthey young Mexicans soldiers to help implement this ‘freedom agenda” that will continue with whoever is the next President. 

BECAUSE….when you have democracy, you can order products!

“We haven’t really tried as hard as we can to compete, educate and sell our products around the world, and I think we can do better.”   Jeff Immelt

And as if I couldn’t be insulted any further, Condi kept going. Condi said that it takes time for people to grow into democracy…look at America!

Uh…I hate to tell you Condi, but there WERE no Muslims under Sharia law in America before the revolution. The Muslims have had over 5,000 years to get into this democracy business, LOTS of other countires tried it..and I can bet you George Washington’s sword that they never will. The only way Muslims will accept “democray” is when they all turned into Jews or Christians. 

“Revolutions aren’t pretty…but they are necessary on the road to democracy.” Condi Rice

Spoken like a true Marxist. After all, her international teacher  in college was Josef Korbel, Madeline Albrights father.  Trained by…a Soviet. And both these women somehow made it to the top, as advisors to a democrat and a republican President.

 Oh…that fact really smacks of democracy…don’t you think?

At the end of the program Hannity asked the audience if any of them had stopped voting for Obama due to him. Not one student raise their hands.They were university students, and each questions was planted. It was so obvious…it made you want to cry at the controlled messages they give us all so easily and without complaints.   

So Condi, lover of Superman George W. Bush wants democracy in the Middle East?

How about we practice democracy here at home first Condi, or does your Russian soul cringe at the very thought?

And one more thing…pick on McCain one more time, (telling him not to play the race card) and you might just make him President.

Where were YOU when Obama played it, again and again..hmmmm? Playing piano?

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