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Nobody is STILL Damaged By JAWS

Nobody Wonders

I was cleaning out some old magazines this morning, and came upon an old Rolling Stone issue, from 1985. Steven Spielberg was on the cover, and I reread the interview.Speilburg

All experience colors any perceptions in most people’s life, so I was surprised as I read the interview that Steven was even MORE of a genius that I had imagined in 1985 when I must have first read this interview. Just the scope of how he thought, and how he looked at his own trade, and the insight he had into his own life and people, were amazing. And then, I read this about his review of the movie Rambo:

“I think Rambo is great. I love Rambo. But I think it is potentially a very dangerous movie, because it’s a this- is-the-way- it- should- have- been motion picture which is very, very frightening. It changes history in a frightening way. But it’s a helluva well made picture. It winds you up inside, and when it let you go, you spin around like a top, and the darn thing is just so much fun to watch. Even bleeding heart liberal walk out trying desperately to deny that they were entertained. I was entertained and angered at the same time. “

Now…isn’t this interesting. He is mad that a movie that was filled with violence made him angry, and yet he was entertained.

I had that same feeling for YEARS after I saw Jaws. ANGER. Jaws ruined my love of the water. I grew up swimming in the Gulf of Mexico, an ocean filled with all kinds of sharks, and yet, I was never scared. After that movie you couldn’t get me near an ocean without those images in my mind.

Thanks a lot Steve.

After I saw that movie I had nightmares. Millions of sharks were killed out of sheer fear all over the world.  Spielberg put a deep fear of sharks into the general population, the world has never gotten over it. While sharks are dangerous, more people are killed by lighting every year. I’m sure it spoiled many a vacation.Jaws

And yet…Steven obviously simply has rationalized his own movie as…sheer entertainment, which put him on the map. So see, it really is about the money. He is no different from Stallone.

Although, having said that, comparing Spielberg to Stallone, is like comparing Beethoven to the Troggs.

Nobody Wonders at the human capability of ignoring one’s own hypocrisy. We are incredibly good at it, especially if we can make ourselves more money.

Most everyone who saw Rambo knew it was simply a fantasy action film. But JAWS…that was so real, it became our reality.

If asked today, would Steven have any guilt about it at all? Or, does he think he did us all a favor?

Nobody wonders.

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  1. Rambo was a terrible movie, I thought. The book was amazing. Luckily I didn’t see jaws, and we southern Africans swim in Mozambique and the South African east coast every year!


    Comment by frankiekay | March 20, 2014 | Reply

    • So, I ENVY you! If I may make a suggestion…if you haven’t seen it, don’t. Unless of course, you can dismiss it as just a movie. And I had no idea Rambo was a book. I’m going to check it out. Thanks!


      Comment by Joyanna Adams | March 20, 2014 | Reply

  2. Possibly the most ‘shark aware’ nation in the world, is Oz. Every year we have shark attacks on bathers, fishermen and/or divers. But even so they are ‘rare’ events and barely more that a few a year. Compared to deaths by other means (vehicle accidents for instance) they are negligible. Crikey, far more simply drown.

    Nevertheless there are always the mindless dorks who call for hunts and large scale ‘revenge’, as if the sharks were being deliberately nasty to people. That is the iterated effect of ‘Jaws’ which portrayed an evil ‘mind’ attributed to the sharks.


    Comment by amfortas | March 19, 2014 | Reply

    • Yes, you have those big whites! And I agree amfortas, on the whole they leave us pretty much alone.


      Comment by Joyanna Adams | March 20, 2014 | Reply

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