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Is It Any Wonder They Go From School to Prison?

Nobody Wins

Tell me, where else but a communist country would this happen:schools one

From Infowars:

An Ohio high school student is now considering a lawsuit after school officials searched his car without his consent and found a pocket knife, leading to his arrest.

Jordan Wiser, an EMT trainee who attends Ashtabula County Technical School in Jefferson, spent 13 days in jail for the three-inch knife officials found and reported to police.

He was charged with “illegal conveyance of a weapon onto a school ground” despite the fact that the knife was found in Wiser’s first responder vest and used for slicing an accident victim’s seatbelt.

“I declined to allow them to search myself or my car and that I wanted to talk to my lawyer or my father,” Wiser told Fox News. “They told me it wasn’t an option.”

The school officials claimed that they had “probable cause” to search Wiser’s car based on a message Wiser supposedly wrote on-line and that possession of the pocket knife was a violation of the school’s “zero tolerance” policy.

First off: Whatever he posted online is free speech. That should not give any school a right to go search his car without a search warrant. When a student is not in school, it’s none of the school’s business what he says anywhere.  Now, the internet is becoming a part of the whole government complex. Today your kids will be punished. Tomorrow, it will be you.Kris 17

THAT’s why they want complete surveillance. The government schools (or any school for that matter) has no right whatsoever to punish a student for what he does out of school, and yet, this is happening all over the country. The 1st amendment is eroding right before our eyes.

Second: It was in the CAR.  How dare they go searching through that car.

Third: Every day, some child is expelled from some school for the most idiotic, and ridiculous things imaginable: like kissing, pointing their finger like a gun in play, or the latest: a little girl brought a sandwich to school in her pocket. She got three days suspension. How in the world can we survive?—-

With such MORONS running the schools!!! (sorry, but shouting is at this point, the only option.)

Our schools have become prisons. They are even built like prisons.  Parents are not allowed inside, and they are NOT allowed to criticize any teachers least that teacher take it out on their kids. The principles of some of these schools are basically wardens. They will never, ever, ever side against any teacher in their district. They are all government drones.

I fought the school system all my adult life. The school is connected to the Feds now and it’s damn near a military chain of command. At least the schools in my neighborhood. It goes right up to the governor. If it’s a democratic city, ruled by democrats, your kids are basically training in a prison. Unless of course, you are black, and in that case Eric Holder has your back.

But you’ll end up in prison anyway, because you were taught by…morons!

This Nazi like run educational system is killing our kids.

I hope this guys sues…but then again, like me, once upon a time when I had good reason to sue, I didn’t have the money. And I found out the vast corruption now pretending to be an educational system, but in reality, is anything but

And so it…goes on, and gets worse.

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  1. My daughter the Pre-K teacher is finally wising up after eight years and looking for a job other than teaching. The stupidity of the overbearing educational bureaucracy has become more than she can bear.


    Comment by snopercod | March 20, 2014 | Reply

  2. Morons and bad people mixed up. They are the drones, the feminists, the ‘democrats’, the cultural Marxists, with their assured pensions and holidays. Working for ‘The Man’. THAT man.

    I once wanted to sue a school. My daughter was injured on play equipment. She broke the knob off her elbow in a fall from monkey bars. To me that is an accident; a part of life. Not something to sue about. But the school did not call an ambulance nor apply any adequate first aid and took 3 or 4 hours to contact me. I found my daughter sitting on the knee of a teacher at the front of a class. She had been there all the time, in pain, crying. She was exhausted by the time I arrived. So was the teacher. A woman of course. Pretty well all the teachers are women.

    I wanted to sue the school for that negligence but my wife (Mrs A the first) threw a fit and did not want us – me – to cause a fuss as it might damage her academic career !!!!

    Teachers have carte blanche power to hurt children. Some mothers too.


    Comment by amfortas | March 19, 2014 | Reply

    • Yes, I too had a similar thing happen to my son…he was playing outside at lunch and some kid was chasing him, and he ran into a sharp piece of equipment and got a serious deep cut right above his eye. They called me an hour later, (I was two minutes from the school) and he was STILL bleeding profusely down his face, the cut was so deep. The doctor at the clinic who was sewing it up was furious, as it could have put his eye out, and was inches away, and as he put in over 30 stiches, he told me I should sue the school. He cussed the whole time he was sewing it up. That sharp object was not removed.     The teachers never watched the kids during playtime, and I had no money to sue the school, he had a black eye for weeks, and stayed home for days, and to this day, he still has big scar right below his eyebrow.   Your wife’s reaction was typical, as the school system CAN retaliate and do. (Yes she was thinking of herself) It’s why the tyranny has gone on for so long.  


      Comment by Joyanna Adams | March 20, 2014 | Reply

      • How did we get into the perverse situation where school personnel are forbidden to take any first aid measures whatsoever? There must be a history there… Did some student die in the fifties because the school nurse gave him an aspirin or something?


        Comment by snopercod | March 20, 2014

      • I think it’s all about the fear of being sued. The kid could die, but the nurse could then say, “HEY, I didn’t touch him!”


        Comment by Joyanna Adams | March 20, 2014

      • The legal history is missing suits for culpable negligence.


        Comment by amfortas | March 21, 2014

      • I think the pendulum has swung the other way and the teachers’ unions have blocked it. All 57 states these days have some kind of “Good Samaritan Law” where well-meaning citizens are shielded from lawsuits when administering first aid. There is also a federal law which shields volunteers in a disaster. Furthermore, many companies *insist* that their employees take a Red Cross first aid course as a condition of employment – utility companies especially. That is admirable, although probably required by their liability insurance company. All in all, I think the teachers’ unions are probably to blame here. “If we’re going to have to learn first aid, then you’re going to have to pay us more.” – that sort of thing.


        Comment by snopercod | March 21, 2014

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