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Vote Trump! Or Get “Used” Speaking Spanish

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Nasty. That’s the word to describe the frontrunners of the GOP Presidential contest: Nasty.

The field for super Tuesday has been narrowed down to Donald VS Cruz, thanks to the well-programmed media stations edging the fight to get….NASTY. Rubio is just getting stupid.

NOBODY in the media can understand the popularity of Donald Trump, as he is still leading the “polls” although ONE poll has been saying again and again: He can’t beat Hillary. So, as far as that logic goes, if the most popular candidate can’t beat Hillary, what makes anybody think that Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio could? They mistakenly gamble that the masses of Trump voters will go out and vote for Ted Cruz or Rubio simply because Hillary is so repulsive.

That’s a mistake. And let me tell you why. To repeat an old Clinton phrase: It’s the economy, stupid.trump rubio and cruz

A man who was just on the radio put it simply: When the republicans had the majority: House, Senate, AND Presidency, they did nothing. When they got the majority back in 2014, on the promise to repeal Obamacare, they did nothing. How many years do we have to wait before they DO something? We’ll all be dead.

The American people have been ‘sold’ the same product over and over, only to vote them in, and be slapped in the face. Sure, Ted Cruz went and fought for Obamacare, but he was…alone. Now, he wants the Presidency just because he actually did what he was HIRED by his constituents to do. He wants extra brownie points for doing, …his job? Do you get extra brownie points for doing your job? One guy does his job in Congress, so therefore, he’s special?

Everyone should find that amazing, and sad.

I remember, how relieved I was when George W. Bush ran as a Texan. I was so tired of the Clinton’s. The baby boomers whole lives have been watching those two main families, and we are sick of them both.

As excited as the voters are about Cruz right now, I was just as excited about George W..

Bush was going to go into Washington and kick ass! The media “sold” his image as being a man of the people. A REAL conservative.  Too bad that “Texan” man who you could have a beer with, turned out to be what he actually was: A elite man from Harvard and Wall Street. When he came out that day in 2008, and told the American taxpayers they’d have to bail out the banks because…(hehehe) they just got greedy, his cover of being the “conservative” good old boy was blown. The Iraq war made a lot of those big boys in Wall Street very rich, but it left the American people devastated. His family was best friends with the Clintons, AND the Saudi’s. America, was not even in his thinking.globalization

Bush, was all about the big money Wall Street global market…but he sure had that “aw shucks” image down pat.

I view Paul Ryan the same way. Paul Ryan was “sold” to us as a simple family man from Wisconsin. Just like us. There to get rid of Obamacare.  I was listening to both Obama and Ryan today.  When it comes to sounding wonderfully logical and speaking from the heart, if you did not know their politics, you would believe them. Obama was giving a Metal of Honor to a Seal.  But nobody has been more demeaning and more damaging to our military than Obama. In fact, he has committed treason in more than one occasion.

Where was Paul Ryan when Obama was doing all this damage?  Paul Ryan was putting down Trump for saying we should stop Muslims from coming into the country. Paul Ryan is part of the establishment. He has lived in Washington D.C. for about eight years…BUT…we were sold that he was the outsider. He still plays that “I’m just a poor boy with a family” image. I bet we’d be shocked to see the truth.

Which leads me to Ted Cruz.

There is not one talk show host that supports Donald Trump, and finding anyone on the Cable channels is very slim.

So….Why is Donald Trump so popular? Because he has the guts to say what many Americans have been thinking.

Let’s say that Ted Cruz should make it to the White House. He could give elegant speeches, about the Constitution, he could stand strong against ISIS, and like George Bush, spend more trillions tying to defeat them. Hhe could show how he was fighting for the Constitution, but could he actually change ANY laws without the support of Congress?

Just because you can talk a good game, doesn’t mean jack squat.

Ted Cruz reminds me of Newt Gingrich—who can sound like the most patriotic man on the planet, but when he became the speaker of the house, did you know that he became a dictator? He dropped many of the platforms he had drawn out in his ‘revolutionary’ plans, and gave into Clinton time and time again, and he did it by sheer threats to the ‘tea’ party members at the time. Gingrich became a globalist. The globalists are all about social engineering. And not just us…the whole world. trump-iowa3-575x323

The leader of the house and senate hold ALL the cards. I don’t care how many ‘conservatives’ you send to Washington D.C., the top leaders can stop any legislation they want with any excuse they want.

And they have been doing this for years. In the meantime, we pay all those big salaries..and for what?

And now, Ted Cruz is being sold as the only true conservative. Well, so what? Do we really think Donald Trump is going to become President and let partial birth abortion go on? Do we really think, as Ted says, that Donald Trump is not a conservative?

Will Ted Cruz build a wall?

Don’t count it.

Ted Cruz showed with what he did in Iowa to Ben Carson, that he is a cheat.  There is no ‘gray’ area here. And people of the Bible, if there is one thing they hate, it’s a cheat.

Ted Cruz CANNOT claim he is a ‘principle’ man. Trump is running a fair game.

A  lot of Americans now, are Independents. We don’t trust either party.

I’d rather vote for a man, who admitted giving money to democrats so that he could build his buildings in New York, than a man who cheats another honest man in a contest. Why should we trust Ted? If he’d do something so low to Ben Carson, he would do it to any American. He would not get many black votes, and Trump would.

Rubio, Please…he’s losing it. He IS for full immigration.

Ted Cruz, a man who talks too much about his family being from Cuba, will do the same. We need fast action, not more speeches.

Donald Trump is the ONLY one who will give the Americans whose fathers FOUGHT and died for this country a chance to keep their country.

THIS time, I am not going to hold my nose, and have Rush Limbaugh tell me how bad I am if I don’t vote for Rubio or Ted Cruz.

They may be “conservatives” but the conservatives have done NOTHING for us, but let the oligarchy continue.

And if you still love Cruz, you should ask yourself…do you really think the Trump supporters will come out to vote for Cruz?

I  won’t. I’m tired of them all. We’d be better off starting over.

So, turn off the radio, don’t listen to the nasty remarks.

This time, it’s all about jobs..not the Constitution. That disappeared a long time ago. Without a strong economy, and a secure border….we are all doomed. Cruz won’t give us either one.

With Trump, we might have a chance.

So, vote Trump on Tuesday.  I would if I could: Sam Adams, would be proud.


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