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Nobody Flashes Hail Damage

Nobody Flashes

Due to an act of God and nature, I have hail damage on my old 94 Ford Cougar. This has made me a more than usual crabby camper. My insurance company says it’s totaled. I happen to disagree, because what’s a few dings? Sure, you can’t see out of the front window, and the side mirrors are not so good, but hey…it runs. You turn it on, and it moves. The radio works. The tires are not worn. And it’s now a collector’s item since they don’t make Cougars anymore…right? Whatever the reason, today and tomorrow will be slower than usual blogging days, since you NEED a car to go LOOK for a car, and so tomorrow, I am making one of those lifetime decisions, about how nothing is ever what they tell you is it…and buying a new care is a MUCH harder decision than whether someone should kill bin Laden or NOT. That would take a nano-second…finding a new car will more time…but hopefully it will be resolved within a few days.

Just thought I’d let you know. (that’s me)

April 30, 2012 - Posted by | humor |

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