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Did Geronimo Kill Bin Laden?

Nobody Remembers

The propaganda has already begun. The brave, wise, and greatest commander-in-chief that ever sang on a late night television show—Barack Obama, a year ago Tuesday, killed bin Laden. Oh the danger he faced. Oh the planning he had to do…Oh the devastation to his career if those Navy Seals didn’t pull it off. The FACT that he did it on the night of his big speech in front of Congress…proved that it was all very well-planned, as was his big handshake to Panetta in front of the whole world.  Do you honestly think that he would have risk such a public display of confidence if it wasn’t in the bag?

The whole thing was scripted like a movie to make Obama look better than George W. Bush, who couldn’t catch the man all those years he was in office. Obama made us safe.

In fact we are SO safe according to Panetta, we needn’t worry anymore. The war on terror is OVER. But…wait! There must be a few terrorists still left out there, because all the police and the rest of the world are on high alert for attacks that are being planned by al-Qaeda for the bin Laden death anniversary! How in the world did they get past that “No more terror” alert? Did they miss that tweet?

But don’t worry. Obama is a real hawk when he has to be. Why…we are being told, Mitt Romney would never have made the decision to kill Obama in a million years.

Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. A Ten-year-old could have made that decision in a nano-second… but that’s besides the point here.

So Nobody Wonders why the great Obama called his operation: Geronimo EKIA. That’s what the Seals reported to  Panetta on the phone when they confirmed that bin Laden was dead.

They shouted: “Geronimo EKIA!”

Uh…seems to me that another President named George,  was either being honored for this attack by the Seal Team, or he helped in most of the planning.  It’s no coincidence that the code name for bin Ladin was “Geronimo” I mean, come on.

That was picked to honor Bush’s daddy and his granddaddy for stealing Geronimo’s bones so long ago. Not Obama. Unless of corse, Obama was a Skull and Bones member, but somehow, I doubt it.

Now that the economy is not going to get any better, Obama only has one option left to make himself popular: Bomb Iran, and keep making propaganda about how he’s the toughest SOB on the planet: protecting the American people against attacks that…of course…are not there according to him.

But prostitute attacks…are real.

Next Tuesday, if there are no attacks, I’m sure Obama will take credit once again…but if he was REALLY as powerful as he portends to be…

He’d get back Geronimo’s bones, and give them back to his relatives..right? Isn’t he all for the minority rights? Well…isn’t he?

Don’t wait for it. I’m not.

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