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Nobody’s Perfect: Miley Cyrus.

Nobody’s Perfect:

NOBODY could do a better job at making fun of Miley Cyrus than Paul Joseph Watson.

Especially when he puts up the lyrics to her music. Really funny.

Mr. Watson, doesn’t even need a Holmes, that’s how good he is.


And yes, she really is trying to go back to her original self. And that’s because the elites think we have the attention span of Hillary Clinton in front of a Congressional investigation.



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Nobody’s Perfect: Colin Kaepernick isn’t the only idiot on the Planet.

Nobody’s Perfect:Colin K.

This week, some Muslim football player named Colin Kaepernick, who was coming to the end of his million-dollar career, made a big deal about hating America. He didn’t stand up for the National Anthem, and then went on to trash America, in the HOPES that IF they tried to get rid of him, he could get a job carrying Obama’s golf clubs.

Wait. Obama would want a WHITE caddy. Sorry.

Anyway, everybody was all a twitter about how disrespectful he was, and Trump joined in:

Trump said,

“I have followed it and I think it’s personally not a good thing. I think it’s a terrible thing. And maybe he should find a country that works better for him. Let him try. It won’t happen.”

YES…exactly. Leave. And Mr. Kaepernick is not the only one who wants to leave. Lots of liberals say they are leaving if Trump is elected. The Trump haters are all saying that the world as we know it will be so terrible for them, that they plan to do drastic things if he is elected;

Barbara Streisand said she WILL leave the country. She makes that very same promise every single election year…She also said she’d never Barbara S.sing again. And then EVERY year, she sings. Hey, Barbara…guess what? WE DON” T CARE. Go sing in another country. In fact, move to Israel. You ARE Jewish, right? No? Sometimes? You loved Obama. What’s with that? I thought you were suppose to have a high IQ?

What happened? You are now leaving TWO countries?

John Legend says you’d have to put a gun to his head to make him vote for Trump. Okay John. Go vote for Hillary, it’s about the same result.

George Lopez says all of Mexico will go back there, including him. THERE! Our immigration problem will be solved. Thanks George.

Jon Stewart would consider getting in a rocket and going to another planet. Frankly, I think he took that rocket ship a long time ago.

Al Sharpton will just get out before he’s deported. Good Idea Al. I suggest you contact Bill Clinton, who will hook you up in that great hotel down in Haiti. You’ll love it.

So will we.

Miley Cyrus will move. GOD I hope so. And she can take her big f—king mouth with her. (IN case you haven’t notice, that’s the only word she knows these days.)

And we should listen to her? Really?

And we should listen to her? Really?

Cher will move to Jupiter. Frankly, that’s too close. I suggest Pluto.Cher

Whoopi will WANT to leave, but she says she can’t afford to go. That’s because Whoopi KNOWS it’s all BS.

Lena Dunham will move to Canada. To which this nobody says: Who’s Lena Dunham?

Jennifer Lawrence says it will be the end of the world. One more Hunger Games and it WILL be the end of her career.  She will have to get a boob job to keep her career going.

Add to that list…Rosie O’Donnell and Samuel Jackson, who like Streisand like to say anything to get in the news.

So, what about the Trump supporters?

I could find only one that would leave if Hillary was elected. Michael Savage says he’d rather live in Iceland.

This is all the more reason we should all vote for Trump.

Let them all leave. In fact, I bet Trump will warm up the jet.

Right Donald?




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Democratic Chresmomancy (Prophesy of Lunatics)

Nobody’s Opinion

John Boehner is getting Palined.

The Democrats are raving mad prophesies about how John Boehner is destroying the whole country.  Of course, it’s not true…but the propaganda is almost breathtaking on the liberal side.

And they know how to attack–below the belt.  Obama is a master of divide and conquer. Kris 24

The mad ravings go on: Boehner has been captured by the evil empire of the Tea Party (the new Jews) who will take the country, and the whole WORLD into Armageddon by not acquiescing to the President’s wishes, which are…give me Obamacare and raise my Credit Card amount.

—or else you will never visit Mt. Rushmore again.

I watched all the Sunday  talk shows, and all I heard is how horrible it will be if the country’s defaults, which it can do if Boehner and Obama do not talk. So they say. Obama in cash

Both pundits from both sides were fear mongering to the fullest of their ability. Add that to the History Channel on going predictions of global warming destruction, and 60 Minutes destroying the world by comets, and you get the feeling that they want the whole world scared out of their minds.

Some social scientist somewhere has determined it’s best to keep everyone in great fear.

But amazingly, I only heard ONE man, suggest  that all Obama has to do, is take 30 percent of the taxes he collects and pay the interest on our loans, when that day comes.  Pretty simple. Then they can go back to fighting. Obama now, has the power to end it all….but he won’t. He must be forced. He wants the default. He intends to destroy America, and then, transform it.

So, why do the conservatives have trouble attacking? They should be on full attack right now.

It’s just not natural to them, is it?

The one thing the democrats have going for them, is control of Hollywood, and the entertainment industry, who can make damaging commercial like this one—.

I want to know what brain-pea thought that by putting on a crying baby (something that would be especially offensive to any man) make them hate John Boehner?

Are the IQ of football fans really that low? Pretty sick.

But not as sickening as the video just released by SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. (Caution…you might get brain damage from actually watching this. Not for children.)

Anybody that grew up watching real comedians on SNL know that this was not a comedy routine, but a straight-out propaganda  bullet meant to destroy John Boehner and Michelle Beckmann. It’s hard not to listen to the words, but try. It’s pure Obama.

Can you Imagine Miley Cyrus doing that to Nancy Pelosi?

How about it young conservative video entrepreneurs? Go ahead!  Put Nancy on the slab with her legs spread open……in fact, put Obama kissing gay men, and Harry Reid naked in Las Vegas trying to pick up hookers, who all refuse his money. Go ahead. As long as you don’t insult Islam, you should be safe, right?

Imagine how Miley’s video is going to go all over the world…to tell everyone that ‘We are a nation of sluts and gays.” Thanks Miley!  It’s not John Boehner that is embarrassing  America

And, by the way…where’s Oprah? Remember when she costs Tom Cruise millions of dollars in revenue simply because he jumped on her couch and proclaimed that he was in love?Tom Cruise

The WHOLE liberal media  complex attacked the guy…for being in love.! For months. It was the most horrible thing to happen to the liberal man.

A man…proclaiming love…for a …woman. Oh…God forbid!

You would have thought someone killed the Pope

So, my point is, the democrats think that the young people in this country want to all be sluts.

And gay.  And be taken care them. And told what to eat, drink, drive, and who to have sex with. It’s communism 101.

They tried to intimidate us on gun control. It didn’t work.

If John Boehner stands his ground, he will be preserving our Republic.

BUT…if all this succeeds to do is to get Obama to delay Obamacare mandate for individuals until AFTER the 2014 elections…..

It’s then when we will find out just how many lunatics we have.

Chresmonmnacy will become more than just a funny word out of a book on Superstitions.

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So…Who Taught Miley Cyrus to Strip? Mickey Mouse?

Nobody Flashes

I didn’t see it, but evidently, Miley Cyrus shocked the world last night, on the MTV Music Awards, because Madonna, and Lady Gaga are running out of shocking dance moves. Evidently, she had some pretty strange looking Teddy Bears dancing with her…AND the black community was shocked! Although, Nobody Knows why. Will Smith certainly knew what was coming.

Will Smith

Actually, I almost feel sorry for her…..Because evidently, being a sex symbol, is not easy work. Miley couldn’t just stand there and…be sexy. That….belonged to pretty much one person. It’s all in the softness. Girls are supposed to be…soft…right guys?

The only thing that would have shocked me, is if Miley had actually not been lip synching and had actually been singing while she was doing.. .whatever that was.

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