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Poor Obama…Has to ‘Work’ 4 more years…

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It’s a “cliff-hanger” of suspense…If ‘President’ Obama and the Congress don’t make a deal in the next couple of days…I’ll have to sell my old drum set, and my grandfather’s old watch,  and Timmy Geither will just have to move to Switzerland.  But gee…what’s a President to do? He won the election, booked a 3 week vacation in Hawaii…and now he has to fly back Washington D.C. to “talk” again to the same people who he didn’t want to talk to in the first place.

How unfair is that?obama in Hawaii

First, we heard he was coming in Wednesday morning. got updated to Thursday afternoon. THEN it go moved to more like Thursday night. Michelle wasn’t about to cancel her fun, so, will Obama come here for a Photo-op and go back out to Hawaii?

And how much will that cost us?

Or will he just bring his golf buddies back with him and take Air Force One down to Cancun?

It’s just so annoying to have your vacation interrupted by the Nation’s business. BUT..there IS a solution, and I’m so glad Nobody thought of it. Because it’s not being reported that the Obama’s have bought a house for $40 million dollars in Hawaii. I’m sure they have got a lot to do…especially hiding the fact that they are part of the 1% they keep talking about.Obama's Mantion

Barack and Michelle have just purchase an estate in close proximity to land owned by the University of Hawaii, where the Obama presidential library and “political center” will be located. The estate is valued at $40 million. There’s a movie theater in the mansion and it already is set up to play ALL of Obama’s speeches over the last 20 years – in a continuous loop. ”It was fun while it lasted”, Miss Marion is quoted by Chicagoans as saying, “but wait until you see the place they’re buying for Michelle and Barack!”Obama's Mama

What we need to do, is get Obama…”THE BEAM,” and it’s a steal at $16,000. It walks, it talks, it connects, and it will save the taxpayers BILLIONS…no make that TRILLIONS of dollars. All it will need is one body guard to take it up and down stairs.

Take it from a boss who loves it!

Palo Alto, Calif.–Engineer Dallas Goecker attends meetings, jokes with colleague and roams the office building just like other employees at this company in Silicon Valley. But Goecker isn’t in California, he’s more than 2,300 miles away, working at home in Seymour, Indiana. It’s all made possible by Beam…a mobile video-conferencing machine that he can drive around his company’s offices and workshops in Palo Alto. The five–foot-tall device, topped with a large video screen, gives him a presence that makes him and his colleagues feel like he’s actually there.

Think of the GAS he is saving! Think of all the plane tickets he won’t have to buy! Think of the fact that he can’t touch his secretary in all the right places!Japanese work robots

I think the Republicans would LOVE it. They might like talking to a robotic screen so much, all kinds of deals would get done. In fact, I say we send them all one, and let them stay home in their districts, where they might have to actually SEE the damage they are doing to the country.

Or they could ALL move to Hawaii!

Software engineer Josh Faust beams in daily from Hawaii, where he moved to surf, and plans to spend the winter hitting the slopes in Lake Tahoe. He can’t play ping-pong or eat the free, catered lunches in Palo Alto, but he otherwise feels like he’s part of the team.

So, there you go. I think it would work. Beam them in. Let Obama go back to Hawaii and stay there…and you know what? He won’t need Air Force One anymore. Park that gas-guzzling sucker Mr. “President” in D.C.

You would save so much money, that we could expand welfare, and nobody would have to work, ever again. Use it to give free Airplane rides to Hawaii to visit your house!

After all…we paid for it. Obama's living roome


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The Speaker: Simon Says….Cave In

Nobody’s Opinion

Every hour, you get the update: Obama will not move, he will tax the rich or ELSE— Boehner says Obama will not come to the table. We are going off the fiscal cliff–Obama and Boehner two

We watch and listen while the guys making big bucks say, “Well then GO OVER the cliff and let them own it!” Easy for them to say…none of THEM are going anywhere but to their Cayman bank accounts.

Stalemate, checkmate, Do not pass Go, and by the way…you just landed on Boardwalk and I have hotels…

I tend to agree with the people who say it’s all kabuki theater, or more akin to a Charles Dickens rerun at Uncle Scrooge’s mansion; because everyone knows, we are going to get slammed with big taxes next year–all of us that are WORKING.

It doesn’t matter what Boehner or Obama do—both are working for the same goals: amnesty, higher taxes, keep the stocks up, and then get the hell out of dodge. Talk, talk, talk, talk, and spend, spend, and while you’re at it, sell off a few assets…like the Grand Canyon.

Wait…the Clintons already did that.

I’m having trouble even listening to Boehner talk a good game. He sure sounds believable. He’s a regular Gingrich with a puppy dog face. Gingrich was the same way–back in 1994, when the Republicans got control of the house for the first time in forty years, Gingrich was God, with his “Contract with America.” He really inspired the tea party members of his day, only to stab them all in the back.

You never heard about it, but, that’s just what Gingrich did. You see, the Speaker of the House controls all the cards in that house. Back in 1994, a group of freshman representatives called a meeting to hold Gingrich’s feet to his own contract, because Gingrich was caving into Clinton on most of the very contract that he wrote himself! Then he got them in a room, and made it known to them all, that if they continued to pursue the issues, they would all find themselves back home next election. It was  threat…and some of them were so disgusted they quit after their term.

And guess who is still around?   Newt Gingrich

Boehner is doing the same thing. Right after the election Boehner said the tea party was dead.

Well..not quite, he had a few left to get rid of:

Boehner caught the wrath of the right this week after he and fellow GOP leaders, including Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan, purged four fiscally conservative representatives from the Financial Services Committee and the Budget Committee. Rep. David Scheweikert (R-AZ), Walter Jones (R-NC), Justin Amash (R-MI), and Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) were all booted from their positions on the committees.

Some of those booted are in shock and would like to know what  “crimes were committed” by those removed from their posts.

The Speaker said that this had absolutely nothing to do with conservative ideology and specifically referenced “voting patterns.” “There may be more folks that will be targeted … we’re watching all your votes.”

Gee…he’s WATCHING all your votes? Sounds like something Obama would say. Maybe John should take up basketball instead of watching the votes. Let the men represent their states John…go play golf.

“America faces a very serious problem. And our goal is to make sure it gets solved. We have a debt problem that is out of control. We’ve got to cut spending and I believe that it’s appropriate to put revenues on the table.”

READ HIS LIPS—spending won’t be cut.

AND…every hour we hear from all the pundits on cable— Will Hillary run? Eric Holder? Rubio? Nobody will beat Hillary…yadada…Hillary button

It’s as if they want you to accept that you’re screwed until the next election, and hey…just accept it.

America has no hope unless these entrenched criminal elite leader from both parties are thrown out…but nothing short of a Mayan doomsday prophesy is going to accomplices that.

I’m just sayin…”Please Mister Scrooge…can I keep some of my bread..plesase?”dog begging

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