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Nobody’s Perfect: John Boehner…Thinks Going on the VIEW to Trash Trump will Win Trump Supporters Back into Rino camp? Can Snakes Fly?

Nobody’s Perfect

The GOP good-old-boy network must be getting nervous bringing out old Pussface Bonehead Boehner to Trash Trump and try to convince Republicans to give him up.

Are these guys that clueless?

Now that Rush Limbaugh is gone, they can attack with impunity a man who to them, ‘stole’ the great Republican party and made it his own. I think it drives them more crazy than the democrats.

So, as usual…out come the “trash Trump” books. The latest one is a memoir writing by the known Washington drunk, and close friend of George W., John Bonehead Stoner Boehner.

Or as I like to call him: John Bonehead. Love the cover John! By the way…remind me again just exactly what you did for America when you were speaker. I really can’t remember.

It’s the new pastime. Now that Rush is gone, all the FOX RINOS are calling for the GOP to COME together and come back away from Trump and come back to the old republican party. You know, the one with the lovely Dick Cheney’s daughter and that old “gosh darn” Mitt Romney.

Yes, Boehner has come out swinging. I imagine his good buddy George W. flew down to Marco Island to play a little strategy golf, before the release.

George W. Bush became as close as a brother; Boehner said they were like “two peas of the same pod.”

And it wasn’t just George. It was his daddy too.

“What a wonderful man, a wonderful man,” Boehner said.  


  • Boehner slammed Trump for “continuing to say things that just weren’t true” about the final results.
  • The former House speaker said that he felt “disgust” over the Capitol insurrection.
  • Boehner also said the former president “incited that bloody insurrection for nothing more than selfish reasons, perpetuated by the bullshit he’d been shoveling since he lost a fair election the previous November.”
  • John Said:
  • “He claimed voter fraud without any evidence, and repeated those claims, taking advantage of the trust placed in him by his supporters and ultimately betraying that trust,” Boehner said.

Betraying that trust John? The reason so many people were there was because you and your ever-loving best buddies the Bushes betrayed our trust for so many years.

In the end, Boehner bought a LOT of stock in Marijuana. He will grow rich and take his boat out of Marco Island. Who knows? Maybe he has a fast speed boat given to him by the drug lords of Miami. After all, they gave Daddy Bush his favorite speed boat. Why not John?

Daddy Bush LOVED his speed boat, the boat designed to outrun any narcotics boat on the water.

In the meantime, I hope President Trump puts some more “Bonehead” slingers out like, “Was he drunk?” when he was saying all those nasty things?

And by the way…somebody tell John the ONLY blood spilled on January 6 was by a secret service agent who murdered in cold blood a young women, just standing in a doorway. We have YET to hear The View be upset about her.

That’s ONE bloody murder you won’t hear Bonehead ever mention.

But then again, Nobody’s Perfect.

John must now live on Marco Island. Probably one of the richest real estates that you never hear about in the U.S.

He should move to Miami where he belongs.

Go ahead, watch this pathetic interview on THE VIEW. Frankly, I think they make a cute couple…don’t you?

Nothing is more irritating than a man who says he’s “Out of politics” and then writes a political book and goes on all the networks promoting his “political” hit book.

John Bonehead said he was once a democrat. Well… he still is.

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