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Pantene: MORE Than a Shampoo

Nobody’s Opinion

Did you see this? I use Pantene Volume Shampoo on my hair, but this commercial has NOTHING to do with their products. It’s all about letting a little boy become a little girl, with the encouragement of the two lesbian mothers who, I suppose, adopted him from somewhere. The “perfect” family. They ‘picked’ him out on the playground.


Is this nuts? A major company that sells hair products wants more little boys to grow into little girls so that they can sell more of their product? What? The video says that this little boy knew he was a little girl from the very beginning. Really? Or was it these two women who WANTED a little girl and praise that little boy whenever he acted like a girl?

I’m not saying that ‘gays’ really do NOT know they are not a boy or girl when they are young, but seriously, when you’re that young, you really don’t know anything about sex unless you’ve been sexually abused.

And sadly, that is happening more and more in the world now that Christianity is being destroyed.

The GAY lifestyle has now been introduced into all our everyday media experience. We watch them kiss, make love, dress up, and even read books to little kids in libraries. We, are being, conditioned to accept gays as normal as the birds and the bees. Let’s be honest. While gays have always been around, and certainly in much of history have been shunned, it seems this going full metal jacket into putting gays as being the “NORM” is…a bit much.

“Gays’ seem to be coming out of all corners of the planet. To convince us all that the men in the world are all mostly…gay. And that’s how it SHOULD be. And certainly one can never tell just by looking at a person what kind of ‘sex’ he or she prefers. Nor, dare I say, should we care.

It SHOULD be private. Remember those days?

What does that mean for the world? In the movies now, the woman are bosses and the men all call them “sir.” They even had to think up a name LGBTQ.. I’m sure it will soon grow to include people who think they are animals.

Add an A.

Ask yourself. Who benefits from this, besides the politicians? The China’s military?

The transformation of the human species, by the people who are running our media, is frightenedly. It’s not enough for them to control our freedom, they have to get rid of all the ‘men’ …and why?

Who’s going to invent our airplanes, our mechanical engineering problems, the next aircar? Men have invented most of the world…their brains are more 3-D than woman’s. I’m not saying that there are not some VERY brilliant women out there who can mentally do what men can do, and do it even better, but on the whole, in a bell curve, woman want to nest, and paint their toenails. The last thing I want to do on my Saturday afternoon is dig the hole for the tree outside. Sorry.

And I’m also sorry that I think, unless your a foot model, and your spouse has a foot fetish, painting toenails is…pretty boring.

On the other hand, MOST men do NOT want to do the dishes…or care to dust. Can you blame them?

I was a tomboy growing up. I thought playing Barbie was boring. My neighborhood was filled with boys and I loved playing football, but even then, I knew I was different. I desperately wanted to be on my father’s little league team where my brother was the pitcher. But I knew even then, I WAS A GIRL. I KNEW the difference. Even back then, the boys didn’t talk much and they could insult each other until the day was over and go home best buds.

Not girls. They were RUTHLESS if you insulted them. Tell me I’m not right.

And no, I did NOT want to learn to cook, and I HATED pink. Still do to this day. Let me build a fort in a tree and I was happy.

But that didn’t mean I begged my parents to let me be a boy. Can’t some boys want to play with dolls and then when puberty hits, all of a sudden he…becomes a man? Does it work both ways? Has anybody looked into this?

I have pictures of my dad as a young boy. His mother dressed up like a girl with pretty long hair. He grew up to be quite a normal man. A Seebee. A golfer. In love with my mother.

Back when I was growing up, they didn’t have baseball for little girls. And common sense says it was a good thing, because not enough little girls were tomboys. Nevertheless…with steroids, woman can now beat up a weak man.

Growing up a tomboy had its advantages. I have ALWAYS preferred the company of men.

When puberty hits a girl, you REALLY know, that there is no way you are going to be able to hit a homerun in Yankee stadium. But you CAN be a man and compete now in all the women’s sports, depriving all the women of the enjoyment they can get from winning.

Have you wondered why all the ‘feminists’ are not outraged at this?

It’s because, they have been taught and brainwashed that they are equal to any man. So, to them, if a man THINKS he’s a woman, then a woman should be able to beat him fair and square. If she, can’t, it’s not the transvestite’s fault. It’s hers.

How stupid.

 And speaking of hormones, you HAVE to wonder, what are they putting in our food and water?

Estrogen. Lots of it. In our chickens, cows, water.  Which is probably one of the reasons there are so many more gay men. Not to mention overweight Americans.

Is this ‘gay’ promotion in all our movies all about population control?

You tell me.

Men’s brains are wired differently. It’s a fact. And yes, woman’s hormones CAN affect their thinking. Mother nature made it so. As long as you know those facts, you can go on about your day.

Men can purposely know they should ‘listen’ more, and women should learn to stop talking…but then again, we have lots of men on our News program who outtalk just about everyone.

So, that proves we are all snowflakes.

I know. I have trouble with that talking one. I’ll be yapping about a million things, and my husband will say, “I’m TRYING to concentrate, be quiet!”

Today, I LET him do our taxes, and kept VERY quiet until he was finished, and THEN I blurted out all the stuff I had to keep inside myself for an hour. Like, what couch should we move upstairs? Should we have turkey or pork steaks for dinner? When do we work on the kitchen, before or AFTER the bedroom, and when was his appointment for the dentist? ….and about 10 other nonimportant things but things important to ME.

(Poor guy.) In other words, my husband is from Mars, and I’m from the outer rings of Saturn, and still circling looking for a moon to land on.

Nobody WANTS to know, how can the whole world ignore mother nature?

Every morning I get up, I take the cover off my bird cage and one of the boys is on top of their favorite girls. It’s really quite lovely. He spreads his wings around her, and she sits…quietly without a fight. Throughout all of the history of the planet, no matter WHAT species you observe, there are male, and female, X and Y, and even female dogs have a wiggle when they walk.

Ask any parent. From the moment they are born, you SEE the difference. When boy pees in your face while you are changing his diaper, even then, that boy baby will laugh at you, and enjoy the ‘got cha!”

Okay, don’t get me started. I’ll go on forever. I must admit, the difference in the sexes is forever on this planet, the norm, and I have NO idea what I’m talking about. I just think this commercial goes beyond stupid. Maybe Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are all for letting their kids decide what sex they are, but this Nobody thinks…it’s okay to let them explore and make up their own minds.

Which means, don’t send them to the library by themselves. Or let them watch Sesame Street.

They have enough problems…wait…Superman is now gay right?

So this Nobody Wonders….Can they actually FOOL mother nature? Can the elites keep brainwashing people into thinking that male and female are not…the norm anymore?

I guess if Trees can be racist’s, then mother nature is doomed to never wash her hair again.

I’ll shut up now. As I’ve always said: America, can sell you ANYTHING.

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