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Herbert Hoover: Tea Party Poster Boy: Read This Remarkable Speech

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Remember Herbert Hoover? If you do, you might remember that your school taught you that it was Hoover that caused the Great Depression, and the great and noble FDR saved the United States from his terrible destruction.

Poppycock. FDR put us in the mess we are today. His expansion of government was so huge, so invasive, we never got over it. He was also the Clinton’s god. It’s not by coincidence that when Obama ran for President, they put him on the cover of the Times as FDR. The liberals have never gotten over the man they thought was truly, government personified.  They even build a memorial to him in Washington D.C., which not too many people know about. And now, Obama has become his reincarnation.Obama fdr

I was glancing through my Annals books today, and found this remarkable speech, given by Herbert Hoover—(see it in it’s entirety here.)

In this speech, Hoover sounds just like a Tea Party patriot—and who knew? Certainly not any history teacher I can remember. He was always made out to be the scum of the earth, and after reading some of this, I can see why.

Hoover could not believe what Roosevelt had done with the New Deal. Remember the New Deal? That was the biggest unconstitutional growth ever mandated by a President, BEFORE Obama came along.

Listen to a few things that Hoover said in a speech delivered to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland on June 10, 1936, and tell me it doesn’t bring you to shake your head in: OMG..this crap has been around for a long, long, time:

 “The Supreme Court has reversed some ten or twelve of the New Deal major enactments.”

 (so..see, Obamacare CAN be reversed! )

“Many of these acts were a violation of the rights of men and of self government. “New Deal One

(By the way, has anyone gone to Justice Roberts house for candy tonight?)

“the Congress has abandoned its responsibility to check even the expenditures of money. They have turned open appropriations into personal power. These are destruction of  the very safeguards of free people.”

(Will Paul Ryan suddenly developed a fondness for China? )

“We have seen these gigantic expenditures and this torrent of waste pile up a national debt which two generation cannot repay. “

(Right now, we’re looking at the year….7822. )

“One time I told a Democratic Congress that “you cannot spend yourselves into prosperity.” You recall that advice did not take then. It hasn’t taken yet.  “

(How would Herbert like those Obama phones? And no, it hasn’t taken yet. Sorry Herbert.)

“Billions have been spent to prime the economic pump. It did employ a horde of paid officials upon the pump handle. We have seen the frantic attempts to find new taxes on the rich. Yet three quarters of the bill well be sent to the average man and the poor. He and his wife and his grandchildren will be giving a quarter for all their working days to pay taxes. Freedom to work for himself is changed into a slavery of work for the follies of government.”Herbert Hoover

(Why isn’t this engraved in the Halls of Congress..? And try half the year…)

“We have seen an explosive inflation of bank credits by this government borrowing . We have seen varied steps toward currency inflation that have already enriched the speculator and deprived the poor. If this is to continue, and end result is the tears and anguish of universal bankruptcy and distress. No democracy in history has survived the final stages of inflations.”

(We have seen…we are seeing, the final stages of inflations. Obama is stocking up on bullets.)

“We have seen the building up of a horde of political officials. We have seen the pressures upon the helpless and destitute to trade political support for relief. Both are a pollution of the very fountains of liberty. “

“The New Deal may be a revolutionary design to replace the American system with despotism. “

(Can we find a big pot to dump all the despots in and start over?)

Nobody Thinks that this speech could be uttered by Ted Cruz today…as it would sound as true as the day it was written.

Allistar Cooke remarked that FDR WAS a dictator. He expanded the government more than any that had come before him.  And that’s one of the reasons Presidents have made Congress impotent.

America survived that man, but can we survive another? democrat

In conclusion Hoover said this:

“There are some principles that cannot be compromised. Either we shall have a society based upon ordered liberty and the initiative of the individual, or we shall have a planned society that means dictation, no matter what you call it or who does it. There is no halfway ground. They cannot be mixed. Government must either release the powers of the individual for honest achievement or the very forces it creates will drive it inexorably to lay its paralyzing hand more and more heavily upon  individual effort.  Less than twenty years ago we accepted those ideal as the air we breathe. We fought a great war for their protection. We took upon ourselves obligations of billions. We buried our sons in foreign soil. but in this score of years we have seen the advance of collectivism and its inevitable tyranny in more than half the civilized world. In this thundering ear of world crisis distracted, American stand confused and uncertain.”

And American STILL stands confused and uncertain.

Obama hopes that in the future, George W. Bush will be remembered as the man who caused the “great recession” of the 21st century, and that he, Barack Obama, saved the people.

And if Herbert Hoover was alive today he would say: POPPYCOCK!!

My nobody friends, we are repeating history.


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