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Tea Party Patriots..STAY THE COURSE!

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Here’s the good news:

Ted Cruz, and the tea party representatives in the House made an  attack on the Washington establishment of Wall Street globalists, and it was a smashingly HUGE success. How do I know? It’s not just because Rush Limbaugh has given his full support to the ’cause’—- the internet, and the Cable programs are filled with hate—-no, they are worse…they are overloaded with hate articles and quotes:tea party five

 “Jim DeMint and Heritage have been completely discredited among Republicans, among conservative Republicans” –NBC Andrea Mitchell

“I think that the era of the far right and the era of the Tea Party is over. “—-Washington Post columnist, E.J. Dionne.

“The tragedy of tea party Republicans destroying their credibility with reckless brinksmanship.” American Conservative—Rod Dreshertea party patriots 2

“Right now, tea party extremism contaminates the whole Republican brand.”–former Speechwriter for George W. Bush.—-David Frum

Tom Hartmann blamed Reagan for this whole Tea Party trend of “anti-American crazies who hate our government,”

Rep Steve Cohen called Tea Party congressmen: —“domestic enemies” that he took an oath to defend the country against.

“MichiJayJay” opined that for the GOP, losing wasn’t punishment enough: “[N]ow that the teabaggers are down, we have to kick them, and kick them, and kick them and kick them. Into the goddamn dirt. Don’t let anybody forget for a second what they wanted (and still want) to do.”tea party 4

Jeb Bush urged Cruz, a freshman senator from Texas, to “have a little bit of self-restraint.”

Lindsey Graham said…”The political marketplace will determine Ted Cruz’s future. We helped President Obama when he needed our help the most. After this debacle called the shutdown, our party’s been hurt, our brand name is at the lowest ever, Obamacare actually got a bump in polling, and we got in the way of a disastrous rollout,” Graham said. So from my point of view, this was a tactical choice that hurt us, but the good news for the Republican Party is the debacle is over if we don’t do it again, and Obamacare is a continuing debacle,” Graham said.tea party 7

And it goes on and on and on–which means that we are witnessing the final plot to completely control the American Patriot, and put a stop to their ideas of freedom. We now see clearly who wants to fight for the American people, and who are there representing the corporations, and their own Wall Street wallets. We now know who the ‘progressives’ are. It’s good to know your enemies.

The Bad News:

Obama is still President and has given himself dictatorial powers, beyond anybodies Constitutional imagination. The damage he is doing will be hard to reverse. Congress so far, is packed in his favor.  If the Tea Party gets stronger, ( and it will) he might contrive to do something much more harmful to the last Americans standing, besides close down their memorials. His next action will border on insanity.

And John McCain, might as well be Jane Fonda, when that happens.  tea party message

We need to support Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and all those that fight for freedom.

It’s..that simple.  “Stay the course.”

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  1. I hate the Government. I love America. I’m offended by the label Tea Party Republicans. Republicans as a party are just Demo-lite. I’m a Conservative. Some in the Republican party exhibit Conservative Ideals. They get my support. Most don’t. Perhaps it is time to split the Republican party and create a true Conservative party.


    Comment by Dandapani (@Dandapani) | October 21, 2013 | Reply

    • Well said Dandapani. But, the ‘progressive’ Republicans are the ones who have been there the longest, and have the most power. They are no longer conservative. And they will fight that third party, as they do now with the ‘tea party.’


      Comment by joyannaadams | October 21, 2013 | Reply

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