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Obama Gives China…The Good Stuff!

Nobody Wonders,

—-Why isn’t this the front page story on every news lead tonight?

Because, our mainstream media, won’t touch it.

Instead, we watch for Popesmoke. Popesmoke is NOT going to save any of us from Obama.

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The Show MUST Go on…Popesmoke.

Nobody Reports

Now…I don’t want to offend anybody’s Christian religion, but the sight of all these old guys walking around in lace and dresses today at the Vatican— walking around in the most lavish and expensive building in all the world… each one poker faced…going to silently pick the next Pope…was rather…silly to me. Their rings alone look like they could feed half of Kenya.Vatican Pope

It’s not that the Catholic church hasn’t done a lot of good in the world, but their record of evil is long and historically, wide as a worm hole to purgatory.

I have never forgiven the hypocritical Catholic church, who “excommunicated” me when I divorced my  first husband. I became a Catholic to marry him, and he never set a foot in that church again.

He was a true Catholic in every sin (sense) and so, like the many Priests who have sinned again choir boys, never to be sent to prison, my husband was kept in high standing and my son and I were excommunicated from the church….

No matter how I pleaded our innocence, it mattered not to the church.

He was BORN a Catholic, I was not. He could have been a serial killer…no matter to the Church. Nope.

And that right there shows you what really matters to them.

So you must forgive me if I find the Catholic church..while beautiful in its historical heredity, just another hierarchy institution which has too many times, only been interested in its own “rich” survival.

From the selling of “penances,” to the slaughter of millions of innocent “witches,” to the rapes of too many children, the institution should be overhauled.

The Catholic people deserve it.

Personally, I think all the pomp and circumstance is rather overbearing. Certainly not anything that Jesus taught in his life.

All you need to know about being Catholic, is written on Nancy Pelosi’s face. She has never been excommunicate, and she supports abortions.  You have to wonder what the next Pope will be like: Will he be ‘progressive?’ Supporting abortions, gay marriage, and communism?

The last pope was on that road. Vatican

Like most other people I was glued to the entertainmnet of all those old guys walking and mumbling. Nobody puts on a show like the Catholics. The great theater goes on…to make us all feel that there is something very special about the man that is chosen to be pope.

In the meantime, every single one of those Cardinals looks VERY well fed. And in this Nobody’s Opinion, the sooner they let the priest’s marry, in fact encouraged marriage for them all, the better the church will be.

I wonder if we will get to watch 115 Cardinals  KISS the ring of the new Pope.

Nobody Wonders if that’s where the Mafia Don’s got the idea?


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