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An Ex Muslim Warns America to Stand Up to Islam: And Obama Did What Bush Couldn’t: Gave US Port to Muslim.

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Tommy was a Muslim. He is now a Christian. This is what Muslims do to Christians. And Tommy is warning us all…that we should stand up NOW against the Muslims.

One thing that is becoming apparent in all the WikiLeaks Emails, is that Hillary Clinton took the MOST donations from Muslims Nations.

Remember when I said we should all be concerned about how COZY our Presidents have been with the Saudi’s?

I found this today, on WND. Obama, has given up a very busy port near Orlando to the Muslims:

One of America’s busiest cargo shipping ports has been quietly turned over to a United Arab Emirates-based company whose chairman is none other than the brother of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein’s top nuclear scientist.

Remember the 2006 Dubai ports deal? There was a major controversy in the U.S. when six major U.S. seaports were sold to a UAE company, raising national security concerns about port security. But nary a peep has been raised by a similar deal, secretly negotiated by the Obama administration, that turned over a Port Canaveral terminal to UAE-based Gulftainer, a company whose principals include Dr. Jafar Dhia Jafar, who has been called the Middle East’s foremost uranium enrichment and nuclear weapons production expert, and his brother Hamid Jafar, a wealthy Iraqi oilman and chairman of the Crescent Group.

Crescent is the parent company of Gulftainer, which acquired a 35-year lease from Port Canaveral on the Florida coast in June 2014.

Unlike the Dubai ports deal a decade ago, this one got no media coverage and little scrutiny by Congress.

The fact that Hamid Jafar is the brother of Dr. Jafar, the nuclear physicist who designed Saddam’s nuclear program, was given no media coverage in 2014. The Jafars are part of a prominent Shiite Muslim family from Iraq that claims to be direct descendants of Islam’s prophet, Muhammad.

I think the main problem with port access if the owner now is Mr. Hussein’s nuclear chief’s brother, or when we were looking at Dubai, is that there could be some influence from some folks wanting to smuggle something in, if you just look at some of the possibilities. The ports are different, are more problematic on some things than, say, airports.”

So, We all remember when George W. Bush wanted to give up control of our sea ports to the UAE. We all shouted so loudly we stopped him cold.

WTF is going on with our Presidents? What? Truly? Are they selling off whatever they can to personally make a trillion or more for themselves on, so they and their families can live in well hidden islands while America is attacked?

The press was all over this when President George W. Bush tried to do this: And now, Obama has done it….nobody even said a word.

God know what Hillary will be giving the Muslims, after all the MILLIONS Of dollars she got from every Muslim country on the planet.

And more importantly, why isn’t ANYONE connecting these dots?

Okay. Calm down Joyanna.

Be sure and watch the video. If there ever was a man touched by the grace of god, it was Tommy.

Hillary must NOT be President.  We must all stand and fight this madness.

We are counting on you “G” men.

We are counting on …TRUMP.




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