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Nobody Wishes Everyone…Happy New Year!


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Nobody Flashes One Last Christmas Cheer

Nobody Flashes

One last Christmas thought: After tonight, all things Christmas are buried until next year…

I just saw this…and it’s so fun, I just had to share it…so enjoy!

(Thanks to amfortas)

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Nobody Flashes Paul Joseph Watson—Because He Is Just So Great!

Nobody Flashes

I can’t think of a better rant to put 2016 in perspective, especially, since Bill Gates is worried that another flu epidemic could wipe out the population of the planet.

(Just be sure to get his vaccine.)

Hopefully, everybody’s plans for New Year’s Eve go well…I plan to stay home and eat pizza, and watch TV because I happen to get have gotten one of those flu virus that Bill Gates is talking about.

Which is a blessing in disguise, because I do have a habit of going out and midnight and listening to all the guns being shot off, (which I won’t due to my ‘flu’) and knowing my luck, I’d be sitting in my hot tub outside, (It’s old, but it works.) and some bullet would come down and hit me right between the eyes, and I would not live to see Trump’s presidency.

Not THAT would suck.

Or I could have a heart attack. I’ve pretty much just demolished a whole pack of Juicy Fruit gum.

I know. I do live a wild life.

Okay..everybody….HAVE A GREAT NEW YEAR’S EVE!

(And watch out for the drunks on the roads.)

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Nobody Remembers: The 11th Dimension

Nobody Remembers

I was searching through a UBS thingy yesterday, and found this little musing I wrote back in one of my blogs. It was written more than ten years ago…in 2005…on the subject of men and women.

And then I realized…these last 8 years with Obama, has hurt even my joy of writing, which I plan to try to get back to in 2017.

So, enjoy, and by all means, give me YOUR opinion on the sexes.


The 11th Dimension ii

There are two different stories in the news today that somehow in my twisted mind seemed connected.

One was Jose Coseco, who was talking about his gargantuan sexual activities while playing in the major leagues, thereby pissing off a whole league of men, who did not want the obvious to be obviously declared about their prolific and vast regalements of one night stands and mistresses. After all, American men have prided themselves on tight-lips, unless you’re trying to end a politician’s career.jose-conseco

The other didn’t get much play. It seems that all the physicists in the world had finally found the meaning of EVERYTHING. This puzzle was put together by a woman physicist. (darn!) She found out, by building upon the years of hard work of the men before her, that if you just go mathematically on up to the 11th dimension—Eureka! All the theories of the universe make sense. String Theory, Einstein’s theories, The Big Bang…it all comes together. And voila! There it was. Michio Kaku was so elated he was literally spinning on ice!

Which got me to thinking…if they can figure out how the universe works, why can’t our top physicists figure out how to make men and woman more compatible?

What is the quintessence of true love? Just where is the 11th dimension of Eros?

 Many of our finest minds have weighed in on the subject:woman-one

Jane Austen (1775-1817)…”One half of the world cannot understand the pleasures of the other.” (Mars and Venus predated by pudding and plums.)

Marcus Aurelius (121-180 AD)…“Sexual intercourse is merely internal attrition and the spasmodic secretion of mucus.” (spasmodic?)

Al Gore (still here, there, and everywhere)…“Love is never having to say you’re sorry.” (A lesson well learned by the U.S. Senate impeachment of President Bill Clinton)

And let’s not forget Shakespeare who had plenty to say on the subject:

Shakespeare (1564-1616): “Men are April when they woo, December when they wed; maids are May when they are maids, but the sky changes when they are wives.” (Men are April?)

AND, “Do you not know I am a woman? When I think, I must speak?” This mystery has bothered every man since Eve started talking about the apple.

Our great educational system has decided to force generation after generation of poor high school students to endure Romeo and Juliet’s answer to the question of young love denied by society…which is…just killing yourself. Thank God our kids are getting smarter and making it through the graduation ceremonies just pregnant instead of poisoned.

So, despite our best minds the mysteries and histories of the everyday interaction of the two sexes, no matter where they live, what nationality, what point in history, or what movie or book tries to solve the problem of the ultimate love affair, now in 2005, it’s obvious we have not come any further in our ponderings. The perfect love is as rare as winning the Powerball lottery. As rare as having your children turn out exactly how you wanted. In fact, most women are happy to find someone who comes home every night sober and mows the lawn once in a while, never mind perfection. Men are happy when permitted to play golf…and maybe get to see some skin when the hot flashes appear under the flannel pajamas. Perfection only happens on Oprah Winfrey, or on Mars.

And since no conclusions have evolved besides the obvious continued propagation of the species, I think, perhaps it’s time those physicists should have a crack at it. If they can mathematically prove something so esoteric as time and space, the quintessence of the ultimate love affair should prove easy, dimensionally speaking.

Jose was in the first dimension of love. Girls were a big smorgasbord to fulfill his steroidal appetite. All this took place while he was married…but here’s the kicker: when his second wife left him and took up with another ballplayer, he was so despondent he wanted to end his life. His despondency was not over any guilt or remorse of the countless hours of any despair he might have caused her, noooooit was over the fact that some other athlete had beat him out. He lost the world series of love to another rival, which is the worst thing in the world that can happen in the first dimension of love.

Hmmmm.. Jose is the quintessential example of the differences in the way men and woman look at love.

Is Testosterone the main reason for the way humans look at life as the scientists tell us?women-three

Can it be that simple?

OK…Testosterone is blamed for so many problems in society that it’s hard to list them all: WARS, porn, infidelity, gangs, Hugh Hefner, holes punched in doors, South Beach, road rage, child porn, big cars, bachelor parties, political parties, strip joints, bad fathering, bad breathe, bad jokes, dictators, communism, lack of tact, ridiculous laws, and all historical slavery…internet porn, the NBA, hockey fights, football jocks, 5-inch high heels…breasts implants, plastic surgery, Paris Hilton, steroid abuse, the Mafia, gambling casinos; probably the loss of the WMD’s and the abuses at Guantanamo bay. (Don’t tell me that girl didn’t have a strong dose of testosterone raging.)

THEN AGAIN, testosterone has built all the world tallest buildings, sewer systems, water reservoirs, sent us to the moon, built all the cars, and gas stations, built washing machines and computers, gave us electricity, jet bombers, and our very own digital 64” TV screens so that the hamburgers are half the size of a small Volvo. (This is really why we are all fat.) The food on TV makes any food portion in any restaurant look too small.

Seconds are a must.

Anyway, they pretty much built the whole world, technically speaking. Which could be why all religions think GOD is a male.

OBVIOUSLY, testosterone must be in every alien species in the universe because IF we were seeded or genetically produced in a space lab according to the Sumerian scholars … then the TESTOSTRONE filled aliens messed us up by not balancing out the hormonal DNA of the species and overdoing it a bit. But what did they care? They just wanted a bunch of slaves to build the pyramids.

I have a feeling that some female alien right now, somewhere on the other side of the galaxy, who might have at least seven hands, (which to the male species on her planet of course is not enough) is writing these exact same words at the very same time in another dimension lamenting alien love.

Every spring our young earthbound testosterone bucks wrestle and bond…and just have the best time in the world calling each other every degrading name ever used in the English language, while earthbound women are just standing on the sidelines, completely clueless…missing all the fun. Like willowy, flittering shadows, they stand in another dimension of time and space… staring at the men, peering at them through the foggy looking glass of total misunderstanding… And they just don’t get it.

They don’t get the ritual and love between men, bonding while telling fart jokes. Bonding while competing in football. Bonding while building a car. Most of all they don’t get why a man would prefer to dream on a picture rather than go in and dream with the girlfriend or wife who is lying in the next room.

But then again, men can’t fathom how a woman can think that babies that vomit, shit, burp, and are basically worthless, (until they can play videos games) can be so adored.

The cortex of the male love brain is floating in fantasies of a visual holy grail that makes him feel on top of the world. What a drug sex is! What a high!  Millions are made off of men in the 1st sexual dimensions. That’s one good reason for society to keep them there.

women-twoAliens love to pick up these guys…they will give up sperm even if the female alien is green and has four heads.

In fact, most men never come out of this stage.

And here’s what’s really funny. Some of your most brilliant minds, (including physicists) never get out of that first dimension. Most men, whether they were Gandhi or Einstein, never see pass that first love dimension, and more’s the pity.

While they are exploring the universe, solving nuclear secrets, building the latest weapon or engineering the most wonderful sewer system, it never dawns on them that right before their eyes, behind the obvious physical visions which push their evolutionary buttons, are other dimensions that need to perhaps be explored, something beyond the milk buds and the legs.

Some men gradually get to the 2nd or third love dimension, but not until the testosterone drops off, at around age 125. And the ones that have a mate usually have perfected the subtle and very necessary male talent of peripheral vision, which young men cannot seem to master, no matter how much they practice.

Women:  I know…I’ve heard all the phrases, VIVA La Difference! YING and YANG! Wow, look at those!  If they are tomboys they might make a leap of faith into the 3rd dimension while still young, but then puberty hits …they have too much estrogen… and there you are. They want to fall in love, make babies, shop, and talk. It’s inevitable…what they don’t want is PMS, even if it comes in handy for an excuse to be crabby, and go lay down, thereby not doing the rest of the housework.

They want to be worshipped, and have their lovers never look at another woman. Of course, pragmatically and physically speaking, this is a complete impossibility. But don’t tell that to women. They don’t believe it. They want to believe that when a man says “I love you, and you are beautiful.” they really mean it, and it is only them that the man has this opinion of. And the man may actually mean it…for that very moment that they are telling you. What they are not telling you is that earlier that day they said that very same thing to some girl down at the post office.confushed-baby

So the question is; Can the two sexes somehow transcend all hormones and met in the 11th dimension? Is there a man in the universe that actually wants to go higher, can actually see the possibilities of looking into the brain and thinking of his mate? Are there men looking for soul mates? Have we giving up on this idea?

Does testosterone stump high IQ’s? I was shocked to learn after much research that even geniuses were completely one sided when it came to the opposite sex. Thomas Edison would try to make the perfect woman by concocting in his in his mind: his wife, another mans’ wife, and another Daisy, for his nightly fantasies.  Richard Feynman, the great physicist had a proclivity for strippers. Most university professors are just absolute lushes….in fact…as I grew older it seemed that simple working men seemed to understand more the real wants of a woman. Maybe it was because they had to work harder to get what they wanted. Yep, the higher the man’s IQ, the bigger his ego. Sadly I found out there wasn’t much difference. And let’s face it; the first dimension is just too much damn fun, whatever your IQ.

Still, once in a while…it comes along…the glass is broken, a galaxies is born. There are couples that make it to the 9th dimension, and a few I am convinced—beyond.

History has reported some famous ones; Anthony and Cleopatra, Napoleon and Josephine, John and Abigail, Kermit and Miss Piggy.

But, not many.

The point here is that many of us do not marry above the 5th dimension. Because, well, the synchronicities that have to occur, to bring a love so perfect, that one can say they have truly found their soul mates….is very rare.

And what do men really want? A woman just like their mother…whom of course give the ultimate in love…unconditional. It’s reported men on battlefield will call out their mother’s name. And every woman knows when men are sick they become like little boys, wanting to be pampered with the littlest sneeze or ache. To compete in the hard realities of a man’s world …it is the one chance they get to take a leave and be pampered. And yes…it’s the least we can do.

According to most experts, a man wants support. A woman is there to make the great man with her unconditional support and love, praise for what he does, kudos’ for his bravery, his genius, keeping his children, his house, his meals, so that all he had to do was whatever he was striving to do…and oh what a great world man has built with he support of woman.

 But, is it any wonder that the feminist movement came along? That maybe, just maybe, guys, woman want the same?

If a man cannot conceive of the sheer boredom and repetition of years and years of doing housework, laundry, raising kids….is it any wonder there are so few woman geniuses? History has shown that a woman CAN compete when she has the time and support, with the best of them. She can be the best at Math with the highest IQ, (Marilyn vos Savant) a great scientist, (Marie Curie) or a great leader. (Margaret Thatcher, Elizabeth I, Goldie Mire,)

But to go to the ultimate double helix of a man and a woman entwined…drifting into space and time, up to a Nirvana of heavenly wisdom of true love, these women had to have had a man who supported her too. Most successful women had great dads.

A husband or lover should support the woman too. And not just monetarily, but support her dreams…does she want to build another Brooklyn Bridge? Does she think she found the answer to cancer? Can she design a new weapon? Can she design the perfect constitution for a new country?

Can you spare just some of your time to encourage her dreams? Can you actually see the vision she holds for herself? Can you take her in your arms, can you look her in the eyes, can you hit her with your best shot of unconditional love, past the first dimension?  Into the universe that she maybe is holding inside that you never dreamed existed? Can you give her that chance? Would the world be a better place?

Remember, it took a woman to put all those men’s theories into place. Vandalia is a genetic possibility for all humans.michio-kaku

Coming down from my maniacal delusions, I see there might be hope for Jose, and the discovery of the answer of everything in space and time gives us new hope for the future of our planet, if we can just get more knowledge.

So, I suggest these physicists need to get to work, and figure out this love mess—I have a feeling space and time is a piece of cake compared to figuring out how to balance human nature. And while they’re at it, maybe they can tell us out why men have nipples, why ducks are so cute when they quack, and how to get men out of the lst dimensions, and into a more productive place, or at least how to get them to put the toilet seat down.

As for mankind getting to the 11th dimension or Mars in a spaceship? Let’s not fool around with that one…let’s pray. Physicists can’t do everything.


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Nobody’s Fool: Michael Savage

Nobody’s Fool

I used to listen to this man every day, until he was taken off my local station. Like Donald Trump. Michael Savage is his own man. He used to talk every day about borders, language, and culture, and how those in charge were destroying America.

Something tells me, Donald Trump probably listened to him too.savage-book

So, for those of you who are not aware of Michael Savage: Doctor, author, radio star, here’s a few quotes from his book, “Stop the Coming Civil War.” published in 2014.

I took these quotes from a part he called, The End of the Middle Class.

Redefining full-time employment as thirty hours a week through Obamacare, which has all but eliminated the core jobs of many middle-and upper-middle-class employees, pushing them into part-time status or causing them to lose their jobs altogether and become dependent on the government for unemployment benefits, food stamps, and welfare in order to survive.

Our increasingly manipulated economy is destroying the middle class, robbing taxpaying America who have jobs and run small businesses of their hard-earned money by using their tax dollars to bail out the biggest and most corrupt banks in the world.

The Fed prints tens of billions of dollars a month-up to a trillion dollars annually -for the purpose of buying U.S. Treasury bonds and worthless mortgage-backed securities in order to keep interest rates near zero percent. Bernanke printed $4 trillion.

The total amount the federal government takes in annually through income and other federal taxes is less than $3 trillion. If interest rise, and they will, then we’re broke.

Those artificially low interest rates have cost American $9 trillion in interest that they should have received on the money in their savings accounts. Instead of the interest going to Americans who responsibly saved their money it was transferred to megabanks so they could gambled it away on risky investments.wall-street

With a stroke of his pen, Clinton signed legislation that effectively made it no longer necessary for banks to manage their assets responsibly and honestly.

Gold has been trading at artificially low levels between $1,200 and $1,350 an ounce for an extended time. Silver remains stuck in the $20 dollar-an-ounce range. There’s a reason for this: If those prices ever do rise to the levels they should be trading at, it’s likely that our economy will collapse.

Gold, for instance–if it were being traded freely and without manipulation would be priced at around $7,000 an ounce, according to one knowledgeable investor.

Why do banks went to keep the price of gold and silver artificially low?

As the Fed continues to print fiat money at the rate of nearly a trillion dollars a year, the market is flooded with new U.S. Currency. That drives the value of the currency down relative to commodities such as silver and gold. If the banks, including the Fed, ever let the value of the gold rise to its normal level, the value of our currency –and of many currencies around the world—would plummet.

Banks have virtually stopped lending to the American people.

In other words, instead of lending money to the America people–who could use it to build small businesses, or buy houses, or pay for their kids to go to college, the banks are playing the stock market.

They’re letting robots do their trading for them,

It’s called high frequency trading. A single ooze of these powerful robot traders can execute as many as twenty thousand transactions in a single second.

More than 70 percent of U.S. stock trades are now executed by robot traders, and that number is rising.

And so THIS is why Donald Trump was elected.

The politicians THINK we have short memories.

The only thing that was short in this election, was the temper of the liberals who lost, and Michael Savage is ONE man who has been driving them crazy for years.

Really, a great American.


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Obama’s Gift of Division and Black Hate



Nobody Wonders

How many people think that Obama went BACK to Hawaii, just to get on TV again, and play golf? Wasn’t he just there on vacation? He had to come back and then go out there again?  HOW much did this cost us? Why not stay out there a few more days and save the tax dollars?

And isn’t it just like him to be gone when his black army goes rioting and looting?

Yes, there’s no question about it: These kids are Obama’s little army of rebels.

Nobody Wonders if reality has hit him yet, that it’s only going to be a few more weeks, and he will no longer have the command of Air Force One to take him to all his favorite golf courses, so he is going to have a lot of time to go back to “community organizing.”

Which means, we can expect more of this crap. meme-one

Nobody also wonders if Obama’s habit of closing down golf course so he can play will continue after he leaves office

I say…yes. Any bets?

Nobody Wonders if Obama’s secret cabal of BLM radicals, didn’t have the mass mall fights that happened today all over the country, all planned out, and of course that’s more than likely the case. Turn on any channel and the BS goes on: Blacks have been forgotten. Blacks are the victims, and Obama could do nothing about it, so he understands they MUST riot.

And steal furs.

The newest thing for the blacks to do in St. Louis, is to steal a car, then crash it into a store. Preferably one which sells cell phones, or tennis shoes, or drugs.  And in Chicago, blacks murdering each other seems to be the biggest pastime.

Obama is kidding himself if he thinks that he could have beaten Trump. For 8 long years we have watched the young black kids get by with murder, burning down our towns, attacking innocent white people and beating them almost to death…all with the President’s encouragement, telling them all, how racist whites are in this country.

White people who voted for Obama, now know, he wasn’t there to “unite” the races.

All Trump had to do to beat Obama, was remind the Midwest of all of what Obama has done. Pretty much disasters on every front.

The outcome would have been the same.

Nobody Wonders, is Obama going to keep fueling his racist war when he leave office?

You bet your sweet eggnog.

Something tells me, President Trump WILL have something to say about it.

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Had Obama Looked More Like His Mother, Would America Have Suffered So?

Nobody’s Perfect

He just can’t help himself. Obama, is having an even harder time leaving power. He’s pardoning as many criminals as possible. He blocked the United States from drilling for oil offshore and anywhere for that matter. He’s doubling the refugees. Made sure that Muslims wouldn’t have to be on a register. He’s made it known that he will not leave Washington, but will be right there to mouth off every time he feels like Trump is destroying his many ‘progressive’ projects. And to make sure he gets heard, he signed the “Countering disinformation and propaganda act” to silence conservative voices.barak-and-mum

He slipped it into the defense funds.

Never mind that it’s already legal in America for our government to use propaganda on us.

And to make sure that he continues his “orders”, we will have to see his narcissistic face on our TV for the next 8 years, because you see, he really believes that he would have won a third term.

Like most ‘intellectuals” he lives in a big clueless bubble of his own making.

“That doesn’t mean that if a year from now, (Try a week from now) or a year-and-a-half from now, or two years from now, there is an issue of such moment, such import, that isn’t just a debate about a particular tax bill or, you know, a particular policy, but goes to some foundational issues about our democracy that I might not weigh in,” Obama went on. “You know, I’m still a citizen and that carries with it duties and obligations.”

Well, Mr. X President: Most citizens can’t get interviews on CNN and MSNBC.obama-intolerant

And he still thinks his ‘progressive’ politics are what people want:

“We’re not there on the ground communicating not only the dry policy aspects of this, but that we care about these communities, that we’re bleeding for these communities,” he said. “It means caring about local races, state boards or school boards and city councils and state legislative races and not thinking that somehow, just a great set of progressive policies that we present to the New York Times editorial board will win the day.”

Obama is “bleeding” for the conservatives that voted Trump in? Well, he did everything he could to mock, and destroy them.

Obama is clearly, a racist. No, you say? I know most of us have not read his book” Dreams of my father” but if you want to know where Obama comes from, just watch this video. You will understand why he ignored the violence that he whipped up all throughout his administration. Obama really believes that whites have it coming to them.


Yes, we’ve had a poor suffering soul, who struggled with his own color, and then because he was abandoned by his own father and mother, went to find the justification for his adolescent rage, (which is still there.) He ran to Frank Marshall, an old communist, who explained that yes: The whites have a reason to be fearful. Then he sat in Jeremiah Wrights church for another 20 years.

He took his hidden anger towards white people all the way to the White House.

And since he is addicted to his own narcissistic view of the world, where he has elevated himself to what in his mind is an all knowing Muslim/Budda, he will be demanding to be treated as the God he thinks he has become.

He sees the people of the earth as tribes to be elevated or controlled. And while he will go down as the worst President in American History,  we can only hope he just takes over golf courses in his retirement.

In his last speech to the military in Hawaii, he left the troops with what HE thought was humorous.obama-golf-two

“Our commitment to standing by you every step of the way — that won’t stop,” Obama said.

“I understand that I still have a little bit of rank as ex-president,” Obama said. “So I still get to use the gym on base and, of course, the golf course.”

Translations: I will STILL get to kick all you white guys off the golf course and out of the gym.

Can you imagine what the soldiers thought of that little dig?




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Christmas Reflections: 2016

Nobody’s Opinion

What a Christmas weekend!

I saw one movie (Passengers) that I thought would be fantastic, but it turned out to be (in my husband’s words) the most expensive chick flick ever made. I saw another movie (Rouge One) that I thought would be bad, but, in my husband’s words, “compared to Passengers it was Oscar worthy.”carrie-fisher

As you can see, I didn’t talk much this weekend.

But I DID listen…to bits of news…like Carrie Fisher having a heart attack on a flight from L.A. to London, a flight which takes a good 12 hours and cost around a thousand dollars. Reports from passengers, who just couldn’t wait to get out the news. was that Carrie stopped breathing for ten minutes, but so far, no news of death. We are all waiting for the news of her passing and then tonight we heard that George Michaels, the heart throb of the music world until we all found out he was gay…the singer whose,  “Next Christmas, I’ll give it to someone special” died at 53. (move over Bing.)

(A title that works well for all those presents you give that nobody really wants.)

What do they have in common? Cocaine. Robin Williams was a big cocaine user. Cocaine is the favorite drug of the rich and famous, and it’s not really good on the old ticker. But they all seem to love it…including a very famous President who says he used to do it too.

I guess when your rich, you feel…

And speaking of the rich and famous–Prince Charles and the Pope ended up delivering the same message this Christmas, which was: Accept the refugees. Prince Charles even went so far as to ask people to think of Mohammed as WELL as Jesus this Christmas.

To say that is confusing is like saying that the Atlantic is really the same ocean as the Pacific.

Clearly Prince Charlie was dropped on the castle steps when he was a wee lad. I would love it if he would just put a prayer rug at the bottom of a Christmas tree and pray.

Add to that, it was also reported that the Queen did not celebrate her usual Christmas.

Uh oh.

So, she’s 90, Tony Bennett is 90, but nobody knows how old Kissinger is. (I bet Jesus would know.)

Prince Charles as King?

Let’s not spoil our holidays, shall we?

But, back to Christmas: This year the rumor has been used by the Pope AND all the liberals still walking upon the earth that Joseph and Mary were running away from persecution to Bethlehem to have the baby: JUST like the Muslims now fleeing from Aleppo. isis-jihad

Gee. Here I always thought they went there because EVERYBODY had to go there to pay taxes.

I wish they’d get their story straight.

And speaking of getting the story straight: Can we get over this Putin is the bogey man crap?

Russia has joined forces with America in the past. WWII for example.putin-and-trump

And you have not heard about this, but Putin helped out President George W. Bush. He sent tens of thousands of troops to assist in the Iraq war to fight the Taliban. ( Read: Bush at War.)

Yes, Putin offered his help to Bush, and gave it to fight the terrorists.

And he will help Trump, because he hates those terrorists too.putin-and-muslms

And I say— let him.

America joining up with Russia to fight ISIS? What’s not to like?

Hey! Maybe Trump can make a deal with Putin to get some of that oil Russia has been drilling for at the North Pole.

If they can join up for that noble cause, NEXT Christmas I’ll give them both something special!

And I have a whole YEAR to think about what that may be.




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Merry Christmas!

It’s Christmas Eve

You don’t even have to be a Christian to feel the holy spirit of Christ in this song. So please…turn out the lights, close your eyes, look at your tree, and enjoy.

I’ll be back on Monday.

In the meantime…

Merry Christmas to all my readers….I hope everyone has a great day of family filled with laughter, love, and hope.

God Bless us all.


(PS: Thanks to ‘g’ man for the video.)

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Nobody’s Fool: Kellyanne Conway

Nobody’s Fool

I can’t think of a more intelligent spokesperson for Donald Trump than Kellyanne Conway.

I have never seen her lose an argument. Never. And now, she will be close by Trump’s side every day to advise him.

There were days I must admit, I felt sorry for her. Some days, her hair had barely been brushed, and she was working 24/7 to get Donald Trump elected. More often than night, she looked exhausted, and yet, it never slowed her mind down.

She’s beautiful. She’s witty. She’s another brilliant ray of hope to women everywhere.

And to top it off, she never comes off anything but humble, while being a pit-bull…and that’s not easy to pull off.

So, Congratulations Kellyanne…you win the Nobody’s Fool Award for being the most important women of the year.

You help beat Hillary, and basically saved America’s children.

Really. I’m sure of it. Our kids would have ended up as clueless as Chelsea.

And I don’t think there has been a winner of the award that fits the title so perfectly.

So Kellyanne….Thank you!

You’re simply…the best. 🙂

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Some cultures, like recipies, are just better.

Nobody Wonders

Yesterday, in some interview, Obama was saying that someday, and it will be just a generation, colored people will be the majority in the United States. He seemed pretty happy about that, because to Obama, racism is all over the country. Never mind that it never dawns on him that he wouldn’t have been elected if it was.

Let’s face it, Obama is not really fond of white people, and he is more than obsessed with the Muslim religion. Why does he prefer Islam to Christianity? Because he was raised a Muslim. Pretty simple.muslim-obama

Obama is very fond of himself and his “musings” on the world.  The question is, why did Obama grow up  associating as a black man instead of white?

Was it just the color of his skin and his black features which determined that? He lives in white neighborhoods, and only hangs out with blacks if they are RICH.

Which got me to thinking about culture, and why certain cultures don’t get along with others.

For instance: We have a lot of Chinese that moved into the neighborhood. They are quiet, courteous, and hard workers. My husband and I went to our local Wal-Mart tonight, and I could see the difference there.

I was searching through for some Christmas lights, and there was a family from India…a mother, a father, and two boys. Not only did they block me at every turn, they talked loudly in Indian as if I wasn’t even there. The kids were butting into me, and wherever I was standing or wanted to look, the mother really didn’t care. She was plowing through me, and yelling at her husband at the same time.


Going down another isle we ran into a family of Chinese. One of the men were in our way, and his son (or brother?) told him to move out of our way, which he did instantly. And then they smiled.

Like I said: The Chinese are courteous. I don’t know if Confucius had anything to do with this, but I give him some credit.

Which got me to thinking this Christmas about one poor Chinese soul that…I am worried about. He’s owns the local Chinese restaurant. He brought his wife here over 40 years ago, started up the restaurant right down the street.

Not them, but close.

Not them, but close.

His wife worked in the front…taking the orders, and he cooked. I watched their two girls grow up, as they sat in the back watching TV, until they went to school.

So cute….and I became very fond of this couple. While I never could figure out how to say their names, the wife, who had the most gracious and beautiful smile, would always remember their customers, and I noticed that they cared about them….really amazing, but they did.

One day, as I was picking up my order of Sweet Happy Family (A combination  of chicken, beef, shrimp, pea pods and more.) the Chinese women was upset about her older customers, who were living on Social Security, and were losing their homes and couldn’t afford medicines.

“I never thought I’d see this in the United States.” she said, sadly.

She also knew my voice on the phone: “Ah…Sweet Happy Family & Sweet and Sour Shrimp? Why don’t you try something different?” She would ask, and then we would both laugh.

To be truthful, I loved the same dish for over 30 years, and didn’t even want to deprive myself of it. Not even to taste something new.

Then one day…just like that. She was gone.

It was about 5 years ago…when she died. Her husband— who kept back in the cave of his kitchen, and who could barely speak English, told me of how she got sick, and the hospital said she was fine, but she wasn’t, and from his broken English I understood that the hospital had done everything wrong.

I knew of this hospital.  My mother had suffered unspeakably in it. Stephen King could write a book about it.

The sadness on his face, at the loss of his beloved wife was heartbreaking. I asked about his girls, who didn’t want to take over his business. They had their own lives….and so, he was alone.

This man worked hard all his life, over a hot stove. Cooking….and now, he was…alone.

I haven’t been to his place in some time. But I worry about him.

Which brings me back to culture.

There seems to be a mad idea to get all cultures living right next to each other, and expecting them to all get along.

As we see in Germany…this is not going to work.

White people in the United States come from a culture of freedom, and Christianity had a lot to do with that. While Christians had slaves here once, they got rid of it, at the cost of thousands of white men lives.

Islam, on the other hand, is a culture of slavery, and dictatorship. It still deals in slavery. Obama is blind to it, simply because he remembers his Muslim childhood. But he didn’t grow up in Saudi Arabia. He grew up in Hawaii.


On the TV tonight, I heard a Muslim man crying out that the United States has freedom of religion, which is true, and they deserve rights.  But, the Muslims who have infiltrated the West are now damaging that the countries that they are now in, They want to practice their own laws…laws that are tyrannical: Sharia. According to the last world survey, 79% of all Muslims want Sharia law.

One thing is clear: I don’t care how much Obama praises Islam, Muslims do not fit in Western Culture. The Western Culture is superior.

Sorry Obama. It just is.

But the Chinese?

Remember the faces in Tiananmen Square? The Chinese truly thought that America would save them. Poor souls.

That’s it: I’m taking my friend at my favorite restaurant a little Christmas gift.

I just wonder… and I hope… he is still there.

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Nobody Knows…What the Meaning of “Dictator” is to the Left.

Nobody Knows—

The Huffington Post is all huffy about Donald Trump’s making money off his businesses while President.hillary-and-saudi

How can the left can ever expect to get a conviction on Donald Trump, after the money laundering done throughout the decades by the Clintons? It’s amazing isn’t it? The democrats commit the crimes, and everyone remains silent. And then they redirect the attention to some conservative that they SAY is committing the same crime, and are outraged: 99% of the time about it, while the conservative is innocent.

I don’t care HOW many votes she won: she should be in jail. Martha Stewart was sent away for far less.

—How the left can say that Donald Trump will be a dictator, when Barack Obama is going to block the Artic and the Atlantic for drilling forever, and just before his next golf game, he pardoned another 29,459 prisoners, and let in another 2 or so million immigrants…okay. So the numbers are not exact. They might as WELL be. Because it’s about the same impact. The new attack on Trump is that he is going to be a dictator, as if OBAMA…wasn’t. In fact, Obama plans to keep dictating AFTER he leaves.

So, same as above: THEY are committing the crime (of dictator) and they are sure Trump will be one.obama-dictator-3

Oh…and according to Glenn Beck and Sam Bee, free speech will be no longer. Unless of course, it’s done by people like them. To join in the fan club against Trump, they ate each other’s head.

On a cake. Yeah, it was stupid. I think Glenn is trying to get on SNL.

—How the Tony Bennett Birthday special ending up becoming another civil rights for black’s moments in between the singers?

Bob Dylan STILL can’t sing, but neither can the guy from Hamilton.

Lady Gaga on the other hand, gets better every day, and Nobody Knows how that must drive Madonna crazy.bill-and-hillary-fingers

—How in the WORLD an ex-President got picked to be an elector for his wife? Bill Clinton had “tears” in his eyes as he cast his vote, because he was afraid of what would happen to him if he didn’t.

You want to talk about dictatorships…..Is it me? Shouldn’t an X President be banned from being an elector?

God, we really did dodge a bullet.

—How Angela Merkel ever came to the conclusion that changing her country from Christian to Muslim was a good idea. Sure, she wanted to replace the work force, but did it ever occur to her that Christians don’t like to be run over by Mac Trucks in the meantime? Why are these leaders NOT held responsible for the crimes that they commit against their own citizens? (I know, stupid question.)

And one more thing….germany

Nobody Knows that after the first victory at Saratoga, in our war for Independence, Sam Adams gave a rousing Speech at York, where he proposed that the victory was due to God, and that we should declare December 18 as a “a day of Thanksgiving.”

A few historians credit Sam Adams with starting Thanksgiving as a national holiday.

So, next time you hear that we were not founded as a Christian nation here’s a little fact you can refute that with:

On September 11th, 1777, Congress, still in Philadelphia, voted to order the importation of 20,000 Bibles. The committee appointed said that “the use of the Bible is so universal and its importance is so great.” And on the morning after Sam Adams speech, two Chaplains were appointed to Congress.samueladamsfaithquote3

Guess What Obama? Your dream of a Muslim American nation, is probably…NOT going to happen.

Sorry. If it’s Allah VS Jesus in America? Something tells me, the fight is already over.


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Michael Moore Can Now Be an Even BIGGER Capitalistic Pig!

Nobody’s Perfect

Clearly, Michael Moore either is the most uneducated fat guy walking the planet, or he just got off the phone with Bill Clinton.  He really thinks we live in a democracy.

I would love to talk to Michael Moore’s mother.

I would say, “Dear, what were you thinking?”

Nothing could be funnier than this guy, with his baseball caps, his constant whining about the country, and the way he amazes himself when he talks. And why not? Whining about the country has made him a multi-millionaire. And now that Obama is going to stay in Washington to criticize Trump’s every move, I wouldn’t doubt it if Mike doesn’t move next door.

He put out a video that practically got Trump elected…I even posted it. Michael KNEW Trump was going to win and for all the right reasons.

But now, he’s out to destroy the Trump Presidency, and so, he wrote the electors today

 “I am writing you not as a card-carrying Democrat (I’m not) who voted for Hillary [Clinton] (I did), but simply because I am an American who, like you, deeply loves this country and its people … I am not going to ask you to vote for the person who got the most votes (although I will not be upset should you chose to side with the majority of your fellow Americans and do so!). No, I’m simply asking you to vote your conscience and PLEASE do not put our nation in danger by choosing Donald J. Trump.”

Right. Most of Hillary’s votes came out of three counties in California. I’m thinking Mexico is really the country we should be saying was fooling around with our elections, not Russia.

And as far as “danger”? Give me a break.

I think Obama sent the wrong guy to North Korea. He should have sent Michael.

Michael offering to pay elector’s fines isn’t working today. So far, Trump hasn’t lost a vote, but Hillary did.

So on to the next step: Watch his movie “Godzilla Moore Meets King Kong Trump” and follow him to the inauguration where he will lead a group of idiots to protest Trump. He’s be outside just long enough to get his face on camera.

He’s ready to ‘protest” Trump’s inauguration……mucking up the day for us all.

“Disrupt the Inauguration. The Majority have spoken – by nearly 2.7 million votes &counting! Silence is not an option,”

On another note, Michael is not the only one to be…noteworthy.

Today, I noticed TIME MAGAZINE put out a tribute to Obama. Which is right ABOVE Trump’s famous Time Cover for winning the election.

You do know that they pay for placement right? Obama couldn’t take the win either.

I used to think Michael Moore, couldn’t be THAT stupid, to not know the value of the electoral college, which truly DOES protect the minority from the majority rule. ALL the founders talk about that.

But…I was wrong. He really is that dumb. Or is he? Truth be told, he gets millions of idiots to buy his movies.

Michael Moore is nothing but a capitalist pig prancing around as a socialist wiener. Either way: he’s entertaining.

And no…I would never blame his mother.

I blame the water in Flint.




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Trump Combats the Dreamiciders

Nobody Reads

This week, I’ve been reading one of Trump’s books called, TRUMP: The America We Deserve. trump-deserve

This book was published in the year 2000: Think about that. Sixteen years ago, while Bill Clinton was still in office, Donald Trump was laying out his blueprint to fix America, and plans as to what he would do if he were President.

If anything, that gives me even more confidence than ever before. The man has been planning for this for over 16 years.

I have not heard ONE reporter anywhere mention that…”Oh yeah…Donald Trump has been thinking about this for many years, he’s ready.”  I am positive that Hillary was aware of this, as was Jeb Bush, as was most of everybody in the news—so they purposely didn’t want YOU or the public to even hear about it.

Since I’m only on the third chapter, I can tell you, that after reading what I have so far, I am more confident than ever that Donald Trump will make the changes he says he is going to make, or die trying.

That is, if the Democrats (and the Rino’s) don’t start WWIII with Russia before he ever gets into office. Right now, they are doing everything they possibly can to leave a big mess for the man, so as to weaken his Presidency.

Let me share a few quotes just from the first chapter:obama-defecit

“A lot of people at the top of the political game think the American people are naïve. They think the American people are like little kids who can’t face facts.”

NOBODY: Right. Michelle Obama this week will tell Oprah that “grownups” are running the White House, and Trump and the people who voted for him, are not grownups like them.”

“I object to the fact that this country is crippled economically by our national debt. I have a plan to pay off the national debt entirely, cut taxes on the middle class, repeal the inheritance tax, and save Social Security.”

NOBODY: Well, George W. added trillions to that debt, and Obama added more debt than the total of all the Presidents before him. Nice of them to leave such a mess, wasn’t it?

“I’ve hired ex-government employees, for example, because they understand the workings of bureaucracy. I’ve hired a number of women for high management positions.”

NOBODY:  Some have been concerned recently about some of Trump’s picks to work in his cabinet. BUT…clearly he is trying to pick people who will get the job done and can cut through the bureaucracy, he is interviewing even people who were against him. His ego comes last. America first.

“I really am convinced we’re in danger of the sort of terrorist attacks that will make the bombing of the Trade Center look like kids playing with firecrackers.”bill-clinton-excuse

NOBODY: Here Trump predicted that we would get a major terrorist attack BEFORE 9/11. Did anybody give him any credit for that? No. Frankly, Bill Clinton should have known the World Trade Center would be attacked again, and he should have taken out bin Laden the 9 times he had the opportunity.

“I believe we’re in danger of a financial downturn because we’re going so high so fast.”

NOBODY: Trump was right again: 2008, the taxpayers were made to bail out the banks. Millions lost their retirement, and we are still struggling.

“Maybe it’s time we had a president who was a dealmaker.”

NOBODY: Who do you think Trump was talking about here? George Clooney?

“In real life intentions don’t really matter. Results are what counts.”

NOBODY: Right. And this is why the American people voted for him. Washington D.C. is FULL of good intentions (Good intentions for themselves) which have mostly destroyed the middle class, and made America a laughing-stock.bush-bailout

“They had their chance, and they produced a debacle. In my opinion, these people are opportunity destroyers. They’re guilty of what I call Dreamicide.”

NOBODY: Does this sound like a “democrat” talking to you? This was back when Trump was giving money to the Clintons. Trump is, by all accounts an Independent. He HAD to run of the republican ticket, because his philosophy is conservative, and besides, there IS no Independent Party.

And that’s just from the first 75 pagers. The chapter titles tell you all:

Introduction: The Serious Side of Trumptrump-and-the-tech

Chapter One: The Business of America is Business

Chapter Two: Competition: Saving Our Schools the American Way

Chapter Three: The Safe Streets We Deserve

Chapter Four: The Foreign Policy We Deserve

Chapter Five: Freedom from Terrorism

Chapter Six: An Economic Boom for America

Chapter Seven: Making Social Security Secure Again

Chapter Eight: To Our Health

Chapter Nine: The Politics We Deserve

Chapter Ten: Volunteering: The American Way

Chapter Eleven: Should I Run?

And the answer: Yes. And he did. And now, he can take those ideas he has been formatting in his mind for all these years and put them to work.

As he said–results count. He’s not even President yet, and he’s getting results.

If they had given Trump the contract to rebuild the Twin Towers, they would have gone up in 2 years instead of ten.

And so, for all the people who wanted Ted Cruz, or Hillary Clinton to win, I am here to say: The majority of the American people GOT IT. We got the President we deserved, and he worked hard to get there.

The real point is: the information you don’t get from your media reporters, is proof, that they are controlling your every thought with propaganda.

It’s legal in America now, and they don’t want you to know about this book, which is all the more reason to read it.

(Am I afraid about the electors tomorrow turning their backs on Trump tomorrow? )


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