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Nobody’s Fool: Kellyanne Conway

Nobody’s Fool

I can’t think of a more intelligent spokesperson for Donald Trump than Kellyanne Conway.

I have never seen her lose an argument. Never. And now, she will be close by Trump’s side every day to advise him.

There were days I must admit, I felt sorry for her. Some days, her hair had barely been brushed, and she was working 24/7 to get Donald Trump elected. More often than night, she looked exhausted, and yet, it never slowed her mind down.

She’s beautiful. She’s witty. She’s another brilliant ray of hope to women everywhere.

And to top it off, she never comes off anything but humble, while being a pit-bull…and that’s not easy to pull off.

So, Congratulations Kellyanne…you win the Nobody’s Fool Award for being the most important women of the year.

You help beat Hillary, and basically saved America’s children.

Really. I’m sure of it. Our kids would have ended up as clueless as Chelsea.

And I don’t think there has been a winner of the award that fits the title so perfectly.

So Kellyanne….Thank you!

You’re simply…the best. 🙂

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