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What Do You Call a Liberal Who is Really a Conservative?

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How many democrats are really conservative and don’t know it? I have a girlfriend from childhood. She lives in Florida, in the town where I grew up—Naples. We were talking about the state of the country just yesterday. She complained about the healthcare system and the horrible state it’s in, and then we got on the subject of immigration.

“We have to pay for their housing, their food, their education, it’s just not fair. When my dad moved us here from Canada (She lives in Florida) he had to prove that he had a job, and that he could support his family. And whenever I’m at the airport, and having to go throw hell every time I come back into the country, I always wondered why they let the Spanish people pass without any harassment at all. They always harass me. Finally I asked them, and they said, ‘Because they don’t speak English: you do.”

“That pisses me off.” she said.

Elvira (Not her real name) is one of my smartest friends…and so, I was pretty surprised when she got all pissed off about Hillary. “You know, Hillary had a perfect universal health care system all worked out, and they wouldn’t even let her use it!”baby-confused-two


Where did THAT come from?

So, here’s what I am noticing.

Single women, who have been burned, divorced, or feel betrayed by a man…and who are very lonely, do not like Trump because they identify with Hillary simply because Clinton was having sex with Monica.

My friend’s husband left her for another women. It’s simple. Hillary went through the same pain she did. And so, therefore, Hillary is good.

Trump is…a womanizer. They don’t think much beyond that.

Getting further into the discussion, I found out that she gets most of her news from NPR and Saturday Night Live. So, she thinks Trump is a baby for not liking SLN making fun of him.

Now, Elvira is smart. I’m sure if she took the time to read, think, and listen to something else besides NPR, she might figure it out.

Or —  Not. Elvira has no children, and that too, is a factor. If you have children then you have to think a lot more about the future.

On the other hand, I have another girlfriend who has run her own business all her life. She has done so well— she owns a 270 acre farm, with 48 cows, 7 horses, and a nice ranch home. She drives a Viper and a Mercedes Benz. All this she did all by herself.confused-baby-two

No husband gave it to her. No parent left it to her. She did it all herself.

She has two kids, and three grandkids.

She too, has been ditched by many a man. She was married once, but he left her. She too, is alone. But she works that farm by herself, even at the age of 67.

Unlike Elvira…she loves Trump.

She is excited that he is picking business men to be in his cabinet, and she loves the generals.

Now, granted. Neither one of my girlfriends are big readers, like I am.

To my eyes, they are both conservatives. They always wanted marriage, a family, (Elvira’s husband didn’t want kids) and believe in hard work, and they both love America. When it comes to right and wrong, they have strong Christian values.

So, Nobody Wonders…how many other democrats especially women, are really conservative in their values, but don’t know it?

How many simply make their opinions from what they hear on the liberal media channels?

How many?

Where’s the “polls” when you need them?


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