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What Do You Call a Liberal Who is Really a Conservative?

Nobody Wonders

How many democrats are really conservative and don’t know it? I have a girlfriend from childhood. She lives in Florida, in the town where I grew up—Naples. We were talking about the state of the country just yesterday. She complained about the healthcare system and the horrible state it’s in, and then we got on the subject of immigration.

“We have to pay for their housing, their food, their education, it’s just not fair. When my dad moved us here from Canada (She lives in Florida) he had to prove that he had a job, and that he could support his family. And whenever I’m at the airport, and having to go throw hell every time I come back into the country, I always wondered why they let the Spanish people pass without any harassment at all. They always harass me. Finally I asked them, and they said, ‘Because they don’t speak English: you do.”

“That pisses me off.” she said.

Elvira (Not her real name) is one of my smartest friends…and so, I was pretty surprised when she got all pissed off about Hillary. “You know, Hillary had a perfect universal health care system all worked out, and they wouldn’t even let her use it!”baby-confused-two


Where did THAT come from?

So, here’s what I am noticing.

Single women, who have been burned, divorced, or feel betrayed by a man…and who are very lonely, do not like Trump because they identify with Hillary simply because Clinton was having sex with Monica.

My friend’s husband left her for another women. It’s simple. Hillary went through the same pain she did. And so, therefore, Hillary is good.

Trump is…a womanizer. They don’t think much beyond that.

Getting further into the discussion, I found out that she gets most of her news from NPR and Saturday Night Live. So, she thinks Trump is a baby for not liking SLN making fun of him.

Now, Elvira is smart. I’m sure if she took the time to read, think, and listen to something else besides NPR, she might figure it out.

Or —  Not. Elvira has no children, and that too, is a factor. If you have children then you have to think a lot more about the future.

On the other hand, I have another girlfriend who has run her own business all her life. She has done so well— she owns a 270 acre farm, with 48 cows, 7 horses, and a nice ranch home. She drives a Viper and a Mercedes Benz. All this she did all by herself.confused-baby-two

No husband gave it to her. No parent left it to her. She did it all herself.

She has two kids, and three grandkids.

She too, has been ditched by many a man. She was married once, but he left her. She too, is alone. But she works that farm by herself, even at the age of 67.

Unlike Elvira…she loves Trump.

She is excited that he is picking business men to be in his cabinet, and she loves the generals.

Now, granted. Neither one of my girlfriends are big readers, like I am.

To my eyes, they are both conservatives. They always wanted marriage, a family, (Elvira’s husband didn’t want kids) and believe in hard work, and they both love America. When it comes to right and wrong, they have strong Christian values.

So, Nobody Wonders…how many other democrats especially women, are really conservative in their values, but don’t know it?

How many simply make their opinions from what they hear on the liberal media channels?

How many?

Where’s the “polls” when you need them?


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Bobby Jindal…Great Speech!

Nobody Flashes

I’ve had the CPAC speakers on all day, and this is probably my most favorite speech. Bobby Jindal is an excellent speaker—not only that, I think he could beat Hillary easily.

Rick Perry was on a mission to blow Jeb Bush off the stage, which he did. He has really upped his speaking game. Nobody Thinks there must be a personal vendetta between Perry and the Bushes.

Rand Paul hits all the right liberty notes, and clearly will always be the favorite there…but on stage with Hillary? Hard to say.

But, so far—most any of these people would give Hillary a good run, because as we saw last time, Hillary can be beat by a good speaker. She JUST doesn’t present herself well. I think she’s waiting to see whose going to run. If Jeb gets the nomination—which all the money boys are pushing for, she has a good chance of beating him. While she is obnoxious, he has the very same speech patterns, and mannerisms of his brother George, which will make most of the people who are still mad at George W. for the 2008 bank bailout remember and say..


Donald Trump is thinking of running, and I’ll have a post about him coming up.

Anyway, Enjoy! If you trust me, this is was the best speech in my Nobody Opinion.


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Nobody Wonders: How Many Blacks Voted Republican Last Election…Secretly?

Nobody Wonders

I thought this video presented hope…for conservatives. This guy drank the Kool-Aid, and then one day, he listened to Rush Limbaugh.

Nobody Wonders how many more closet democrats voting republican came out in the last election.

He’s also really fun to listen to.


(Thanks to Moonbattery)



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Nobody Remember George Washington and Donald Trump

Nobody Remembers

Since we have been watching Obama make lame speeches about the Ukraine situation all week, and Putin making a fool out of him, only to find John Kerry THEN have to make a long speech because well, in his own mind he IS President, or should be, and wants everyone to know that…I came upon this quote by George Washington and it just fits the week.

That pretty much sums up WHY we are in the mess we are in. Obama is destroying our military, and spending us into oblivion. George Washington

 There is a rank due to the United States among nations which will be withheld, if not absolutely lost, by the reputation of weakness. If we desire to avoid insult, we must be able to repel it: if we desire to secure peace, one of the most powerful instruments of our rising prosperity, it must be known that we are at all times ready for war.

                                                                                                                —George Washington

And since Donald Trump gave such a great speech at CPAC, I figured I’d post it. In the last election, I was for Donald Trump. I have always been a fan of Trump. He is proud of being rich, and why not? I agree with just about everything he says here. But then, that’s me. Trump knows, and George Washington would agree, you have to be at all times ready for war, and that takes money, and Trump would be the best person to know, just how to produce jobs…if you have never read any of his books, go ahead…you cannot help but admire the man.

And the point I most agree with him on, is WHY did we not take Iraq oil? Was it really all about payback for Hussein trying to kill Daddy Bush? Have you noticed that President George W. Bush has never been asked about the loss of Iraq?  Sometimes Nobody Wonders…..

Anyway, Enjoy.

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Bob Costas: Eulogy for the Common Conservative “Stan the Man”

Nobody’s Opinion

How do we judge our idols? At the funeral of Stan Musial on Saturday, held in the lovely Catholic ‘New’ Cathedral in downtown St. Louis…Bob Costas pretty much hit a home run. While I was crying at his words…and breaking up along with Bob when he got to the part (see video) about how Stan Musial said “Deal me in.” to the blacks in the clubhouse…it wasn’t until later that I remember Bob’s recent remarks about gun control during a football game not too long ago. (He wants to ban them)  Stan Musial church

You have to remember…Bob is a liberal…and yet, here was a liberal crying over the very things that conservatives pretty much take for granted. Decency. Integrity. Honesty. Stan Musial had all those traits..not only throughout his career, which stopped 50 years ago, but throughout his life. Anyone here in St. Louis, who ran into Stan a big smile, and at the least, an autograph.

Conservatives everywhere, take those tratis for granted. To us, those traits are as easy as breathing.  We didn’t think nothing of Stan being the way he was…after all…he was conservative. Went to church, stayed married to his high school sweetheart. Never put anyone down for their politics. He was a great ballplayer, sure…but there are millions that live their lives the same way Stan did.

I’m not sure Bob knows that.

An hour before the funeral, I saw an interview with Robert Redford.  Robert Redford was repeating the Obama’s mantra: People don’t want change, but it’s coming regardless of whether they like it or not. Period. He was talking about conservatives.

Here’s Obama’s words:

There are going to be some areas where that change is going to be very hard for Republicans. I suspect, for example, that already there are some Republicans who embrace the changing attitudes in the country as a whole around LGBT issues and same-sex marriage. But there’s a big chunk of their constituency that is going to be deeply opposed to that, and they’re going to have to figure out how they navigate what could end up being divisions in their own party. And that will play itself out oveStan and wifer years.Stan Musial honor

Yes…change is coming to the Stan Musials of the world whether they want it or not. (Nobody says: Be careful what you wish for…you just might get it.) Stan Musial at bat

Among the crowd at the funeral was all the town’s sports figures: Whitey Herzog, Tony La Russa, Commissioner Bud Selig, and Robert Pujols. It was a very long program because they showed the whole Catholic Mass on TV.

So— Here was two great ‘conservative’ American traditions: The Catholic Mass and American Baseball, and the theme of the day, was not only what a great ball player that Stan had been, but what a great human being. Bob spoke as if…nobody sees this kind of decency anymore.

Obviously not him.

To Bob…(by his speech) men like Stan are..rare. Morality, decency, living a humble life…that’s the  past.

Our country was founded on morality. On decency. On each man making his own mark, and then giving back. And those very important rules are based on religion. (That Obama smirks that we “cling”to.) That shows how much we have changed…Lance Armstrong, the steriods…you don’t have to look too far to see corruption in sports, or politics, or anything anymore for that matter.

And while Bob Costas eulogy will go down in history as being one of the best ever given about any man, Stan’s brother-in-law made an even more important reminder than the fact that Stan wasn’t prejudice. (As so many conservatives ALSO…are not.)  He reminded everyone, that Stan Musial worked with the Catholic Church AND the Pope, (Back when Reagan was President) to help funnel money over to Poland, which helped defeat the communists in Russia and Poland. When Obama presented him with the Congressional Metal of Freedom last year, he certainly didn’t mention what the man did.

I’m sure, Obama could have cared less.

The “change” that Robert Redford and Obama are talking about is why I found this funeral so sad. I think, the fact that Bob sees the abhorrent behavior that has become the norm in our sports was why he was crying, and maybe he was asking himself… Why can’t all men be as decent as Stan Musial?

Well, when they have leaders like Obama, and movie stars like Robert Redford…trashing the country and its traditions on a daily can expect a lot more tears.Stan Musial coffin

The real fact is: there are still millions of Stan Musials in America, living lives of ‘quiet desperation” helping their neighbors, loving their families, trying to be good citizens(buyinig McDonalds for the grandkids on Saturday)—and they are being attacked, while the sport figures, rap singers, horror fiction writers, movie stars…etc…are getting pats on the back for being basically rich drug addicts, adulterers, cheaters, and liars. The boys of summer are found on the ski slopes of Aspen, waiting for the next cocaine fix to come in.

Like Stan Musial, the common conservative man will never get on the news. And it’s that common, decent man who they want to not only ‘change” but crush.

Nobody could stop thinking about that through the whole funeral.

When the coffin was carried into the church, it had only a white linen drape. No flowers were on it. No roses of any sort. It was simple. Plain…like the man.

His grandson said “Gee, I had to follow Bob Costas.” with a sigh, but then said probably the most important thing: He looked into the camera and said he wanted everyone watching to try to be just like Stan.

If only.

Stan the Man, is the quintessence of the America that most of us grew up with. They drapped him in the American flag as they carried him out, as if to say to all the liberals: Here lies an American dream…watch and weep, and honor “Stan the Man.” He was the best of us.Stan Musial and statue

And should you ever get to St. Louis, go stand in front of Stan’s statue, and bring a harmonia, and play a tune. Stan would love it…he never went anywhere without his. And don’t forget to read what it says:

“Here stands baseball’s perfect warrior. Here stands baseball’s perfect knight.”

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“The Larks and the Linnets Were Singing….”

Nobody’s Notes

The day I had been waiting for all winter, came today— The glorious day of my local pool opening. After the initial shock of the cool water, there I was, doing my “exercises” all the while watching daddies and mummies encouraging their babies to kick in the water. It was gloriously hot..almost 98 degrees. There is something so nourishing about the feel of the sun on your don’t notice the heat when you’re in water. The energy is quick, and no matter what age you are, you feel like you are a kid again, and the world is once again..somehow right.

Obama who?

So, it’s a Saturday, and time for yard work, but I wanted to share this marvelous bit of advice from that man of great common sense, Daniel Hannan. He is talking about his country, England, and all the troubles that have fallen upon it…and then..he gives you the gift of advice, as warm as and welcoming as the hot summer sun.

I’d like to think that you could apply Daniel’s logic to fact, we should.

Conservatives can sometimes slide into pessimism. The world is not as we would wish it. Our values are derided, our patriotism scorned, our freedom truncated, our birthright traduced. It’s easy to despair.

But every problem has its solution. If we were to return to the spending levels of 2005, our fiscal troubles would be no more. As the eurozone crisis destroys the original rationale for our membership of the EEC, the day of our independence is surely approaching.

We have, after all, been here before. In the mid-Seventies, it felt as if we were finished as a nation: constant strikes, a collapsing trade balance, murders in Northern Ireland, awful architecture, decimalization, shocking dress sense, the destruction of the counties, double-digit inflation, prices and incomes policies, EEC membership, power cuts. Every public intellectual, every columnist, almost every MP was reconciled to permanent decline.

In fact, though we didn’t know it, Margaret Thatcher and national recovery were on the way. The skies were about to clear. High on the downs, the larks and linnets were singing.

So, England was once very sick. Then Margaret Thatcher in England, and Ronald Reagan in America, came charging in to Jimmy Carter, and all the liberals…and took control. Both nations recovered so well, that it has taken all this time of hard liberal hammering, to bring them down again. They put Russia back in its hole…for quite a while.

Russia is back. So are the leftest/liberals-Marxists.

It’s hard to stay upbeat, when we are bombarded daily on our horrible situation: Half the people on welfare, horrible school systems, continuing inflation that we keep hearing “will come back” (Tell me, when did it ever leave?”) unemployment so bad, people stop looking for a job…and a government that can’t seem to manage to stop spending one dime on anything. And for the first time in American history, we have a Marxist/Muslim in the White House who has decimated the Constitution so badly, we wait for him to make himself a permanent King.  No wonder he likes Putin. He divides us all…blacks against whites, rich against poor, sick againt healthy, unions against the private sector….He blames everyone but himself.

Nobody Knows if he will leave the White House quietly when his time is up.

But Daniel reminds us, that all we need is a few good conservatives to at least stop the bleeding. It can be done…it’s been done before.

It’s a nice thought to have on this Memorial Day weekend…we should remember what we still have. We DO have something worth fighting for— and as Churchill once said.

“Never give up.”

We still have our country…we still have noble people…all we need is leadership.

 Thanks Daniel…that was sorely needed on both sides of the Atlantic. In fact, as far as uplifting speeches go..that was a real…big…CANNONBALL!

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