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Nobody’s Fool: Daniel Hannan

Nobody’s Fool

This was sent to me by email…and I HOPE that my good friend amfortas doesn’t mind that I also post what he had to say about one of the greatest minds on the planet: Daniel Hannan

Amfortas summed it up brilliantly:

“One is occasionally reminded of what a Politician CAN be. Away with the cant and the cliche, the sound-bite and the mendacity, and bring on the clarity and purposefulness. Watch a man who CAN speak and hold his audience in rapt attention. Here him speak WITHOUT notes or tele-prompts. Listen to his almost perfect enunciation and his ability to draw upon relevant quotations. It astonishes that he can speak without a hint of demeaning an opponent, but condemn an entire generation of them without even mentioning them.”

Well said, my friend.

And…thanks to amfortas, let’s all enjoy...Nobody’s Fool: Daniel Hannan.

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Nobody’s Fool: Daniel Hannan–Forever More

Nobody’s Fool

It’s been a while since I touched on probably my most favorite politician in the whole wide world: Daniel Hannan. (thanks to amforatas for putting me on to him.)

If only the world was filled with more of these men, earth would be a better place. In this speech, he delivers a uplifting  speech for England to be its own country again.

Watch in awe— this man of intelligent perfection: And enjoy.

If England was smart, they’d make this man Prime Minister.

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Nobody Flashes: The Perfection of Daniel Hannan

Nobody Flashes

Look out America…they are going to welcome with open arms MILLIONS of illegal immigrants onto the welfare rolls. This of course, will put millions more people out of work here in America, and we’ll be right up there with the high unemployment of the EU.

But…then again…that seems to be the plan.

It’s been a while since I posted my favorite British conservative, and so..with his usual perfection, here’s Daniel Hannan, explaining so very clearly…the problem of “running out of money.”


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Nobody’s Fool: Daniel Hannan–Again.

Nobody’s Fool

I searched all over this week for someone to post, in order to deliver an uplifting man or woman of the week, and I couldn’t find anyone who says so much in such little time as Daniel Hannan.

Truly, what in the world good happened this week in the news? The highlight was San Diego got to see 15 seconds of spectacular fireworks because of some computer disk malfuction. And since we were devoid of any kind of good news last week, (Fires, electric outages, storms, etc.) they had to spin a big incredible &$^% up, as being…a fun thing! So what if thousands of people sat for hours in traffic hoping for a show?  Wasn’t that cool they said?

We ARE amazing.  

Nobody hopes our computers on our nuclear subs don’t do that trick.

Here Daniel makes the point that the EU is discussing women and homosexual rights, while the great EU Titanic ship is sinking. Our Congress is discussing boxing rules among all things. And then Daneil makes his on abservation as to why he thinks ‘people’ do the absurd.  

Daniel is a one-man inspiration every  time he speaks. I don’t think this will be the last time he fills my Nobody’s Fool slot.


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“The Larks and the Linnets Were Singing….”

Nobody’s Notes

The day I had been waiting for all winter, came today— The glorious day of my local pool opening. After the initial shock of the cool water, there I was, doing my “exercises” all the while watching daddies and mummies encouraging their babies to kick in the water. It was gloriously hot..almost 98 degrees. There is something so nourishing about the feel of the sun on your don’t notice the heat when you’re in water. The energy is quick, and no matter what age you are, you feel like you are a kid again, and the world is once again..somehow right.

Obama who?

So, it’s a Saturday, and time for yard work, but I wanted to share this marvelous bit of advice from that man of great common sense, Daniel Hannan. He is talking about his country, England, and all the troubles that have fallen upon it…and then..he gives you the gift of advice, as warm as and welcoming as the hot summer sun.

I’d like to think that you could apply Daniel’s logic to fact, we should.

Conservatives can sometimes slide into pessimism. The world is not as we would wish it. Our values are derided, our patriotism scorned, our freedom truncated, our birthright traduced. It’s easy to despair.

But every problem has its solution. If we were to return to the spending levels of 2005, our fiscal troubles would be no more. As the eurozone crisis destroys the original rationale for our membership of the EEC, the day of our independence is surely approaching.

We have, after all, been here before. In the mid-Seventies, it felt as if we were finished as a nation: constant strikes, a collapsing trade balance, murders in Northern Ireland, awful architecture, decimalization, shocking dress sense, the destruction of the counties, double-digit inflation, prices and incomes policies, EEC membership, power cuts. Every public intellectual, every columnist, almost every MP was reconciled to permanent decline.

In fact, though we didn’t know it, Margaret Thatcher and national recovery were on the way. The skies were about to clear. High on the downs, the larks and linnets were singing.

So, England was once very sick. Then Margaret Thatcher in England, and Ronald Reagan in America, came charging in to Jimmy Carter, and all the liberals…and took control. Both nations recovered so well, that it has taken all this time of hard liberal hammering, to bring them down again. They put Russia back in its hole…for quite a while.

Russia is back. So are the leftest/liberals-Marxists.

It’s hard to stay upbeat, when we are bombarded daily on our horrible situation: Half the people on welfare, horrible school systems, continuing inflation that we keep hearing “will come back” (Tell me, when did it ever leave?”) unemployment so bad, people stop looking for a job…and a government that can’t seem to manage to stop spending one dime on anything. And for the first time in American history, we have a Marxist/Muslim in the White House who has decimated the Constitution so badly, we wait for him to make himself a permanent King.  No wonder he likes Putin. He divides us all…blacks against whites, rich against poor, sick againt healthy, unions against the private sector….He blames everyone but himself.

Nobody Knows if he will leave the White House quietly when his time is up.

But Daniel reminds us, that all we need is a few good conservatives to at least stop the bleeding. It can be done…it’s been done before.

It’s a nice thought to have on this Memorial Day weekend…we should remember what we still have. We DO have something worth fighting for— and as Churchill once said.

“Never give up.”

We still have our country…we still have noble people…all we need is leadership.

 Thanks Daniel…that was sorely needed on both sides of the Atlantic. In fact, as far as uplifting speeches go..that was a real…big…CANNONBALL!

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Daniel Hannan Talks About Common Law

Nobody Flashes

While the Supreme Court is going to decide about whether the federal government has the right to tell us all that we MUST buy something, or else face jail time and fines, I thought this video of Daniel Hannon should be shown to remind us just how far our country has come from giving the individual citizen the liberty that was once, the very basis of common law. We got our laws from the great Brits before us, and Daniel reminds us all.

Last night I watched a video made by a young man, who was sitting on his new farm, that he had just put all his money into. He pleaded that when the economy gets worse, he will be ahead, because he did not put all his money in gold and silver…but food. And then, the commentators reminded him that the government could come take his land any time they wanted.

They had a very good point. So then, only if you had gold and silver could you fend them off.  The message they were all telling him is: once Big Brother gets the will have very little rights.

And this is why I really like Daniel Hannon..he fights for liberty everywhere.

Will the Supreme Court rule to the common law with Obamacare? Will one of the conservative judges give in? We shall see in a few days.

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Another Great Dan Hannan Speech—It’s Important that THEY Represent You.

Nobody Knows—

Americans would do well to follow this man and his every speech. In this short video, he explains with the utmost clarity, the greatest gift that England has given the world, and that is the model for representative government.

England is on the path to losing their sovereignty to the EU, and Daniel is the Lancelot of the relm…slaying the dragons of insanity…one by one.

Here in the states, Obama is ruling by Czars, executive orders, secret orders, and pretty much any way he pleases….our rulers represent only one class. The very rich. Mitt Romney bought Florida. The bankers of Brussels would come for us next, just as surely as the bankers of Wall Street already have.

Yesterday, we had Allen West. Today…an even better speech from Dan Hannan. I just can’t get enough of this man.

Make the time to see this if you can. Nothing I could say today would be any more important….

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Hannon Talks to the American People

Nobody’s Opinion

Some years ago, I was writing to various companies trying to get a “licensee” for my patented product. In every “inventor’s ” book I read, they all warned of the same thing to the lone guy trying to approach a big company.  They warned that all the big companies have the “not invented here” syndrome. This basically means they spend millions of dollars every year to pay people to think up ideas, and so, if some outsider comes along, they will have to sign an agreement that says in long pages of lawyer gobbledygook, “We will look at your idea but we might have the exact same thing being developed at our company (which of course, they don’t have to prove to YOU.) therefore, anything you show us can be ours. And you will…get nothing.”

In other words, you give them permission to steal your idea by showing it to them. You see, if you work for Monsanto, and think up an invention that pulls all pollution out of the air, at almost no cost, that invention belongs to Monsanto. Even if you thought it up in your own time, and on your own dime.

These books always warned you to get at least a “patent pending” before you show your idea to any big company, and when my patents were pending, everyone talked to me. What they didn’t tell you is that if you actually GET the patent, nobody will call you at all. In fact, they won’t touch you with a Joe Biden handshake.

What does this have to do with Daniel Hannan’s great presentation on America?

While Daniel does not touch the subject of “patents” and inventions, he does lay out what happens when you get government taking care of free markets.  He points out the way to wealth for countries is competition between them all, not financial markets controlled by unelected dweebs with good intentions. It’s also why when the big banks buy up all the little banks, and the big multinationals put the little businesses out of work, there is less competition. For example: McDonalds got out of Obamacare…how’s that going to work for you?

This Daniel Hannan speech was meant for all Americans. If you can find the time, it’s a great lesson for us all. Sorry I post him so much…I just think he is saying, more than anyone in America, what we all should be hearing from our leaders over here in the states.

As he basically says, America is the last hope. We MUST not give up on what the founders gave us. 


(The speech is so good, it will feel more like ten minutes, really. )

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Nobody Has a Man of the Year

Nobody’s Fool

Time Magazine’s “man of the year” was the “protester.” If you ask this Nobody, it should have been Daniel Hannan.

In the finest British traditions of Margaret Thatcher and Winston Churchill, Daniel is fast becoming “The Man of the Decade.”

You don’t have to know anything about what is going on in Europe not to appreciate the points he makes.

Our politicians tell us pretty much the same thing. FU.


(Thanks to amfortas)

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