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The day I had been waiting for all winter, came today— The glorious day of my local pool opening. After the initial shock of the cool water, there I was, doing my “exercises” all the while watching daddies and mummies encouraging their babies to kick in the water. It was gloriously hot..almost 98 degrees. There is something so nourishing about the feel of the sun on your don’t notice the heat when you’re in water. The energy is quick, and no matter what age you are, you feel like you are a kid again, and the world is once again..somehow right.

Obama who?

So, it’s a Saturday, and time for yard work, but I wanted to share this marvelous bit of advice from that man of great common sense, Daniel Hannan. He is talking about his country, England, and all the troubles that have fallen upon it…and then..he gives you the gift of advice, as warm as and welcoming as the hot summer sun.

I’d like to think that you could apply Daniel’s logic to fact, we should.

Conservatives can sometimes slide into pessimism. The world is not as we would wish it. Our values are derided, our patriotism scorned, our freedom truncated, our birthright traduced. It’s easy to despair.

But every problem has its solution. If we were to return to the spending levels of 2005, our fiscal troubles would be no more. As the eurozone crisis destroys the original rationale for our membership of the EEC, the day of our independence is surely approaching.

We have, after all, been here before. In the mid-Seventies, it felt as if we were finished as a nation: constant strikes, a collapsing trade balance, murders in Northern Ireland, awful architecture, decimalization, shocking dress sense, the destruction of the counties, double-digit inflation, prices and incomes policies, EEC membership, power cuts. Every public intellectual, every columnist, almost every MP was reconciled to permanent decline.

In fact, though we didn’t know it, Margaret Thatcher and national recovery were on the way. The skies were about to clear. High on the downs, the larks and linnets were singing.

So, England was once very sick. Then Margaret Thatcher in England, and Ronald Reagan in America, came charging in to Jimmy Carter, and all the liberals…and took control. Both nations recovered so well, that it has taken all this time of hard liberal hammering, to bring them down again. They put Russia back in its hole…for quite a while.

Russia is back. So are the leftest/liberals-Marxists.

It’s hard to stay upbeat, when we are bombarded daily on our horrible situation: Half the people on welfare, horrible school systems, continuing inflation that we keep hearing “will come back” (Tell me, when did it ever leave?”) unemployment so bad, people stop looking for a job…and a government that can’t seem to manage to stop spending one dime on anything. And for the first time in American history, we have a Marxist/Muslim in the White House who has decimated the Constitution so badly, we wait for him to make himself a permanent King.  No wonder he likes Putin. He divides us all…blacks against whites, rich against poor, sick againt healthy, unions against the private sector….He blames everyone but himself.

Nobody Knows if he will leave the White House quietly when his time is up.

But Daniel reminds us, that all we need is a few good conservatives to at least stop the bleeding. It can be done…it’s been done before.

It’s a nice thought to have on this Memorial Day weekend…we should remember what we still have. We DO have something worth fighting for— and as Churchill once said.

“Never give up.”

We still have our country…we still have noble people…all we need is leadership.

 Thanks Daniel…that was sorely needed on both sides of the Atlantic. In fact, as far as uplifting speeches go..that was a real…big…CANNONBALL!

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Daniel Hannan at CPAC…Happy Valentines Day!

Nobody’s Perfect

Me, I’m not perfect…. I began to write my usual Tuesday’s Nobody’s Perfect column, and then I ran into this. As I listened to my most favorite speaker on the planet, my heart began throbbing like a young schoolgirl.

Sorry. This is the perfect speech, and I just can’t help myself. Anyone who believes in freedom, should take the time to listen to this masterpiece.

While everyone is watching Sarah Palin, and all the American speakers, Nobody Thinks, it’s Daniel for me, who presented in his usual brilliant way, why we should fight like hell to preserve what we have.

He talks about Reagan, Jefferson, our Constitution, Washington, and cracks some pretty good jokes. I LOVE this guy, and I just know, if you listen to will too.

Enjoy and Happy Valentines’ Day!


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