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Daniel Hannan at CPAC…Happy Valentines Day!

Nobody’s Perfect

Me, I’m not perfect…. I began to write my usual Tuesday’s Nobody’s Perfect column, and then I ran into this. As I listened to my most favorite speaker on the planet, my heart began throbbing like a young schoolgirl.

Sorry. This is the perfect speech, and I just can’t help myself. Anyone who believes in freedom, should take the time to listen to this masterpiece.

While everyone is watching Sarah Palin, and all the American speakers, Nobody Thinks, it’s Daniel for me, who presented in his usual brilliant way, why we should fight like hell to preserve what we have.

He talks about Reagan, Jefferson, our Constitution, Washington, and cracks some pretty good jokes. I LOVE this guy, and I just know, if you listen to will too.

Enjoy and Happy Valentines’ Day!


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