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Ohio Students…Cupcakes of a Typical Uneducated Nation.

Nobody Wins

Just recently, there was a terror attack at Ohio, where a man tried to kill some students with his car. He then jumped out and started stabbing as many students as he could:

The details of Abdul Razak Ali Artan’s attack last Monday at the Ohio State University campus in Columbus remain scarce, but in social media posts attributed to him, there is praise for both the Islamic State and slain al-Qaeda preacher Anwar al-Awlaki, who the United States said directed attacks on Americans.

Just listen to these students. They won’t admit that it was a terrorist attack.

I could hardly believe the almost ungodly ignorance of these people, and ONE of them, was a professor.

While many of us are ecstatic about the Trump win, the real scare many of us wonder is: How in the world is he going to be able to correct the stupidly that runs throughout the public school system?

IF our kids were taught like they should be, when they finally went to college, they would see that their colleges are Marxist training grounds.

But for years, our school systems have been the biggest joke on the planet. The United States is globally way down at the bottom in math, science, and reading, and as you can see by the video…just plain common sense.

Last reported in 2015:

“In mathematics, 29 nations and other jurisdictions outperformed the United States by a statistically significant margin, up from 23 three years ago,” reports Education Week. “In science, 22 education systems scored above the U.S. average, up from 18 in 2009.”

In reading, 19 other locales scored higher than U.S. students — a jump from nine in 2009, when the last assessment was performed.

The top overall scores came from Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Macao and Japan, followed by Lichtenstein, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Estonia.

How can we ever compete, when we spend more money on each student than any other nation, and continue to turn out complete morons?

Like the ones you see above.

And that’s why, when we finally GET a great man to lead us, half the country doesn’t even recognize it.

How can they? They can’t even recognize a terrorist. They know NOTHING of history.

From AARP:

“This bright-looking sophomore came up after a lecture and said she’d never realized the 13 Colonies were all on the East Coast. We’ve been raising generations of young Americans who are, by and large, historically illiterate.”——Historian David McCullough

Yes, there’s been many years of liberal damage. If we are to have a future at all…

Maybe it’s time we start protesting our schools, and demanding results. Why stop with Kellogg?

(Thanks to ‘g’ man for the video.)




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