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Obama Brings out His Army

Nobody Wonders

You have to wonder: It hasn’t even been one day, and the Anti-Trump people are out protesting in the streets in 7 cities tonight. The ‘left’ has organized another “show” of thuggery.

Black Live Matter needed some more money.

If Hillary had won, the working men and women who supported Trump, wouldn’t have even thought about protesting. Why? Because they have to get up and go to work to SUPPORT the kids out there tonight who are breaking windows, crying “Kill Trump” and waving their Mexicans flags.  trump-protestors-two

Hillary and Obama, hypocritical as they are, were always mentioning the “rule of law” and yet, neither one of them abide by it, or insist that the citizens do.

I was talking to a good friend today, and she was telling me that she spent an hour at the Salvation Army. And then I thought: This is why Trump won. I too shop at Wal-Mart, the Salvation Army, and the Dollar Store. Those stores used to be for just the poorest of the poor. Not anymore.  I remember how buying a shirt or a pair of shoes 20 years ago, did not put you back from buying other things. I MISS shopping at the ‘nicer’ stores.

My brother even now shops at the Salvation Army. My brother, who always used to buy his clothes at Macy’s.

Middle Class America now shops at the Dollar Store.

The salaries haven’t just come down in America, they have disappeared. In the meantime, inflation is through the roof. Food and the necessities of life take up most of the budget. And yeah, we stand in line at Wal-Mart and watch the family of five in front of us from El Salvador, push two carts full of food and clothes, and hand the cashier a card.

It’s all free, for them, thanks to those Trump voters who basically have no health insurance now because it’s more important to pay for the illegal’s coming in.

You don’t think we get tired of it?

The last time I saw one of these families at Wal-Mart, a small Mexican child kept coughing. I have to run away as fast as possible because two years ago I caught something from some kid at Wal-Mart and it nearly kill me. The new ‘cheap’ doctors at Walgreen refused to give me anti-biotic.

They are “over-used” they tell you now. A REAL doctor once told me, it’s really because they are not developing anything anymore. No more research.

Obama ruined our great medical system. And no matter what angle I look at it from, it seems to me to be a plan to kill off the old so that the Social Security hangs around a little longer.  Obama was designed to get rid of the aged, and protect the young, who are mostly illegal.ah-ha

The plan? Import a younger, cheaper work force. Basically, the old slave plantation with cell phones.

At least, that’s how it feels to us. What else can you think?

I just watched a video of Miley Cyrus crying that Hillary lost. To the American that voted for Trump we are thinking “You’re crying?” Cry when you can’t afford to get a broken foot cast.

Cry when you can’t afford your child’s medication.

Cry when you see your cities destroyed by thugs and stupid kids, and cops die for no reason whatsoever.

Miley,—- all the money in the world, and still stupid.

Now, there’s talk that California wants secession.

Okay. How about they pay off the National debt ($20 trillion) and build a wall around California?

The liberals are beside themselves…Maureen Dowd had this to say:trump-protestors-one

It is unthinkable to imagine the most overtly racist candidate — and head of the offensive birther movement — driving in the limousine to the inauguration with the first African-American president. What would they discuss? How Trump plans to repeal Obamacare? How Trump will appoint Supreme Court justices that will transform America into a drastically more conservative landscape over the next 20 years? How Trump plans to undo the Iran deal? When will Trump begin deporting Hispanics? When will Attorney General Rudy Giuliani pardon Chris Christie and put Hillary in jail?

Sigh. She SHOULD go to jail! What in the hell is WRONG with you Maureen?

They just don’t get it. There is nobody more racist than Obama.

And there was absolutely nothing wrong with questioning the birth certificate of the President, since he sealed every single record of his life from us.

This, was logic. “It’s our law.”

No, tonight you notice that the sixties communists are STILL trying to take over.

Donald Trump…just put that on hold. He literally DESTROYED the dreams of more progressive/communist takeover…and Obama is PISSED.



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President Donald J. Trump!!!

Nobody Flashes

FINALLY! A President worthy of the American people! How LONG have we waited for this?

President Donald J. Trump!

I couldn’t be more happy…now we have a man who will put us first.

And thank GOD for giving us this man at this moment in our history.  He took on two parties, the whole media, and half the world, and won.

The Bushes, the Clintons, —-we can now push them into the history bins, where they belong.

Congratulations and thanks from our hearts to Donald Trump and his family for all their hard work….and showing us that America still matter.

THIS was an historical moment in our history. And now…watch…and wonder.

I’m just so happy!


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