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Nobody’s Perfect: The Bushes VS The Man Who Fell Asleep On a Toilet

Nobody’s Perfect:

This week…we have the Bushes VS the Man Who Fell Asleep On a Toilet.

Some people can’t help themselves…there is a time that you must rise to the occasion, and either sound like viable candidate or get off the toilet.Jeb bushes


Let’s start with Jeb Bush. I don’t even check his ratings anymore. He has fallen so low in his popularity polls, even Angela Merkel has more fans. Heck, my DOG has more fans.

Jeb has two famous fans though, and they had to come out to try to rescue the poor boy last week.

To be fair, the Bushes knew from the start that Jeb didn’t stand a chance, but that didn’t stop the Bush family. Jeb, now has brought out Dad and bro to hopefully convince everyone that little Jeb should be President.

Jeb—trying to wake up from his “low energy” brand, said this when speaking about Trump:

“A presidential candidate needs to talk to people that have proven experience in the field and listen.”

WE NOBODIES remember when his brother George W., had his DADDY’s best team of experience men, and look what a mess they made of Iraq? (BAAAP)

Jeb Says:

“Have the humility to listen before you have an opinion and then recognize the power of the presidency as it relates to crafting foreign policy and do it in a way that is true to our values.”

Nobody says: What values does the Bush family have? Give America to the Mexicans? Keep losing the wars overseas? Love Hillary Clinton? Some values. Jeb Bush also talked about his skills, touting his experience living, traveling and doing business overseas, and as governor, conducting trade missions.Bushes together

Nobody says: Well Jeb… Trump has done more business overseas than you…try again.

Jeb says:

“You do it with a strategy, you do it with an exit strategy as well and you do it when it’s in our security interest,” he asserted.

Trump has to be laughing. Right. Your brother didn’t HAVE an exit strategy. And speaking of his brother, where has he been for 8 years? He’s been asleep on his couch, munching on pretzels, just getting up to paint a few pictures and go on a few bike rides with soldiers photo ops.

George W. says his brother:

“is going to win the Latino vote which is essential to winning” — and added that it’s essential not to “irritate the Latino vote.”

There you go: Jeb speaks Spanish, so he will win. Clinton was the first black President, Obama was the first gay President, and Jeb will be the first Spanish President if the first woman President doesn’t win. Have we got that yet?

No matter how many Bushes come out of the woodwork to glorify Jeb, I agree with Trump. Jeb has such low energy you get the feeling that he just doesn’t WANT to be President. It’s his father and his brother who want back into the Oval office.

Jeb, is already tired of it all.

Which brings us to the man who fell asleep on the inside of a toilet…for seven on toilet


According to The Star (Sheffield), seven hours after the Football League One match between Barnsley and Fleewood, firefighters had to rescue a Barnsley fan who had fallen asleep on the toilet inside of Oakwell stadium.

Workers at the stadium received a call late that evening that alarms in the stadium were going off. When they arrived, they found a young man standing on top of a portakabin, a portable building, shouting for help.

 This is what a spokesmen from the firefighters had to say:

“We got the call through to attend Oakwell and usually it’s just a false alarm. But we turned up and saw this young lad on top of the portakabin trying to get our attention. We had to get the ladder to get him down. He had no shoes on and had lost his mobile phone and his hat. He was more bothered about his hat though, he seemed a smartly dressed lad.”

He reportedly told the firefighters that he had a ‘few beers’ and simply woke up seven hours after, while on the toilet.Firemen

So, who wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week?

Is it Jeb Bush? A man who is so lethargic that he needed his family to come out and try to wake everybody up to his greatness?

Or was it the guy who fell asleep on a toilet and had to be rescued?

Frankly, I don’t see much difference between the two. They could easily trade places.

But—- Congratulations Jeb! You win the Nobody’s Perfect Award for putting the nation to sleep even when you are trying NOT to.

Next time Jeb, don’t call your Dad and Brother…call your local Firemen.

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