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Do We NEED a “Stoned” Nation?

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I must admit, I was surprised to hear Roger Stone, a longtime friend of President Trump, lobbying to make marijuana legal in all fifty states.

While most of the United States now seems to support medicinal use, (including me) for those people suffering from late stages of cancer, or other chronic conditions, when the normal drugs for these conditions are so high, I think it’s a different matter when it comes to making it legal as recreational use.

I don’t know how many people use marijuana, but I suspect it’s more than we think. The baby boomers grew up on the stuff, and most of MY friends never stopped smoking. I try not to judge, but frankly, I think it’s sad.

FIRST: You really don’t know what’s in it.

On the other hand, too many drug gangs are getting rich off selling the stuff. Then again, legalize it, and they will just sell some other drug.

Last week, I was sitting next to two people on the plane back from Arizona, who supported making it legal. The lady on my left, said she used pills, which didn’t contain the THC, and it helped her deal with her hips and feet problems. The guy on my right, said he was all for legalization.

I suggested that it causes brain damage in the long run, and is just as dangerous as cigarettes. I thought it funny…how long did we hear about the danger of cigarettes causing cancer? Why is NOBODY bringing up this obvious fact?

She got so angry at my opinion, she didn’t talk to me the rest of the flight.

So, here’s some reported facts about marijuana that I got from various sites. And let me say, I don’t think users should be jailed for smoking pot.  Unless of course, they drive high or sell to kids.

Aside from the discomfort that goes with sore throats and chest colds, it has been found that smoking one joint gives as much exposure to cancer-producing chemicals as smoking four to five cigarettes.

The mental consequences of marijuana use are equally severe. Marijuana smokers have poorer memories and mental aptitude than do non-users.

Recent studies on young adults that smoke marijuana, found abnormalities in the brain related to emotion, motivation and decision-making.

Alcohol is eliminated from the body in a few hours, but THC stays in the body for weeks, possibly months, depending on the length and intensity of usage.

THC damages the immune system. Alcohol does not.
• Short-term memory problems
• Severe anxiety, including fear that one is being watched or followed (paranoia)
• Very strange behavior, seeing, hearing or smelling things that aren’t there, not being able to tell imagination from reality (psychosis)
• Panic
• Hallucinations
• Loss of sense of personal identity
• Lowered reaction time
• Increased heart rate (risk of heart attack)
• Increased risk of stroke
• Problems with coordination (impairing safe driving or playing sports)
• Sexual problems (for males)
• Up to seven times more likely to contract sexually transmitted infections
than non-users (for females)

• Decline in IQ (up to 8 points if prolonged use started in adolescent age)
• Poor school performance and higher chance of dropping out
• Impaired thinking and ability to learn and perform complex tasks
• Lower life satisfaction
• Addiction (about 9% of adults and 17% of people who started smoking as teens)
• Potential development of opiate abuse
• Relationship problems, intimate partner violence
• Antisocial behavior including stealing money or lying
• Financial difficulties
• Increased welfare dependence
• Greater chances of being unemployed or not getting good jobs.33

Studies show that the mental functions of people who have smoked a lot of marijuana tend to be diminished. The THC in cannabis disrupts nerve cells in the brain, affecting memory.

Driving under the influence of cannabis is associated with a 92% increased risk of vehicular crashes. Important is the fact that such driving was associated with a 110% increase in fatal crashes.

• AAA reported that in the U.S. cannabis-involved fatalities increased from 8% in 2013
to 17% in 2014.
• In Colorado, marijuana use increased significantly starting in 2009, and a study found that the proportion of drivers in fatal car crashes in Colorado testing positive for marijuana had risen from 5.9% in 2009 to 10% in 2011.
• In the state of Washington, fatal driving accidents have risen 122% between 2010 and 2014.
• In California, the percentage of drivers testing positive for marijuana that were involved in fatal car crashes rose from 9% in 2005 to 16.5% in 2014.

So, there you go. Marijuana is just as damaging as alcohol, if done every day. Since I was a musician, (and did NOT do any drugs) I played in bands where drug use was common. And I saw, that over time, the guys became almost like zombies… completely laid back. They really didn’t think about much of anything at all. In other words…duh.

Do we need a ‘stoned’ nation? Do you think certain leaders would be all for it?

You know what I think.

Roger: Are you planning on marketing some fine weed soon?

Nobody Wonders.


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Good for You Ohio! You Got This One Right.

Nobody Knows

The rich elites have found a new cash cow, and the loss in Ohio yesterday was a clear and present shout from the people of Ohio, who obviously have not lost their brains to those criminal Mexican cartels in their mists, and voted down the measure to make Marijuana legal–despite that heart wrenching videos made to make people run out and vote…for the cause of the children.

The ‘progressives’ see it another way:

What’s so bad about filling your lung with smoke so that future Obamacare patients will need even MORE of that wonderful stuff to dull their pain when they are dying of lung cancer and their chemo is being rejected? You could save just ONE child’s life.  And what’s so bad about the millions of dollars that the state will make off the tax revenue, thereby giving the politicians lots more cash to funnel back into the democratic vouchers? You could save just one child’s life. And what’s so bad about not filling up our jail with drug addicts? Let them sit around and get stoned at home, where they will buy more pizza! Food stamps! Doughnuts! McDonalds could sure use the money right now, right? Think of what a boost it will give the fast food services business!

Put the icing on the cake, they might be too stoned to go vote on election day 2016.

But, they weren’t stoned yesterday, because by two to one, it was outvoted, and NOT because Iowans don’t want to get stoned…oh no…according to some poll, they like the idea, just not the fact that rich people will jump in and make a lot of money with monopolies, not the local farmer. Rich people like retired NBA Oscar Robertson:

Ohio voted Tuesday against legalizing recreational and medical marijuana via an amendment to the state’s constitution, shooting down a proposal to grant a small number of wealthy investors sole permission to operate commercial marijuana farms. 

The designated farms were backed by a number of notable Ohioans, including one-time boy band star Nick Lachey, fashion designer Nanette Lepore and retired NBA player Oscar Robertson.

Frankly, I was proud of them for not falling for that heart wrenching ad they put out about the people who had to move to Colorado to save their child, who was suffering over 100 seizures and day, and when he started being treated with marijuana, it was cut down to ten. Common sense says, so, pass a law that says children like this kid can have it sent to them from Colorado, with a doctor’s prescription. How hard could that be?

In America, 2017,  it does NOT make money, therefore, it’s not gonna happen.

So, you got this one right Ohio, now…PLEASE…don’t mess up the next one.

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What the Peanut Farmer Would Advise You, Your Mother Would Not.

The only thing that made me feel good about paying big bucks at the gas pump here in Missouri, is that I tell myself,  it’s a good thing that I don’t live in California, where gas got up to over $5 dollar a gallon last year. It’s the old self inflicted psychological, “Hey, at least I  don’t have cancer.” logic that seems to work every time.Jimmy Carter peanuts

It’s also a good marketing ploy: Look! Gas went down from $4.50 to $3.50! Whew!

The reason Californians pay such a hefty price  is because of the higher standards from the EPA. But Obama has come out and said he wants to make us all like California.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Reducing sulfur in gasoline and tightening emissions standards on cars beginning in 2017, as the Obama administration is proposing, would come with costs as well as rewards. The cost at the pump for cleaner air across the country could be less than a penny or as high as 9 cents a gallon, depending on who is providing the estimate.

The EPA is quick to add that the change aimed at cleaning up gasoline and automobile emissions would yield billions of dollars in health benefits by 2030 by slashing smog- and soot-forming pollution.

For those of us who actually remember how bad the pollution used to be in our cities, we are deeply impressed that Obama wants to save our lungs from the invisible smog that never happens here anymore.

It’s all for our health we are told, so pony up..but hey, if you want to inhale a big whiff of Mexican Green, and fill your lungs directly with a form of pollution more destructive than your grandfather’s old Marlboros, go ahead!  Since Colorado jumped on the legalization paddy, more states are considering hopping on the train to stoner highway…and you, like me, might be asking yourself…why?Legalizing grass

(Hint: A stoned nation will accept just about anything as long as they can still afford pizza.) Not to mention, nobody can afford cigarettes anymore and taxing weed would make up lost revenue.)

This was also reported:

Former president Jimmy Carter came out this month and endorsed taxed-and-regulated weed. “I’m in favor of it,” Carter said. “I think it’s OK.” seems they are saying—Have some Acapulco Gold with some Canadian Black, but stay away from that cancer stick and gasoline, because we care about you. We don’t mind if you just stay home and get stoned. In fact…we’d appreciate it.

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Whitney Houston: WTF?

Nobody Remembers: Whitney Houston

Funny how this stuff happens…whenever there is a big political debate going on, or some fundamental change in our America, some Diva dies.  I’m not quite sure what was going on when Michael Jackson went to sleep, but it got Obama’s big fight (was it health care?) off the pages for a good two weeks.

Nobody is starting to see a pattern here.  

So, the diva Whitney overdoses in a bathtub RIGHT before the Grammy’s. Won’t that bring in millions of more viewers? Everyone will be tuning in: Looking for her partner in drugs, Bobbie Brown, to cry, and her daughter’s fame as an actress and singer to skyrocket. Her timing was impeccable. It you are going to die..pick the perfect time to make sure you’re immortalized by your peers.

I wish I could say I was sad about this, but I was never a big fan. While everyone can admire, how much she had to practice to reach the perfections of her own voice, she had the best to learn from. Dionne Warwick was her aunt. Aretha Franklin was her Godmother. If you can’t learn from those two women, you might as well hang it up.

Whitney made a lot of people a lot of money. And millions of us small-town musicians had to try and imitate her..which was no small task. While I have many of her hits and albums, I never bothered to listen to them…I had to ‘sing’ them, so to me it was torture.

I still prefer Dolly Parton’s “I will always love you” to Whitney’s. I cry when I hear Dolly. I…simply study Whitney vocal abilities, but she never evokes any emotion for me. That’s just me. To millions of fans, Whitney was the “GOD” of voice until..

Mariah Carey. It’s must have been a hard blow. There was no way that Whitney could compete with Mariah. She was pushed off her throne by a more competent and God given vocal cord that could amaze everyone.

And Mariah played sexy. It sold.

It wasn’t much after the success of Mariah that Whitney got into Bobby Brown, and became the cocaine Diva. Still the Diva, she told Oprah that Bobby and her laced grass with cocaine, they NEVER did crack. That was beneath her. (Do we laugh here? )

And so..Why should I feel bad about someone like that? How could she do that to her daughter?

Many of us nobodies can’t for the life of us figure out how all these very rich and famous people kill themselves with drugs. Whitney lost her voice doing all those drugs, the once most beautiful voice in the world, was being laughed at. It was downhill for her..and only a matter of time.

Which brings me to Sarah Palin (wait…it’s not what you think.)

I found this picture of her going WTF? She was the favorite at the C-Pac convention. And her expression here is just how I feel about Tony Bennett’s statement. (I love this picture)

Upon hearing about Whitney’s death, Tony Bennett said this:

“First it was Michael Jackson, then Amy Winehouse, now, the magnificent Whitney Houston,” he is quoted as saying in the Hollywood Reporter. “I’d like every person in this room to campaign to legalize drugs.”

“Let’s legalize drugs like they did in Amsterdam,” said Bennett, who battled drug addiction in the late 70s.”No one’s hiding or sneaking around corners to get it. They go to a doctor to get it.”

Right Tony. Let’s legalize all those drugs so that all the doctors can assure us all that all the diva’s and idiotic addicts WON”T kill themselves.


Instead of using this as a lesson to our kids to NOT use drugs because obviously they can kill you…we get—


Nobody Thinks that Tony will use this opportunity to push the political agenda to get drugs legalized in the United States because only a drugged nation will sit idly by and let Obama’s plans to further destroy America.  What’s Tony getting to push George Soros’s agenda, one conspiracy theorist might ask?

If we go by history, when Obama decides to cancel the elections, Angelina Jolie will die of a drug overdose. Brad Pitt will be left with all those kids. And it will happen right before the Oscars. And if THAT happens, then I think it’s safe to say, there’s more to this than, WTF. The new phrase will be OMGWAS!

(Oh My God, We Are Screwed!)

WTF Whitney..really.


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