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Do Climate Scientists Own Cats? This Would Explain a Lot.

Nobody Wonders..

—How Paul Ryan, now that he has the leadership of the House, can make the claim that he knows the Constitution. He made it perfectly clear that he plans to do nothing in the remaining days of Obama’s Presidency, because, Obama would just veto anything they put on his desk, so why bother?King Paul

It’s pointless Ryan says. Waste of time. Not pragmatic. Stupid. Which means, Obama can do anything he wants because Paul Ryan will not use the power of Congress to impeach the man for the many times he has broken the law and put the country in danger because

Why again? Paul Ryan ACTS as if the House has no other options to oppose Obama but to just sit around and take a salary. Impeachment is off the table.

Must be nice.

So, because Obama CAN do anything, he is ignoring the law. He signed in amnesty by executive order, and Federal judge Andrew Hanen’s order STOPPED Obama’s DAPA and Expanded DACA programs because it was un-constitutional, but guess what? What are they going to do to him?

Paul Ryan is the speaker. Nothing.Obama in flames

The internal memo reveals four options of varying expansiveness, with option 1 providing EADs to “all individuals living in the United States”, including illegal aliens, visa-overstayers, and H-1B guest-workers, while option 4 provides EADs only to those on certain unexpired non-immigrant visas. Giving EADs to any of the covered individuals, however, is in direct violation of Congress’s Immigration & Nationality Act and works to dramatically subvert our carefully wrought visa system. 


—How Paul Ryan can stand by, and let Obama sign into law, an upcoming global warming treaty, where the United States will be required to pay billions to other countries? If you thought your health care costs were bad, just wait until you see your new electric bills, that is if Iran doesn’t start WWIII first.

Nobody Wonders why I can’t stop blaming Obama and start blaming Paul Ryan for the damage that Obama will do in the next year.

And Nobody also wonders how Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) can accuse Republicans for of denying science in their opposition to the deal, when the North Polar Ice is growingclimate cold

“They say they’re not scientists and I would agree with them,” she said. “They ought to be listening to the 97 percent of scientists who tell us human action and activities is causing too much carbon pollution.”

Nobody wonders why no one saw the hypocrisy going on last week after the CNBC debate. Last week every conservative jumped on CNBC for attacking the republican candidates with obnoxious and demeaning questions….and NOBODY mentioned, noooooooooooooooo nobody mentioned that FOX’s Megyn Kelly and Brit Baier started the nastiness, with the very first question they asked Donald Trump, in the very first debate.

What makes them any better?


—-if Russia will ever admit that their plane was shot down by ISIS, and if Putin will say it was a video.

—-If the rich people in D.C. know that Chinese plan to take over D.C., and put Dr. Chu in control.killer cat

–Why there isn’t a Thomas Edison Holiday…since just about everything we do today, was built on Tom’s many inventions.

—-Why Michelle went to India, instead of her usual vacation place, Hawaii. (or did she drop in on her way back?)

— If Obama can let enough prisoners out of jail to make it time to vote in the next election, and if he will be handing out free bus rides filled with free medicinal marijuana and a job at the IRS to them all for their vote.

—If Jimmy Fallon has been partying with Rahm Emanuel because he’s running out of fingers to destroy, or if he just doesn’t want to play the guitar anymore and needed an excuse.

—-If our children will ever be able to salute our flag in their classrooms ever again, or be made to study Sharia law.

—If the only one to see Tarantino’s new movie, will be Obama.

____What the heck my Muslim neighbor was screaming about outside his house at 11 o’clock on a Sunday and why he had to wake up the whole neighborhood. What was he saying? .

I don’t think it was “Peace on Earth good Christens!”

And Nobody Wonders…

–IF the same scientists that have discovered that all domestic cats really want to kill their owners, are the same scientists that say that global warming is real.

We can only hope that those scientists all own cats, because we DO know for a fact, that in their case, it’s absolutely true.



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Nobody’s Email: Donald Trump Fights City Hall to Display American Flag

Nobody Flashes

Long before he ran for the Presidency, Donald Trump did things we have not heard many billionaire Americans do, and THIS shows how much he loves his country. Donald and flag

Here’s an email I got over the weekend, that I didn’t even know about….and I thought it was pretty cool. Trump’s creative solution to the ‘problem’ shows just WHY he would make a fantastic President.


(Thanks to Kris)

When Trump purchased and rebuilt Mar-A-Lago the Grand mansion and estate In Palm beach, Florida he got into a dispute with the city, who are well-known for being strict on zoning regulations.

Trump put up a 50 foot flag pole even though 30 foot is the maximum allowed. The city imposed a 1,000 dollar fine per day. While Trump and the city argued back and forth, the fine had reached 120,000 dollars so, Trump proposed a solution.

He would donate that amount to veterans organizations, would move the flag and pole to a different location in front of the mansion and would only use a 30 foot flag pole.

The city agreed. So Trump brought in the company who does Golf course construction had them build a 20′ foot high grassy hill and put a 30 foot flag pole on top of that…..Thank you Mr. TRUMP FOR flying our flag high and donating to our veterans you’re a TRUE AMERICAN…

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Patriotic Black Men? Surprise!….They DO exist, Obama.

Nobody’s Opinion

Here’s the good news: Despite what you hear daily, from Obama to the Black Lives Matter idiots–guess what? I’m here to report to you, from the bowels of that horrible area of what our ‘President’ considered ground zero for being the worse place next to hell, in the middle of the United States, where the horrible treatment of cops and whites towards Obama, and the dead Michael Brown reside—the blacks are starting to “get it.”

Something AMAZING happened, just tonight, as I walked around Sam’s. One of the employees, a BIG black man, who looked as if he could be on TV, yelled out to me…

“Hey, I LOVE your coat.”

Boy, I wasn’t expecting that. Why was I surprised, you ask?  Because I was wearing a leather jacket with a huge America flag on the back, and USA in big red letters down the sleeve: not exactly the style of Dr. Dre.  Being an American is not cool, now, you know.

We are bombarded day by day by hour by hour that black people are not only angry at cops, they are angry at America AND white people…all of that in no particular order.

The last thing a white person would ever suspect is for a black man to be patriotic. But this guy was totally sincere. You can always tell when a person is being insincere…if you can’ have not been paying attention.

“Hey, Thanks! ” I said, with a big smile.

I could tell that he knew I was…surprised, so he smiled big and said, “It looks warm, I think it’s going to be a cold winter and I HATE winter.”

“I do too.” I said, grinning back at him.

Everything would be so much easier if we just all became Americans, wouldn’t it? On the same team.

This afternoon, I was listening to the radio, and the Police Chief of North Country (which includes Ferguson) was talking to a black radio host, who said he had relatives who were cops, and he understood the cops are doing the best they can. The black man was truly trying to look at things from the cops point of view.

Another refreshing surprise.

And that’s the good news: Black men like Ben Carson, Sheriff David Clarke, Allen West, and many others that the liberals daily attack, are waking up other blacks across America as to just what Obama has done to their lives. Ever since Obama started blaming cops for being racists, cops all over the country have been walking around with a target on their backs, and well…don’t like the cops?

They don’t HAVE to do their jobs now, do they? So, they have just stepped back. And crime has skyrocketed

From CNN:

  • Baltimore, gun violence is up more than 60% compared with this time last year, with 32 shootings over Memorial Day weekend. May has been the most violent month the city has seen in 15 years.

  • In Milwaukee, homicides were up 180% by May 17 over the same period the previous year. Through April, shootings in St. Louis were up 39%, robberies 43%, and homicides 25%. “Crime is the worst I’ve ever seen it,” said St. Louis Alderman Joe Vacarro at a May 7 City Hall hearing.

  • In Atlanta, murders were up 32% as of mid-May.

  • In Chicago, shootings had increased 24% and homicides 17%.

  • In Los Angeles, shootings and other violent felonies had spiked by 25%.

  • In New York, murder was up nearly 13%, and gun violence 7%.

  • In St. Louis, MO, after the shooting of Michael Brown in August, homicides surged 47% by early November and robberies in the county were up 82%.

Those citywide statistics mask even more startling (black) neighborhood-level increases. As examples:

  • Shooting incidents are up 500% in New York’s East Harlem precinct compared with last year.
  • Shooting victims are up 100% in a police division in South Central, Los Angeles.

Murders of officers jumped 89% in 2014, to 51 from 27.

Of course Obama WANTS crime to skyrocket. Obama’s aim is to cause the big problems of crime to go up, so that he can come in with the solution: the Nationalization of all police departments, AND more gun control. He doesn’t care about the blacks or the cops getting murdered…it a means to his end. He has a mission.

Obama’s standing police army is not going to happen overnight, so in the meantime, the smart blacks are starting to see, that it’s not the white people, or the cops…it’s the democrats who have made their neighborhoods cesspools of crime. And the truth is, Obama has been the biggest racist of all.

It’s not good news that the blacks are suffering so much under Obama.

BUT…the good news is: Someday that “black revolution” that Obama is trying to light a fire under, might just fizzle out and die…..thanks to good men like Sheriff David Clarke.



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