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Making Contact With God

I watched the movie Contact last night: Carl Segan’s opinions about space, time, and the wonder he felt for the universe and everything in it. Carl was FILLED with so much joy and wonderment, it made him one of the most important people on the planet.

I miss him.

The movie poses a lot of questions about Science VS God.

Myself, I must admit, I’ve been wondering about the universe and everything in it since I could remember. Because to me, no matter WHAT religion you are, the truth is: we ALL know there is something going on. You don’t get this much coordinated miracle of life just…randomly. It defies ALL science. It defies ALL logic. A higher ‘power’ must exist just because…well all you have to is open your eyes to see the boundless miracle of life on this planet. I can sit and stare at the leaves on my trees for hours and marvel at how they came to grow, fall, and come back.

God, or what you call God…just is. And because he cannot be proven, (according to science) to many he he doesn’t exist. Science needs proof and there is none.

Well, poppycock. Open your eyes. It’s pretty easy. He’s everywhere.

One thing we all know: And this IS FACT: Life is good. Killing life, is bad. It’s pretty simple. And when you are “Godless” killing life is VERY bad, and we are now witnessing a mass genocide by madmen who are…Godless.


We are ALL snowflakes. We are all, as Foster’s says in this speech: precious. NO two people on this planet are equal, and that’s the miracle they are trying to desperately to erase. Every single person is different, and every single person has a miracle inside them. Kill the individual, and you will kill invention. You will kill, the planet. We are seeing it right now. Kill freedom, and you kill your country.

Jodie Foster tries to explain what she witnessed when she was “contacted” but the Congressman, played by James Woods, called her nuts.

Fauci could have played that part well. I really liked this ending scene.

Then I thought I’d post this: Jordan Peters is a deep thinker. He’s one of those ‘snowflakes” that can’t stop thinking.

It’s the individual who saves and uplifted mankind. All advances in science came down to visions, people with a passion. But now, our elites are KILLING our future. They want most of us to DIE.

They’ve said so. They want to control every man, woman and child on this planet.

But you know what? Life WILL find a way. It always does. Because GOD…made life so indisputable it will succeed beyond all odds.

I sense people waking up…. don’t you?

Jordan said: You’re the image of God. We are NOT the image of Gates, or Fauci, or Biden. And it’s about time we ALL reach up to the stars and the power that created us all, and maybe, just maybe….

Truth will win. Yes, WE are the Gods of our own lives. I myself plan to find that better God I know lies inside me…

Because that’s how God made us all. In his image.

Enjoy Jordan. I think Carl would have really liked him.

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