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I must admit, I have missed just writing. But I’m hoping by Monday, I can get back to somewhat normal blogging. So, here’s a video I just watched that I thought was interesting.

All the conservative pundits all have their own style, and each offers important knowledge, and opinions, but there is one thing that Glenn Beck does better than anyone: he CAN entertain while putting the GLOBAL world stage on alert to the masses. I’ve read many of Glenn’s books, and I think you learn much more from one of his books as opposed to say…Mark Lavin. Glenn wasn’t the first to put together the global cabals, Alex Jones was. Nevertheless, Glenn goes into much greater detail.

When Trump was running in 2017, Glenn was on the Ted Cruz train. He got pretty nasty about Trump, but, now I think he’s a bit more educated and open about the man.

Because of Glenn, I moved money out of Bank of America and put our money in a local bank. Not sure if they can’t GET at the local banks, but I had been with Bank of America since I was 19, so it was a final admittance that yes, Glenn might be right. We must fight the big banks locally.

So, I’ll probably be getting the book. In the meantime, listen to him.

You WILL learn a lot.

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