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Americans SALUTE the Freedom Canadian Convoy!

Nobody Flashes

THIS is why the elites are scared. THIS is why Pelosi arranged the False Flag of January the 6th, where the Capitol Police attacked and killed people in the crowd, and one woman murdered, and they came out and claimed that it was an insurrection.


They CANNOT let things like this happen. But whoops! Trudeau is probably on some South Pacific Island by now. I would love to see these truckers all over the world, pick up all the global leaders and take them to a “re-education camp” wouldn’t you? A FREEDOM camp. Where they would have to be isolated, given a ‘welfare’ check, and learn how to live and cook, and teach their kids, and make their own beds…and be told they must ALL get the REAL vaccination.

Who would have thought that the Canadians would come out in such force? God bless those people.

I’m assuming that most of these truckers…are men. You HAVE to be tough to be a Canadian Trucker. But there are a lot of great women truckers too I bet.

Canadians are coming out for freedom…it’s GREAT! Our hockey playing neighbors are tough. And you HAVE to be tough to play hockey. In my opinion, the one sport that makes basketball and baseball look lame…Okay, rugby and football can get tough, but let’s be real. If those guys in the NFL had to skate BACKWARDS and put a small puck into a net…not so easy is it? But Canadians can do it in their sleep.

Here in America, they keep this stuff off the news. BUT…make no mistake, those of us here who are watching this are hoping OUR men come to their senses. The Trouble is: We have a whole Congress full of Trudeaus.

After all, as I’ve said before, it’s going to now take the people of the whole world to resist. That’s how comfortable and invincible the elites think they are.

They are ALL guilty of crimes against their own people.

So, we need all the uplifting images we can find, right? And this weekend, I’ll bet watching for them.

Ontario…here they come.

Hey: This isn’t Hong Kong people with umbrellas, these are BIG trucks…We need all the hope we can get.

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