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Nobody Wonders: Will it be the Parents Who Decide the Next Election?

Nobody Wonders

This guy is GOOD.

The corruption of our schools didn’t just happen overnight. I wanted to quit high school in my senior year I was so bored and so upset at the prison like attitude of the teachers and the administrations.

Our educational system needs to be overhauled, but sadly, with the unions, that won’t happen.

When my son went to school, I was constantly in fights with the school system, in fact, my own son was told he couldn’t attend high school his senior year without a doctor’s excuse. His crime? They gave none. He had good grades, never every been in trouble, top of his class, but he pissed somebody off by falling asleep in their class.

It took us two years to get a doctor’s excuse of DSPS (Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome) They never officially expelled him so for two years they collected state money. Two years later, they said “Oh well, he can come back now.)

Wouldn’t even give him a trial. I fought that all the way to the governor, and NOBODY helped me. I have a whole file cabinet filled with letters I wrote to different government people and got nothing back. I did get a lot of threats though. From top lawyers.

They probably now work for Hillary.

Did you see Biden telling the joke about how he put the dead dog on the lady’s porch when she complained to him? Teachers have tenure. Every government official I talked to senators, school board members, teachers, principals…etc… were rude. They are never scared of losing their jobs. We have seen just how “scared” government officials are of being fired.

I wasted four years of my life and learned a valuable lesson: This was NOT Ameria anymore.

It’s the same reason I dropped out of college. Unless you can get into the elite school, your education is not even up to 8th grade Chinese. Robert Kiyosaki, the real estate expert, the author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” has made many videos about how horrible and corrupt our educational system is.

And that’s by design.

And thank goodness the naked truth has been exposed: What they are teaching the children all across the nation is…destroying them. Add the masks and vaccines, and you have a China win!

CRT is a Marxist propaganda education to control the future of our country, and turn it into a communist system, destorying the West.

I fought my school system for years here and lost. But, I was alone. So…to see the parents come forth is refreshing. Better late than never.

So, enjoy this man’s common sense. And let’s hope, the parents rule the day…

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  1. I certainly hope parents like those speaking out decide the next election!


    Comment by Mrs. O | February 18, 2022 | Reply

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