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Confusion…is an Art Form for the Rulers

Nobody Reads

It’s clear. If anybody in authority, whether it be lawyers, school boards, putting a bed from IKEA together, voting in ANY election, or the government giving you instructions, you can be SURE anything you read will not make any sense.

Do you honestly think they WANT you to know what they are doing?

EXAMPLE: I have two magazines in my bathroom. AARP and Amac. I got Amac to see if it really WAS in improvement over AARP. What I found out is, somewhere in the pages I feel Liz Cheney is staring back at me, giving me the evil eye. At least with AARP I know Bernie Sanders is probably on the board of directors.

I came to an article called “Ask Rusty” in Amac who fancies himself the Dear Abby of how to take care of your Social Security. Yes, yes, the rules of SS change as much as Biden changes his diapers. You really have to pay attention.

The question was along the lines of “How much can I make on TOP of my Social Security yearly? And here was the concluding answer:


For awareness, if you were to return to work in any year between 2022 and the year prior to the year you reach your FRA (Full Retirement Age) and you exceeded the annual earnings limit, Social Security would take back benefits equal to $1 for every $2 you are over the limit. In the year you reach FRA, if you were to work and exceed the limit, SS would take back benefits equal to $1 for every $3 you exceeded the limit by. However, at your FRA, you’ll receive time-credit for any months your benefits were withheld because you exceeded the earning limit, which will result in your benefit amount being increases slightly at your FRA. In this way, you may, over time, recover any benefits that were withheld because you exceeded the earnings limit.



Read that fast. Read that backwards. Does it make sense to you? Why should the government even be allowed to dictate in the first place HOW much money you make after 65?

In the FIRST place, why in the WORLD can’t you make as MUCH money as you want after your retirement age and still collect what you are OWED of which you paid into ALL YOUR LIFE? After all, they would STILL be taking taxes out of whatever you are making. And SECOND place, WHY should illegals, who never paid into it at all, get more than YOU do the rest of your life?

For that matter, why was Congress allowed to unlock SS and spend it down to nothing so that nobody knows if it even HAS any money in it? And why should our rich Congressmen get big pensions the rest of their lives while our SS goes to paying for their big pensions?

We all know it’s a big Ponsi scam, but it’s basically breadcrumbs now to the old, AND the old VOTE.

And here’s the real kicker: Nobody should have to pay taxes on the SS money when they start getting it every year. It should be tax free PERIOD.

I could go into a whole rant about SS, but really, I should stick to the point. Whenever lawyers want to confuse you, they write directions so totally misleading that even Einstein was befuddled.

“The hardest thing in the world to understand is income taxes.” —Albert Einstein.

If he were alive today, that list would be VERY long indeed.

And this habit of doublespeak fills our airways, our politicians lying mouths, and even the most simply things, they can and DO confuse you with.

BECAUSE…they want you to do what THEY want you to do. And if they said anything simply, then YOU would understand: YOU are getting screwed.

Maybe that’s why they hate the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

It’s just too…simply understood. And that’s why they HAVE to rewrite it whenever they can.

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