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Nobody Wins With War

Nobody Wins when the Globalist start a war. No? This was RUSSIA? Hmmm…Yes, but Biden GAVE him the money with the pipeline to do this, actually nudged him in that direction, and now says we will do nothing, and then tries to figure out where his pudding cup is.

Nobody Wins

Russia invades Ukraine, with bombs and the full force of shock and awe. Gee, what a surprise!

George W. isn’t the only one who can take over a country with SHOCK AND AWE. I don’t know what to say about this except everybody expected it. Putin meets with Xi JA JA bing. Goes home and invades Ukraine, and what timing. Right before the CPAC of the Republican Party.

It’s almost as if the Great Reset was losing ground with the fool Trudeau in Canada, being made a fool of in front of the world, and he seems to be Klaus’s favorite son to take over North America. His reputation wasn’t doing too well. And those pesky Canadian truckers, gave the Americans the idea to do it here. They are driving to D.C. to upset Biden’s State of the Union.

Well, we can’t have THAT now, can we?

The global fight for the Great Reset must go on. Trudeau had to lift his “mandates” (But he will still punish everybody for protesting) and made a narcissistic speech about the Russian invasion, (As if he is still respected in his own country or the world for that matter) that made Biden seem like a weak and silly old man, which he actaullly is.

Clearly, Trudeau has been picked to be the next North American Castro great leaders. Klaus adores him.

Didn’t get off to a good start there did you Justin?

Biden came out and admitted that American soldiers are not going to fight for Ukraine.

Bill Gates is upset that not everybody got the vaccine, and it’s been exposed what is actually IN the vaccines, and so he is planning to put out another secret bioweapon to get whatever nanotech is IN these vaccines into everybody without them knowing it. If that doesn’t work, he is going to BLOCK OUT THE SUN!

Klaus’s own ego couldn’t stop him from announcing to the world that we will all be expected to be slaves and robots, so a handful of handpicked ‘experts’ can run the world.


Putin, whether we think so or not, is actually helping Trump.

Or is he? He’s got China to the left of him, Europe to the right, there he is, stuck in the middle with who?

In the meantime, as Klaus says, wars will be used to crush us all…because Klaus wants to show off his new outfit which he got from the Star Wars Costume Department.

It doesn’t matter…here’s another thought on it from Nobody’s Favorite pontificator, Joseph Paul Watson.

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