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Black Beauties Meet Deadly Ends

Nobody Knows.

WHY would two beautiful women on the top of the world, after having won titles to BEING the most beautiful women in the world, kill themselves?

Cheslie Kryst, Miss USA, killed herself?


She was pronounced dead after falling from her high-rise apartment.

Medical examiners conducted an autopsy Monday and a day later her death was confirmed a suicide, PEOPLE reported.


Wow. Black. Beautiful. And she jumped off a high-rise? I…. what? Someone who spent so much time on taking care of her body, her image, her legacy, would NOT jump off a high-wise. No, she would just take an overdose of something so as not to spoil her good looks, or upset her ‘mother.’

I’m just saying. And remember…she was a LAWYER. She wasn’t an idiot.

Nobody Knows if she was pushed.

And then there’s the case of another beautiful black woman: Zoe Sozo Bethel, miss Alabama. She died from brain injuries her family said, from an ‘accident’?

What kind of accident? They wouldn’t say. She was a staunch conservative and worked for Project VERITAS, so Nobody Wonders, what was SHE about to reveal?

Nobody Wonders if BLACK conservatives now will be targets of the ‘deep state’? We all know the blacks are starting to catch on to the big scam that they have been lied to all these years: how whites keep them down, when Dinesh D’Souza exposed the fact that it’s ALWAYS been the democrats that have kept the blacks in cess pool cities, the blacks started thinking.

 And with BLM, they get them to burn their own communities to the ground and blame it on cops. REALLY? You don’t think they might want to question that at sometime when their own stores are burning?

Many blacks are waking up. I see it in my own neighborhood, and I must admit, when I saw Tiger Woods car going off the road, in an accident where he could have been killed, to me it looked like a typical ‘mafia’ job.

It was a rental car. He was not drunk. He’s NOT a stupid man. And they can now control any car…and crash it. So…Nobody Knows if they were trying to get him off the blacks that would love Trump to be elected bandwagon.

Even though, Tiger has never expressed politics. Tiger is loved all over the world, and good friends with Trump.

Am I crazy enough to think that hit jobs would be put out on any black conservative that might support TRUMP for reelection? Are blacks important to the democratic voting block?

You bet they are.

Let me just say: Remember Ron Brown. The plane crashed, but there was a bullet in his head.

Of course, these two stories could have just happened.

In the meantime, they now keep our eyes on the upcoming war with Russia. Proving they CAN chew gum and walk at the same time.

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