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Nobodys Have Opinions About Ukraine

Nobody’s Opinion

While President Trump was giving his usual repeat again, wash, repeat again talk at the CPAC Convention last night, Putin was upping the threat to nuclear war. Reported in the headlines of the Liberty Daily:


Russian President Vladimir Putin raised the alert status for his nuclear forces to “special regime of combat duty” as Russia and Ukraine battle for the fourth day. Putin ordered the Russian defense minister and the chief of the military’s General Staff to put the nuclear deterrent forces in a “special regime of combat duty.”


Something is too weird. Trump’s ending was full of the usual “WE WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, THE BORDER WILL BE SECURED, and yada yada— and it all sounded great, but what are the odds that is going to happen? I’m getting ads every half hour to get EMP protection gadgets that cost a LOT of money. And if the grid does go down, what then? Maybe I’ll be able to start my car, but will the gas stations be running? And if you stock up on stuff, you can bet somebody is going to try to steal it all.

Half the country already has been destroyed. Thousands of jobs never to come back. If you don’t see it, it’s because you are all in your homes watching movies….but not the Truckers today: They have GONE through the towns, and they will tell you…the disappearing middle class.

After all, Trump’s right hand is still supporting and praising MANY RINOS for office, while his left hand is saying “We must get rid of them.” Add to that his “the vaccine is great get it” to “no more mandates” and we all know it’s killing people.

It’s easy to get the feeling that you have NO idea who this man is anymore. Did Trump go in to protect the country, only to come out after being beat up and defeated to ‘join’ the elites so that he could survive? After all, we all know the power that the elites have. Maybe in his mind it’s not smart to die for your country if you can put off the horror show for a little while.

He is about keeping the GOP in power, or what? I’m not sure really.

As for the Ukraine: Nobody Knows what the hell is going on, except that CHINA wins if Russia can take out both Europe and the United States at the same time. Who benefits? CHINA! And Klaus, Gates, Zuckerface, or so they think. To me it seems that just like China is getting the blacks and whites to fight, they are getting Russia and the West to fight, which leaves the world to them.

It’s just smart politics.

And make no mistake: China OWNS Biden. While the United States suffered for having to get its gas from its enemies, Biden wants us to stick to the China plan: Windmills. Solar. Electric cars.


And the poor people of the Ukraine, who just want to live with their kids and walk the streets, their whole lives, are being destroyed. Where do THEY go to? Poland can’t take them all. I’m sure we will take some, because that seems to be the pattern of the elites—how do you destroy borders of nations for their one world government?

You mix up ALL nations into a big Babylon. Wars do that real fast. Obama and Bush’s war flooded Europe with Muslims who are now taking over England and France.

And by the way, where was the Queen on Canada? Where was she on the FACIST moves in Australia? Maybe amfortas can fill us in on her silence. After all, she went through the horror of WWII…what say my British friends?

Well, here’s a good English fellow who always shares a great amount of clear thinking on the matter. He doesn’t know what to think about Ukraine. After all Biden, Kerry, Obama, and the Clintons were very much involved in it before this happened. So, all around the nobodies of the world are the ones left to suffer.

Enjoy with me, the common sense of Neil Oliver. Fast becoming a BIG somebody.

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  1. I have seen, recently, a growing number of people moving towards not trusting the government anymore. I think they overplayed their hand and not stirred up the growing opposition, unless that is what they wanted. Especially when you know that one of the main platforms of the globalist is population control as in a smaller population. So maybe this is playing into their desire to know who they need to murder to get their way?


    Comment by Tim | February 28, 2022 | Reply

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