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Nobody Wonders: Global Tyranny: Is this 1984 Come Again?

Nobody Wonders

Right now, we are witnessing the most tyrannical threat to the world since WWII. Somewhere long ago, the ‘elites’ of the world, decided to make the world more equal. And so, politicians were paid off, and the governments started handing over their power to the multinational companies. After all, it was a way to let them KEEP their jobs and make them all rich.

Covid was released, and who benefitted? The BIG stores, and all small business competition were whipped off the map. Multinational companies made trillions.

Notice the restaurants were hit the hardest because that’s where most people get good meat.

For too long the elites have wanted to keep people from eating a good steak. They made up the ridiculous lie that cows farts lead to global warming. They now threaten starvation coming.

Should we doubt them? And just who ARE the men behind this?

We are seeing this happen right now. The vaccine for Covid has been mandated by the American “President” Joe Biden. All companies must force their employees to get the vaccine or be fired.

So, First: It’s a MANDATE, not a law passed by Congress. Congress has now put its power in the hands of the multinational companies to force whatever tyranny they want to impose on the people.

THIS IS AGAINST OUR CONSTITUTION. Only Congress can make laws. So, they made a law that said all the President has to do is declare an emergency and voila! THEY can arrest you for just about anything!

Like going to a rally on Jan 6 to protest the Coup.

You see, they just bypass the Constitution with these stupid mandates.

You and your family starve, or you do what we want. If your loved one dies from the vaccine, Congress has given the big pharmaceutical companies a free pass. They cannot be sued.

This merger of the multinational companies with our politicians has been building over decades. And now, CHINA has grabbed that sucker by the balls and is basically bringing the world to its Knees.

The end game: China communistic rule for the planet. Rich suckers at the top. To do that, they had to release the virus, and use fear to take away everyone’s rights. (See video below)

Daddy Bush’s globalization plans for the world is a horror film. Daddy Bush, should go down in history as the man who kicked-started the global erasing of all borders. And there were many others in the background who worked hard on bringing on this “THIRD WAY” as Bill Clinton used to call it.

Whatever you call it, it means permanent horror for humanity:

A Globalist makes this statement from 1975:

Efforts to organize for peace are hopeless in a world of nationalism, and if we are ever going to have an international order, it will have to rest on a new extranational body—the corporation whose “manager, governors, and authorities think in extranational terms, whose personnel are indifferent to the nation-states except as impediments.

He goes on:

Global corporations account for the majority of the economy’s transactions. The conglomerate characteristic of global corporations and the nature of global oligopoly explain a category of structural transformation. The sheer power of these economic giants has out-stripped the ability of states to control them. The nation-state to the global corporation is a threat to the very survival of civilization.

Have we now just handed over our country to China? Have our politicians all worked towards giving our country up too communism to line their own pockets?

Consider that now, you can lose your job if you don’t get the Fauci vaccine. Is that American? Didn’t the Nazi’s do this to the Jews? Is this a very wall planned out takeover from China? The “Sun Zu taking over a country without firing a shot?” And more importantly, how many of our own ruling political class have been bought by China to make this happen?

That’s another blog isn’t it?

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