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Build Back Better with FOOD Shortages!

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Last night I was reading in an old book called Conversations in Cuba by Barry Reckord, a black journalist who went to Cuba in the late 1960s to talk to ordinary Cubans. He met a young girl who talked about how her life was BEFORE the revolution:


“And you would space out the shopping you know, perfume this week, a long trek all round before you buy a bottle, you’d set your heart on long before. Sandals next week. It was truly a freedom for the few, and what they say we are making in Cuba is a freedom for the masses. So, there will be lines and shortages, perhaps for a long time, perhaps forever like in Russia.”

That girl left for America the next day. She’d rather ‘suffer’ and be able to buy a bottle of perfume working as a secretary, than be forced to cut sugarcane and wait in long lines for food, that she probably couldn’t even get.

Here in my little neighborhood, we still have stocked food grocery stores, but many of the items are sold out immediately and not stocked back for months. You drive down any main street and you see ALL the fast-food restaurants with at least ten to fifteen cars ahead of you just to get a McDonald Hamburger, and you will pay ten dollars more than you did last year for the same meal.

Janet Yellen and our elite politicians, never count the inflation of food or energy in their “graphs” and for good reason. It’s the two thing most everyone depends upon to live.

All over the county of St. Louis, food trucks are being seen in the parks. Our local park now has food truck days, and soon those food trucks will be getting bigger and bigger: Nobody asks WHY?

Jen Psaki has warned Americans to stock up on toys, but Nobody Wonders, should we be stocking up on food also?

Read this: From the All News Pipeline…to me, a scary read, but a warning to at least think about:  

Globalists Warned Of A “Hunger Pandemic” Ahead Of The “Engineered Famine” And “Reset Of The US Food System” Now Pushing Us Towards The Brink Of Starvation (

Need to Know News last year showed in “Engineered Food Shortages and Famine to Justify ‘Reset’ of US Food System” a clip on and mention that in the past five years venture capitalists and corporations invested almost $10 Billion to replace traditional food sources with synthetic lab produced “food”.  They also mention that covid is a method of reducing farm labor to artificially reduce food production.  This was covered in a Rockefeller Foundation paper available online that outlines in caged verbiage how they are accomplishing that task.  In many ways, Covid-19 has boiled over long-simmering problems plaguing America’s food system. What began as a public health crisis fueled an economic crisis, leaving 33 percent of families unable to afford the amount or quality of food they want” is how they word it.  In other words, the fake covid bio-warfare attack is doing its designed job, killing the population off

Sarah Westall opines that the engineered food shortage is being used as a weapon of war as she goes through Farmers being forced to destroy their crops because of the engineered drought – remember that California supplies over 1/3 of our veggies and 2/3 of our fruits and nuts – while the usurper Biden adds millions of more acres to the “Conservation Reserve Program” created in 1985 by paying one and a half times the value of the land to stop production on it.  The USA in the last 20 years has lost over 48,000,000 acres of productive farmland because of insane federal programs like this.  This is ENGINEERED FAMINE. Last year was no different, with even ABC News flying that same theme “The head of the U.N. food agency warned Tuesday that, as the world is dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, it is also “on the brink of a hunger pandemic” that could lead to “multiple famines of biblical proportions” within a few months if immediate action isn’t taken.”   It should be obvious that the UN is just pushing the Climate Change farce although the weather is indeed changing as that is the very definition of “weather”.  What caught my eye was the phrase “on the brink of a hunger pandemic” which seems like some sort of warning to us

It’s hard not to believe that this world pandemic was not carefully planned out. When millions are now quitting their jobs due to being forced to take the vaccine…Nobody Wonders: When WILL the people wake up?

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