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Okay. I’ve been attacked again with the VERY same virus that I had taken INTO Best Buy to get fixed.

It’s BACK. I’m sending this from a Bunker hole underneath the vast universe of conspiracy theories.

According to Best Buy Geek Squad techs, they should be able to start up my computer next Tuesday.

So, I’ll be sending this and then very brief updates.

One being, clearly the 3 1/2 trillion was taken right out of the Trump negotiating books, so that they could reduce it down and get in the MOST important things they wanted: which is welfare forever for single mothers with small children, who will get paid money every month for every child, and free daycare, and free college, and that’s just another big government/communistic/cheap labor destroy America movement.

Hillary’s “It takes a village.”

Am I wrong? I don’t think so. If this passes, the GOP is as good as dead because they will legalized all the illegals coming in, and you and I will pay for them all.

Of course, we are doing that now.

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