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Jews VS Jesus VS Allah VS the State;

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Here’s a rabbi trying to explain, why Jews don’t believe Jesus was the Messiah. It’s pretty confusing, and I’m sure a strong Muslim Cleric would pretty much say same the same thing. It all comes down to what religion do you pick. And what your founding ‘books’ say.

The book of communism says “the state” is the god.

This Nobody thinks, most everyone on the planet thinks there is some kind of God, and are hopeful someday that he will send somebody down to save us all from all those OTHER tyrants that just seem to keep us all down with so much ease. The suffering of the human race never ends does it?

The Jews say Jesus had his chance, and blew it. But they also claim to be, let’s be real here: just like the Muslims, the TRUE chosen ones, as do the Christians if you think about it.

Because every Christian will tell you that unless YOU go through Jesus Christ you will not go to heaven or be saved when he appears again.

In the meantime the Catholics have Joe Biden’s second cousin as the Pope.

And they WONDER why, people are confused.

Frankly, maybe that’s how somebody came up with reincarnation and Aleins.

Religion was just too complicated.

And yet: CLEARLY, humanity needs it as much as they need love.

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