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At least THIS man is trying to prove God exists. Many people, myself included, have wondered about the afterlife, because they SWEAR their recently departed loved one sent them a message to them…vague as it would seem to other people, it usually fits the personality of the person who just died.

I SWEAR my father came back a day later as a turtle, to comfort my son, who was filled with grief…his real father being long gone. We live in the suburbs, and this turtle, (I had never seen one before or since in this neighborhood) walked clear across our driveway, which is pretty long, and right up to my son, and you might laugh, who was 9 at the time, but it looked just like my dad before he died. (He was pretty sick.) That turtle brought the comfort and care that my son needed for many years. as a pet in his room to keep him company.

Was this a coincidence? Or can people’s spirit live after death and come back to comfort their loved ones?

Chris Langan is trying to prove it. Chris says here, there IS a heaven.

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